What suit to wear for your Autumn wedding

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It’s the turning of the seasons, the leaves are changing colour and the nights are getting a little chillier. What you may have chosen for a summer wedding is very different to what you will now choose for your Autumn or Winter wedding. We discuss…

The light is different in Autumn than in Summer, so it’s the time to go for richer, warmer colours such as burgundy’s, emerald greens and midnight blues. Depending on the destination of your wedding, you’ll want to dress appropriately. Here we offer you a little low down:

Church wedding

Morning suits tend to be deemed as the most acceptable to wear for traditional weddings. You can either opt for a made to measure design where you’ll be able to choose your own style (Although being traditional, there isn’t a huge amount of scope here) but it will fit you to perfection. A bonus to ordering one of your own is that if you go to Ascot or attend another formal wedding, you can wear the same suit again. Lounge suits are highly acceptable for church weddings too and tend to be more formal when worn, think navy, charcoal or dinner suits.

Barn / Country wedding

your wedding theme will likely be a little more natural and rustic so the world is your oyster. You can choose from a classic navy or grey lounge suit and add some rich colours in with your accessories; tie, pocket squares and even shoes. Country tweeds work really well for these styles of weddings; tweeds come in lighter weight options these days which you may end up being grateful for. Another great option that would work really well is corduroy, they come in a great choice of colours so if you’re wishing to stand out – this is the way to do it. A final option is a dinner suit if you’ve chosen to have a romantic, wedding evening.

Venue wedding

Whether a luxury hotel or a house that caters for weddings, you can choose any style of suit you like, although a morning suit may look slightly out of place. Dinner suits tend to be worn for weddings that are slightly later in the day but is not compulsory. Dinner suits with an alternative of choosing a smoking jacket over a classic dinner suit jacket can be a fantastic alternative.

Adding accessories

Silk ties and pocket squares always add a fabulous life to any wedding outfit. Gone are the days when they’re all matchy-matchy, now a clash of the patterns is more on trend. This doesn’t mean that careful consideration doesn’t need to be considered of course.

If you’d like to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your wedding suit, simply contact us and we’d be happy to help.

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