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Tailoring Capsules
For Busy Professionals


Are you too busy to spend hours mindlessly shopping for tailoring that neither suits or fits you and need a few winning, go – to combinations that require minimal effort everyday? 

  • Imagine a combination of 12 outfits from just 5 pieces of tailoring personally designed for you. Alleviate your daily style decisions, with expert guidance.
  • Settling for off-the-peg solutions that fail to hit the mark is no longer acceptable. It’s boring, tedious and time consuming.  
  • You deserve more – more precision, more personalisation, more panache.
  • Our Mini Tailoring Capsules are designed for busy men like you, who want to look good and feel it too.


  • Our tailoring capsules provide a personalised and efficient experience, ensuring each design is meticulously designed and tailor-made to embody your individual preferences and lifestyle.
  • Tailoring multiple meticulously planned outfits, our capsules are expertly tailored to your tastes and lifestyle.
  • Guided by the expertise of renowned Savile Row tailor Alexandra Wood, our capsules make looking stylish effortless and enjoyable.
  • Never get in a flap about what to wear each day – ever again.


“Alexandra has great flair and style. She is personable and never pushy. She has a great eye as well as technical expertise as a tailor. She does not over-sell. She knows what works for middle-aged men. We have developed a good rapport and I trust her judgement, which is essential.

— Jason Cowley,
Editor, New Statesman

I have been using Alexandra’s services for a little under a year and can’t speak highly enough of the whole experience. Alexandra offers a unique approach to men’s styling and tailoring, her approach is welcoming and engaging. The quality of advice and the end product is second to none. I am already looking forward to my next visit and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their wardrobe.”

— Chris Homer,
Financial Director

“I highly recommend Alexandra. The quality of the product is excellent and the service is first rate.” 

— Richard East,
Senior Partner, Quinn Emanuel

“Alexandra is a great tailor. She has excellent taste, works with you to find things which suit you and the quality of everything she has made for me is really high. The first batch of shirts she made for me 7 years ago has outlasted more recent batches from another Savile Row tailor. Add to that the fact she’s charming and uplifting company, I’m very happy to recommend Alexandra wholeheartedly.”

— Helier Drage-Smith
Director, PJT Partners

“I have now had four suits made from Alexandra Wood and they are by far the best I have had to date! The attention to detail is exemplary; the cut is flattering and the fabrics are some of the best you can buy. She provides great advice on style, colour, shape, and texture –all done with a smile on her face!”

— Tony Parsons,
GQ Journalist, Author

On your first meeting/fitting, she will truly take the time to talk through your style icons, your ambitions, and what you’d like to achieve with your appearance. The entire experience is truly bespoke: you never feel like anyone else’s style is being imposed on you, or like you have to try to fit into someone else’s house style, whilst at the same time offering you her invaluable insight and style guidance. I wouldn’t go to any other tailor – she is (pun intended) absolutely a cut above!”

—Luka Krsyljanin,


  • No more mismatched, ill-fitting ensembles. Just well thought out multiple combinations.
  • Our tailoring capsules  provide a curated selection of tailoring meticulously designed with your lifestyle in mind.
  • No more guesswork or impulse buys – our solution ensures every piece effortlessly complements the next.
  • Exude an effortless confidence in tailoring that speaks volumes in a way that’s understated and timeless yet modern.


Our tailoring collections start from 5 key pieces that make up to 8 unique outfit combinations.


Each capsule is designed to your personal lifestyle and tastes by our team of tailoring experts.


Enjoy the perfect fit so that you can simply get dressed with confidence every day.


