10 wedding suit trends for 2021

Making sure your wedding suit is perfect is so important. It’s your chance to wow your bride and guests and start married life in style. We take you through our top 10 wedding suit trends for 2021….

So, if you’re getting married and need some suitable inspiration. We’ve got your complete guide here from the 10 top wedding trends for 2021 to how to wear your suit.

When choosing a tailored, wedding suit, it’s wise to take the following into consideration:

1- Where you’re getting married. Church or barn?

2- Are you getting married somewhere hot or cold? Summer or Winter?

3- Do you have any specific colours you’ll be using for your special day?

4- What will your groomsmen be wearing?

5 – Accessories tend to come last but you may want to think of what colours you’ll want to go for

The classic wedding suit

Typically, navy or grey and in a plain or slightly textured fabric. You can’t go wrong with this timeless classic. A made to measure suit is an investment so knowing that you can easily wear it time and time again after your wedding day (with different accessories of course) is always good to know when considering this option.

What’s more, is that with a plain suit, you can add patterned or plain accessories and not worry about clashing.

The dinner suit 

A dinner suit is a sleek choice that gives you the chance to look like Bond for the day. Choose between a sleek, black dinner suit or midnight blue. Please note that the blue must be very dark almost to the point of mistaking it for black. A brighter shade of blue can cheapen the overall look of your suit.

A dinner suit is also a great investment. You’ll be surprised at how frequently you’ll need a dinner suit in life.

A dinner suit should always have either a peak or shawl lapel and not a classic, notch lapel as this is more common for classic (lounge) suits.

You’ll also need a dinner shirt and black, bow tie to complete your look. You can buy these either ready made or have one made in the fabric of your choice.

The three piece wedding suit

A three-piece suit is such a great choice for a wedding suit. Naturally, you’ll get hot and want to take your jacket off pretty swiftly. A waistcoat means that your look is still well put together. The best part about it, is that the waistcoat acts as a corset, pulling everything in and holding your unruly shirt well in its place.

It’s the most common choice for a wedding suit and looks most streamline when the entire three piece is made in the same fabric and leaves you with a little less to stress about.

The bright and bold wedding suit

Not for the faint hearts, but one for the Groom who’s not afraid to stand out. There are so many incredible choices out there from rich greens to bright pink should that be your wish. We work with you to ensure that the colour you choose is the most flattering for you.

The tweed wedding suit

This suit is an ideal choice for casual or barn weddings set in rustic environments. We’ve designed tweed wedding suits for Grooms even in the Summer, but fear not, as there are many clever, lighter weight options to choose from so you needn’t choose a heavy, old fashioned tweed (Unless you want to of course!)

A three-piece suit lends itself well to this style and you can really have some fun by choosing a peak lapel. These are the choices we help you with so don’t worry.

Shirt and short beach wedding combination 

Not everyone wants to be suited and booted to the nines for their wedding day and there are plenty of other options to choose from.

A short and shirt combination can look sharp if its tailored to perfection. Choose between soft pastel cottons with linen blends or punchy colours with a crisp, white open necked shirt and you’ve got yourself a head turning look for your wedding, Choosing natural fabrics will be a great way to look hot but stay cool on your special day.

Morning suit 

A classic choice mainly worn at formal weddings in churches and cathedrals. Rarely are they worn to more casual weddings such as barns or manor house style venues.

The classic style choice is the black herringbone tails (jacket) with Prince Edward striped trousers. There isn’t much scope for change here unless you switch away from a classic look and choose a completely different style entirely.

As the tails of the jacket move around (particularly if you end up getting married on a very windy day) you’ll want to choose a fabric with some weight. A traditional morning suit weighs around 14oz which in this day is seen as rather heavy.

This was a style that was worn mounted on a horse, so needed a tough fabric to weather the friction. As you won’t be riding in on a horse, unless you’re having a super extravagant wedding, then it’s likely you’ll want to choose a mid-weight fabric that keeps its shape but doesn’t make you melt due to the heat.

Checked suit 

It’s wise to choose a subtle check over a larger one as the camera lens can distort the fabric on your suit if caught at the wrong angle. Prince of Wales checks are particularly popular at the moment as its such an elegant, classic fabric. Usually in a soft grey with a blue overcheck, but there are many other colour ways to choose from also.

Mohair suit 

A classic from the 60s and a suit your Dad likely has hiding up in the loft from his own wedding.

Mohair is a great material. as it never creases and is exceptionally durable. With its crisp appearance it’s an interesting suit to wear.

If you want a body hugging suit then mohair isn’t the way to go but if you want a suit that looks sharp, crisp and clean all day long and want a suit with a little edge, then this is the one for you.

Choose between a rich, plain mohair or a classic, old-school two-tone style. Although, not as readily available as the flatter tones, we can get our hands on just about anything here at Alexandra Wood.

Double breasted suit

A Double breasted suit isn’t for the faint hearted. It’s a style statement that needs some consideration. We personally feel it lends itself better to some colour; whether subtle or more punchy- the choice is yours.

Double breasted can be slimming due to its cut, but the style must be right. Another thing to consider is that you will have to have it either on or off, there’s no in between with this jacket; if you leave it open it looks a mess and flaps about.

Contrasting waistcoats

A contrast waistcoat can add a little flair to another wise fairly classic, plain morning suit or if you’re wishing to add a little stylish mix to your suit, a contrast in a subtle fabric change can look very effective with a two piece wedding suit.

Some food for thought is that if your suit is dark, choose something lighter inside and the opposite for the other way round. This will be the most slimming and flattering option.

Nailing your accessories 

Accessories should always come last. We often find that Grooms struggle to know what will work best until they’re trying on their suit on their fitting. We tend to advise choosing a colour that will compliment the rest of the wedding theme or colours but also yourself.

If you’re getting married in the Summer, choose colours that are fresh and choosing cotton and silk mixes can add a really nice luxury touch to your final look.

If you’re getting married in the Autumn or Winter, choose rich colours either in silk or choose a woollen tie to add more style to your image.


We always prefer clean and classic here at Alexandra Wood and usually say to our grooms to choose a classic Oxford style for classic suits and brogues for tweed suits. However, the choice really is yours and sometimes purchasing a few styles and trying on with your suit can be the best way to see what really looks the best.


We know that you’ll also want your Groomsmen looking incredible (Not as much as you of course) but them complimenting you is important. We tend to advise that the Groomsmen are dressed slightly differently. If you’re in navy then choose either one shade lighter or darker, so that your look is differentiated. Gone are the days where weddings are very uniform.

If you’ve chosen a burgundy spot tie for example, you may want your Groomsmen wearing a plainer version, so that you all look well put together but don’t look too matchy matchy.




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