What Is a Style Mood Board?

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In short a style mood-board is a collection of images that encapsulate your overall style in a quick, easy and  digestible way (which is just how we work – to make your style life simpler) 

It is an  essential part of the bespoke wardrobe process when you join Alexandra Wood;  creating your mood board  consists of suggested ideas for your style. It captures the essence of the style vision we envisage for you. 

We create our style mood-boards by season, lifestyle and overall style so that you can not only use it as inspiration as to how to build your dream wardrobe, but to also be able to place your trust in us, that we understand how you can look your absolute best. We take the work out for you, so that you can simply have your style on autopilot.  

This is part of our premium bespoke wardrobe service where we work with our clients at the highest level, to create them an exclusive wardrobe that is authentic to them.  

Images shown are simply an idea. If you like the style of any piece, we then design and tailor it to your personal tastes and choose specific fabrics we know will work for you, and your lifestyle. 

A mood-board offers a visual story and allows our clients to grasp the possibilities of their style. They can see all of the different aspects of their wardrobe at once and incorporating different fabrics and colours that suit them best and is just the starting point of a truly exciting, unique and exquisite wardrobe. 

Here are a few examples of style mood-boards we have created for our clients when creating their bespoke wardrobes. 

Examples of our clients style mood-boards 

Style of Partner of Law firm 

Our client is in his mid 40’s and is a partner of a law firm, he’s blonde with a slim, toned physique (lucky him!) and we’ve created him some looks for in and out of the office.  

We looked at his body shape, style personality and skin tone to create him an authentic and effortlessly stylish image that would work for him. 

When we work to create style mood-boards we suggest the styles that will flatter  their body shape, colours that will ignite their skin tone and that will work best throughout the seasons; and finally, the overall style that will work for their lifestyle and personality.  

The two combined create an impactful natural style that allows our clients to really own their own sense of style. These are now his go to ensembles that require  little thought but that are a joy to wear. 

Style of Founder of finance company  

Our next client is the founder & CEO of a financial company. The looks we create for him are sharp yet have personality to them. When you own the company, you tend to have a little more autonomy to dress with your own leading sense of style.  

We’ve created a mood board for his entire wardrobe for both autumn/winter and spring/summer.  

Taking into consideration his lifestyle and profession to build him the ultimate bespoke wardrobe to suit him all year round. You could say he’s a man for  all seasons  (pardon the pun).  

Senior Partner / Founder of Law firm 

Our final client style example is the CEO of a law firm and has the Bond personality I like to refer to. We created two mood boards that will have him looking sharp for every occasion all year round.  

Our client is fairly built, so a flattering cut is crucial. He also likes monochrome looks with a preference for navy and simplicity overall, therefore every look we create is focussed on his personal tastes. 

We create the right fit for his body shape, as Bond would say ‘you know what they say about the fittest’.  

Is your wardrobe in need of a stylish refresh? Let us create your own exclusive wardrobe and help to save you time, frustration and money by looking more authentically incredible. 

We work with a limited number of bespoke wardrobe clients at any on time and welcome you to book a call to discuss your requirements and whether we’d be a good fit for you. 

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