  • Two Tailored Sports Jacket
  • Two Tailored Shirts
  • One Pair Tailored Trousers
  • This combination creates 8 unique outfit combinations


  • Tailored Business Suit
  • Two Tailored Sports Jackets
  • Two Pairs Tailored Trousers
  • Four Tailored Shirts
  • This capsule creates 53 unique outfit combinations
  • Personalised Style Advice


  • Two Tailored Two Piece Suits
  • Two Tailored Sports Jackets
  • Four Business Shirts
  • Four Smart Casual Shirts
  • Two Tailored Trousers
  • Two Tailored Chinos
  • Access To a Personal Stylist
  • Personal Delivery To Your Home


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With decades of experience and having been named as one of Savile Row’s first female tailors who has paved the way for a more modern, refreshing and inviting approach to tailoring – Alexandra and her seamlessly selected team (pun intended) serve elite clients around the world, including high-profile executives, celebrities, and discerning gentlemen from various industries. Fear not however, as we’re not elitist. Not set to be the next prime minister, we don’t judge. Our door is open to the man wanting to make a difference and to have fun with it. All we ask is that you’re ready to invest in yourself and are open minded to the process. 

You’ll meet Alexandra who takes your style even more seriously than you take your golf swing – with her vision for making even the meekest of men look exceptional, she simply has what it takes to not only make you look incredible; but to make you feel pretty good about it too.

Alexandra’s vision is one that considers you – of course! But on another level, she’s seeing you in a way that you can’t – yet. It’s through a combination of a seriously flattering cut, innovative, yet highly practical fabrics and a style that would leave James Bond swizzling in his Martini! It’s effortless, timeless but has an intelligent twist that inspires a compliment or eight. (So we’ve heard!)

“Voted one of the best Savile Row Tailors 2021 “While respectful of Savile Row, Alexandra Wood prides itself on its open-mindedness.”

”Her bespoke pieces have been worn by politicians, actors and film directors. This success has been hard won and thanks to 13 years experience.”

”Her bespoke pieces have been worn by politicians, actors and film directors. This success has been hard won and thanks to 13 years experience.”

”After starting her career in womenswear, Alexandra quickly found she had a hidden talent for mens tailoring.”


  1. Simply book an appointment with us in Savile Row or at our luxurious private countryside location in Much Hadham, Hertfordshire to begin your experience. You will be prompted to answer a few questions which will help us to tune our suggestions to your tastes.
  2. When we meet we will offer you our fabric and design suggestions, take your measurement and go away to work our magic.
  3. Return 6-8 weeks for your first fitting to try on and have any tweaks required.
  4. Either return for your final fitting or have delivered directly to your home.
  5. Any further orders can either be made via email or via our exclusive App.


We know the luxury tailoring landscape can be intimidating, filled with uncertainties about outcomes and investments. But here, your fears are met with understanding, warmth, and a commitment to excellence that’s unwavering. With us, you’re not just a client; you’re part of our fabric (We would say family but people have wavering thoughts on that subject!)  That being said, we value your satisfaction above all. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee also ensures that the only risk you take is not reaching out sooner.


Alexandra Wood Tailoring Capsules are a simple, effective solution to creating go-to, winning outfits daily . Know instantly what pairs with what. Get dressed and go.

Simply follow the ‘book an appointment’ link, answer a few simple questions and decide which level of investment you’re interested in and let us do the hard work for you. We will then design you your collection of tailoring exclusively to you and your lifestyle.

Consultations can take place at your convenience, either at your location or at our luxurious Savile Row location. During the one-hour consultation, our tailors handle all the hard work for you, ensuring a fun and stress-free experience.

Yes, we understand that some clients will already have particular items in their wardrobe that they don’t wish to replicate. We will then simply advise on which piece to choose of a similarly priced item.

From your first appointment with us, you can expect your designs will be ready within 6 weeks. From there we make any necessary alterations and your finished pieces will ready within a further 1-2 weeks. All changes are recorded, so that any future orders can be delivered directly to you.

Yes, absolutely. Any necessary adjustments are recorded during the fitting process. We then continue to create the rest of your wardrobe throughout the year, delivering perfectly fitting garments on time for when you need them. If you need any further alterations, our tailor will simply find a time convenient for you – Collect, alter and return to you.

All designs will be pre approved by yourself. However, we offer a hassle-free design replacement and 100% satisfaction guarantee, so that if in the rare event you don’t like a piece, we will simply remake it for you. 

Payments are to be made in full at your first appointment. We have a 100% guarantee which means we’ll replace anything should you not be satisfied.

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