Modern bespoke suits

Fresh, Modern Bespoke Suits Designed and Cut To Flatter You and Your Lifestyle


Whether you’ve used a tailor previously and have been left uninspired, or this is your first time, and you require a truly skilful eye, Alexandra and her team's expertise ensures you are always presenting your finest, sharpest self.  Alexandra’s approach isn’t about creating a standard issue business uniform that feels safe or fits in. It’s about making you stand out for all the right reasons. 

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At Alexandra Wood we've worked with hundreds of professionals and high-profile men, guiding them to create a collection appropriate for the work they do – from versatile suits to travel in, to statement pieces to wear in court. The process is designed to not only create something entirely bespoke which works for you, but also to ensure that you begin to reimagine your own approach to style. 


A suit should not only make you look incredible, but the process of choosing and designing it should be enjoyable too. Alexandra is passionate about offering a warm, friendly, and welcoming experience that is unlike anything else you’ll find on Savile Row.  “Let’s cut to the chase, I want you to look your absolute best. And to do this, means I don’t always do what you tell me! Instead, I guide you to choose the right colours, fabrics and cuts that will ensure your bespoke suit is the best investment you’ve ever made.''


Here’s a little about us. I’ll keep it brief, as this really is about you and not us but we understand that credibility and trust is a huge decision factor when it comes to investing in yourself. Alexandra Wood is the first female Savile row tailor who has been featured in GQ, Esquire, Tatler and Forbes to name a few, for paving the way to a more fun, stylish and enjoyable way for busy, successful men to look stylish, confident and attractive in tailoring that is designed, tailored and styled to elevate both their image and status. Plus, we are a team of women who have a unique eye for making our male clients look extra special.


As the first female tailor designing exclusively for men to have graced the historic streets of Savile Row, Alexandra Wood has seamlessly blended tradition with innovation, bringing a refreshing perspective to the tailoring world. With features in elite publications like GQ, Tatler, Forbes, and Square Mile, they have become the go-to for bespoke tailoring and style direction for the discerning professional man. Always fun, never comprimising on quality. 

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Discover how to look effortlessly stylish in bespoke tailoring that’s designed and cut to flatter; all with a fun, transformative experience.



We have developed our own exclusive seam shaping design for our which flatters all sizes and has been created to make the most of you. Shaped, stylish and comfortable are at the forefront of all our our tailoring designs. Expect sharp shoulders and a neat waistline, brought together with an elegant, softer touch that makes you look great. 


Colour can instantly change the way you look and feel. You could just opt for black, grey and navy, but why would you when Alexandra’s eye for colour could open up other possibilities? Where you may have previously thought that there is no difference in one shade of blue to another, Alexandra’s stylish eye allows you to see that all can change in single tone. This is your bespoke experience where bespoke choices are made exclusively to you. 


Every man is different, and it’s not only cut and colour that can set someone apart. Alexandra will instantly understand which fabric will work best for you and why, while also offering you practical solutions which will work best for your profession. We use only the finest fabrics from around the world, that are unique, luxurious and innovative. 


“Voted one of the best Savile Row Tailors 2021 “While respectful of Savile Row, Alexandra Wood prides itself on its open-mindedness.”

”Her bespoke pieces have been worn by politicians, actors and film directors. This success has been hard won and thanks to 13 years experience.”

”Her bespoke pieces have been worn by politicians, actors and film directors. This success has been hard won and thanks to 13 years experience.”

”After starting her career in womenswear, Alexandra quickly found she had a hidden talent for mens tailoring.”


Your First Appointment

Expect to be met with warmth and humour. Alexandra’s team will get to know you, and what you’re looking for, while instinctively adding in their own considerable expertise. At the end of your appointment, your design and style will have been confirmed and your measurements taken. You’ll leave feeling inspired, and with a renewed understanding of what truly makes you look your best.  

Your Fitting

Around 4-5 weeks later, your bespoke suit will be ready for your first fitting, ready with basted stitching which shows you its authentically bespoke. Any amendments will be pinned, tweaked and altered by our topclass tailors. You may need a further 1-2 fittings depending on the complexity of your design. You can expect your suit to be fully ready within 10-12 weeks.

After Care

Perhaps what makes working with Alexandra and her team for your bespoke tailoring, is their dedication to making sure you’re happy. A few weeks after your final fitting, Alexandras team will be in touch to check you’re happy with your suit, and see if any further changes are needed.