The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Suits for Lawyers

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In the high-stakes world of law, where the battle for justice unfolds in the courtroom and across negotiation tables, the power of a well-chosen suit cannot be understated. Drawing inspiration from the impeccably dressed legal eagles of TV shows like “Suits” and “Better Call Saul,” the Alexandra Wood guide delves into the art of selecting the perfect lawyer’s attire. Let’s explore how the likes of Harvey Specter and Jimmy McGill leverage their wardrobe to command respect, exude professionalism, and subtly communicate their legal prowess. Both have very different strategies, McGills of which we don’t advise for the modern lawyer.

The Harvey Specter Blueprint: Tailoring Excellence 

Harvey Specter, the sartorial icon from “Suits,” epitomises the importance of a classic, flattering fit with a modern twist. A suit that perfectly hugs the shoulders and ends precisely at the wrist not only enhances your silhouette but also projects an aura of unassailable confidence. Emulate Harvey’s attention to detail—where the fit is not just an aspect of the suit, but a declaration of meticulousness and dedication. A made-to-measure suit helps you to do just that.  The style lessons to learn from Suits' Harvey Specter | Gentleman's Journal

The Jimmy McGill Evolution: Colour Palette Mastery 

While Jimmy McGill from “Better Call Saul” showcases a more eclectic approach to his wardrobe, his evolution into Saul Goodman also reflects a strategic embrace of colour. He doesn’t want to be like any other lawyer and wants to showcase his personality with kooky accessories and looser fitting suits (we don’t recommend this look for the modern lawyer by any stretch) He dresses to showcase this exact point. In contrast, his archenemy Howard wears overly slick suits in pinstripes and vibrant blues, with contrasting white, button-down shirt collars and pearly white teeth to match. Both characters portray one extreme to the other with their sartorial choices and neither successfully strikes the right image for appearing as a well-trusted lawyer.  Hallie Rubenhold on X: "Case in point. Not that Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman is a real-life fraudster, but the sartorial characteristics seem to be the same for a much earlier fraudster I'm looking So, where’s the balance? It’s looking like you care, but not too much. It’s the precision of cut, fabric and detail without going under or overboard. If that sounds tricky, that’s why we’re here to help.  A navy blue suit, much like Harvey’s choice, signals authority and versatility, embodying a friendlier and more approachable vibe. On the other hand, charcoal grey, a staple in the professional wardrobe, projects a more austere image, perfect for those moments when you need to assert dominance and expertise. Avoid black, this goes too far into severe territory, plus extra tip- it saps all colour from your skin making even the warmest of skin tones look a little meek.  

Alexandra Wood: Crafting Excellence with a Personal Touch 

In the spirit of bespoke tailoring seen on TV’s legal luminaries, Alexandra Wood stands out by offering personalised suits that mirror individual preferences and measurements. High-quality fabrics are not just a luxury but a necessity for the lawyer who spends long hours fighting for their clients. Customisation options, from lapel styles to monogrammed sophistication, allow you to inject your unique personality into your attire, much like the memorable characters we admire on screen. (The Specters version) 

Tailored Customisation: The Personal Touch 

Taking a leaf from the meticulous and personalised wardrobes of TV lawyers, introducing personalised details into your bespoke suit can elevate your professional identity yet it’s crucial not to go ott. Classic lapels, unique linings, and fine details (hand stitching and natural buttons) add a layer of sophistication and personal branding that sets you apart in the crowded legal field. 

Leaving Your Mark with Alexandra Wood 

In the legal arena, where every detail counts, your attire is a powerful tool in your arsenal. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Harvey Specter, prioritise a suit that speaks to your professionalism, authority, and individuality. Trust in the craftsmanship of Alexandra Wood to tailor not just a suit, but a suit of armour that prepares you for battle in any legal setting. 

Here’s our quick recap of the do’s: 

  • Choose navy or grey. There are shades in between these that lend well to modern, forward-thinking lawyers vs stuffy, severe lawyers. That’s where we guide you. 
  • Pinstripes are still overall a no unless you’re approaching them with a modernised look. It’s a delicate balance, so for safety, we suggest you avoid it.  
  • Fabric quality. Your role is demanding so we recommend durably, non-crease wools of anything between 11oz to 14 for an armour-like, knock-out suit (unless it’s summer) in which case a high twist, lightweight wool works very well to offer a balance of durability, breathability and non-creaseability.  (And that’s not a word, but you get our point) 
  • Always choose timeless and classic. This means well-tailored- not tight and not loose. Your tailored suit should be flattering, shaped and well thought out.  
  • Details. These matter but they must always be subtle i.e. fine stitching and natural buttons. You can have some fun with your lining; however, we suggest choosing one, plain colour over anything too ‘jazzy’. 
  • Never underestimate the power of great accessorising. Well-polished sleek shoes- black always for lawyers and sharp, smart shirts which stand up to the job at hand. 
Let your wardrobe be your silent advocate, a testament to your dedication and style. Elevate your sartorial status and leave an indelible mark in the world of law, one impeccably tailored suit at a time. 

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