How to be a stylish man over 40

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Let’s face it, 40 is the new 30 and who actually cares if you’re no longer in your 30s? We offer you some top tips for looking your very best. 

Does this mean you should be conscious about ageing and therefore dressing ‘appropriately’. Is there really a rule guide?

There are of course styles we just don’t like, but they’re the styles that really shouldn’t be worn at any age.

“The most celebrated thing that should come from dressing over 40 should be that you’ve likely stopped wasting time buying clothes that aren’t of real quality”

The importance of a good shoe

Chunky white trainers, or massively chunky shoes in general are a complete no-no. The kind of guys that wear Hi-Tec trainers with their suit make me shudder. All attention goes to your feet and it looks like you’ve been taken for a walk by something alien. Opting for classic, simple shoes or with simple, quiet detail will always be my favoured choice. Chelsea boots are a great option for the Winter and classic brogues in both Winter or Spring/Summer. We like these from Loakes.

We can all wear denim!

Apparently, when you’re over 40 this is an absolute no no! But if you think about it, this is ridiculous and it comes back to more that it’s about wearing ‘the right’ denim. For us faded, ripped, or jeans that are too light are never nice at any stage in life. We have launched our new range of super lightweight jeans for you, with this in mind.

Maybe it’s time to look at what you can wear over what you shouldn’t, mustn’t or can’t. That’s a good one!

Do add more colour It lifts your complexion. It’s just a case of choosing the right shade and tone from the vast colour palette. Our personal favourites are burnt oranges and sage/khaki/olive greens if we were to add two to the top of the list.

Better fit Clothes should at this stage fit you really well. Your clothes shouldn’t be hanging off of you, nor should they be strangling you. Clothes that are slightly shaped at the waist tend to flatter better as we age, to create definition.

Quality fabrics Avoid polyester completely (Note: It makes you sweat far more than necessary) At this stage, you only want the best. Choose clothing with pure fabrics, wools, cottons, bamboo and silks are what you should be aspiring to.

Great layering tools Think great knitwear made from pure cotton, merino wool or cashmere. We personally love merino wool as its more hardwearing, while looking and feeling soft to the touch and working admirably with ones own body temperature.

More texture Texture really adds a quality look to outfits. For example, adding a herringbone coat, with a chunky knit, instantly looks more luxurious than flat fabrics that are little lacklustre. Adding a chambray denim shirt with a leather jacket keeps things fresh without looking too formal. Do wear smart trousers such as flannel or twill trousers with this look for risk of doing the double denim look, which never works well over 40!

Shirts Make sure you your shirts are made from quality fabrics and fit you well. Look for a darted back for shape and a firm collar to frame your neck. Windsor collars tend to be the best collar style for most men. Choose chambray cottons or needlecord for the perfect casual shirt or shirts with pure cotton for a more luxurious business look.

Play around Sometimes the things you wouldn’t dream of working together, really do. It’s about a little trial and error. If you’re a little more quirky, combine a variety of colours. Combine colours of the same colour palette if you like to err more on the side of caution. Think striped shirts with a patterned tie.

Reasons to celebrate!

The most celebrated thing that should come from dressing over 40 should be that you’ve likely stopped wasting time buying clothes that aren’t of real quality, but are made of great fabrics and have a great cut. Opting for quality over quantity is a must; both for sustainability and for the fact that you’ll add so much more value to your wardrobe and be effortlessly stylish every day.

We help to create your wardrobe so that you have all the key pieces you’ll need in your wardrobe, every season. Contact us for a chat.

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