Made To Measure Sports Jackets

Look Effortlesly Stylish In a Savile Row Sports Jacket.


A man’s wardrobe has changed significantly in more recent years and a stylish sports jacket has superseded the suit. The question is, which one to choose and what to pair it with?

This is where we help. To design and make you exceptional made to measure tailoring but to also alleviate your wardrobe dilemmas with great pairing ideas. So, if it’s a classic, timeless investment navy blazer or something a little unstructured for a more relaxed look, we know exactly what style of sports jacket will suit you and your lifestyle. From a business casual tailored sports jacket to a blazer for Wimbledon; we’ve got you covered.


If you don’t know what suits you and want to steer away from the ye olde faithful navy (We understand – it’s a tough nut to crack) then we’re here to safely guide you into more colour options, styles and designs that specifically suit you and your natural style and what’s more is that it’ll fit like a glove.

A made to measure sports jacket forms an essential part of every man’s capsule wardrobe, whether you’re attending an informal meeting with a colleague, having lunch with clients or attending Wimbledon – your tailored sports jacket will be the key to your style success. We make recommendations based upon your lifestyle, designing exclusive creations for you and the occasion, making your daily choices effortless.

The traditional men’s jacket has been a staple of wardrobes for decades. Making any man look stylish and chic when wearing one. We design sports jackets using both classic and unconventional fabrics that add a modern twist to an otherwise classic item.

“Voted one of the best Savile Row Tailors 2024 “Looking for a bespoke suit exactly the way you want it? Since 2007, that has been Alexandra Wood’s mission” to find out what the customer wants, and build upon it. While respectful of Savile Row, Alexandra Wood prides itself on its open-mindedness.”

”He was easily the best-dressed man in the room (once dubbed “GQ Man” by the Guardian). Even with his plate overloaded from the buffet, Umunna was looking good. Partly it is the way he carries himself – calm, relaxed, supremely confident – but also it is those bespoke suits he wears from Alexandra Wood on Savile Row.” Tony Parsons, GQ

”Her bespoke pieces have been worn by politicians, actors and film directors, as well as being named ‘’Tailor of the 21st Century’’ by GQ. This success has been hard won and thanks to 13 years experience. Alexandra has plenty of wisdom to share on the art of navigating a male-dominated environment and finding success on your own terms.”

”Alexandra isn’t your usual tailor. For one, she’s a woman – one of the first on Savile Row, and still something of a rarity on the storied street. Driven by a desire to make the world of men’s tailoring more personal and less intimidating, Alexandra began her tailoring career in womenswear, Alexandra quickly found she had a hidden talent for mens tailoring.”


With so much choice how are you meant to make a choice? The truth is that most men need a selection of tailored sports jacket in their repertoire. From Summer to Winter, in an ideal world you’ll have a few. 

Fear not, as we make the process simple. In need of a summer jacket and want to steer away from the typical linen then we can offer you unique solutions from our vast range and knowledge.

We know that you’ll want a sports jacket that pairs well with chinos, jeans and trousers to be able to offer you a variety of solutions.

The cut and fit of your tailored sports jacket is also paramount. When you’re investing in tailoring, it’s key to make sure it’s cut in a way that feels comfortable but also flatters. We create you designs that take every aspect into consideration.



Gone are the days of an old fashioned navy blazer with gold buttons paired with a pair of charcoal trousers. There’s a new style of navy in town that’s modern, durable and comfortable.


Tweed has moved on leaps and bounds with a more varied offering of colours, textures and blends. From a Harris tweed to something a little smoother.


Ideal for summer events or relaxed lunches. However, we know must don’t appreciate it’s creasing qualities. We offer you alternate solutions to make you look hot, yet stay cool.


One of the most underrated options, a cotton sports jacket works perfectly for a more casual look. Pair with a shirt or a tailored T-Shirt.

A Tailored Sports Jacket: A Capsule Wardrobe Essential

Whether you’re navigating a business lunch or soaking in the atmosphere at Wimbledon, a tailored sports jacket is the linchpin of a well-curated wardrobe. Our expert recommendations, tailored to your lifestyle and the occasion at hand, make selecting your daily attire a breeze. From a cool, lightweight wool to a linen that doesn’t crease (It’s true, they exist) Fun fact – Crisp pure linens crumple like a well slept-in set of pj’s, so choosing a linen that’s been softened is the way to go. Softer the better, the more luxurious, and the less wrinkled. We here at Alexandra Wood believe in offering you expert advice that you can feel – and ultimately look confident in. 

Unlock Your Wardrobe Potential

Gone are the days of settling for off-the-peg mediocrity. Our made-to-measure sports jackets not only enhance your stature but also accentuate your best features, providing an instant boost to your confidence and presence. With a curated selection of classic and unconventional fabrics, each jacket is a testament to timeless style and individuality. Clients often state how much slimmer they look. It’s our secret and exclusive seam shaping design. Only the select few are able to see the value in this once they’re wearing an AW creation. We welcome you to try of course.



We understand how daunting the idea of visiting Savile Row can be. We make it fun and engaging.


We confidently guide you to the most impactful colours, fabrics, and designs by tuning to you, your lifestyle and personality.


We can design you from one suit, to an entire collection. Creating you effortless combinations that you feel confident in.


With our secret sauce and power of our exclusive seam shaping design, we make you look sleeker and more confident.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is the difference between a sports jacket, a blazer, and a suit jacket

A sports jacket is designed for casual wear and is typically misade from textured fabrics like tweed or herringbone, featuring a more relaxed fit and less structured shoulders. Blazers are a bit more formal, often solid in color with metal buttons, and can be paired with non-matching trousers. Suit jackets come with matching trousers, are made from finer fabrics, and are intended for formal occasions and no, please never wear your suit jacket as a sports jacket alternative. Keep your suit as a suit and opt for a well thought out collection of sports jackets.

Can a sports jacket be worn both smart and casual?

Absolutely. A sports jacket is perfect for business casual settings. It pairs well with made to measure trousers, chinos, or even jeans, offering a polished yet relaxed look that is ideal for many professional environments.

How should a sports jacket fit?

A sports jacket should fit snugly around the shoulders without being tight. The sleeve should end just above the hand, allowing a half-inch of shirt cuff to show, and the jacket should button comfortably without pulling across the chest. The length should cover the bum, creating a flattering silhouette.

Can I wear a sports jacket in the summer?

Yes, sports jackets are versatile and can be worn year-round. For summer, opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics like linen, cotton, or light wool to stay cool and comfortable. You could even try deconstructed – no lining just a simple super light tailored jacket.

What’s the best way to style a sports jacket?

Styling a sports jacket depends on the occasion. For a casual look, pair it with a quality t-shirt or light knitwear, jeans, and sneakers. For a more formal appearance, wear it with a tailored shirt, dress trousers, and leather shoes. The key is to balance the jacket’s texture and colour with the rest of your outfit. We offer you all of this guidance and more so fear not.

How do I find the right fabric for my sports jacket?

Consider the season and the occasion. Heavier fabrics like tweed and wool are great for colder months, while linen and cotton are ideal for warmer weather. The fabric choice also depends on whether you’re dressing for a formal event or a casual outing. We do all of the heavy lifting for you. You’re the expert in what you do, and we’re the expert in style and tailoring.

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