Men: 7 clothing items you need for effortless style

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Looking great needn’t be an arduous task. Once you have your staple classics in place, the rest becomes far easier (and enjoyable)

Here are my top 7 wardrobe must haves for men.

  1. Jeans. I’m not just talking about any style of jeans, but smart jeans. After a certain age, rugged jeans have no place in your wardrobe. You’ve an appearance to uphold hold both in and out of the office, and a smart pair of tailored jeans will be the key staple to your ‘off duty’ look or your more smart casual option. Ie worn with a shirt and sports jacket.
  2. 5 pocket chinos. A smarter option than jeans and lighter for the spring/summer months. A pair of lightweight chinos worn with a lightweight shirt lends itself perfectly to an off duty weekend look. Lunch with friends at soho house or a BBQ in the Cotswolds, these will be your comfortable go to trouser option.
  3. Lightweight shirts. Fabric constructions have come a long way and blends such as cottons with silks or silk with linen make for the perfect leisure shirt. Ideal for laid back lunches or holidays in hot climates. Simply roll up your sleeves, unbutton one or two buttons on your collar and hey presto, it’s one hot (yet cool look)
  4. Sports jacket. There’s always a time and a place for a tailored sports jacket. When you need to go to your private members club, are attending a smart lunch with a colleague or are attending a sporting occasion; they always come in handy. Start with a classic navy and add to your repertoire when you see how enjoyable it is to go beyond the realms of blue. Always ensure that it’s beautifully tailored, sitting just under your bottom and has two buttons. These components ensure that you’re looking like a classy gent.
  5. Knitwear. Choose merino wool knitwear for longevity, comfort and style. Merino wool works perfectly with your body temperature whether that means cooling you down, or warming you up a little when it a chilly. I like roll necks (with a sports jacket or worn with a smart pair of trousers) they look divine, although I’m aware that some can find them rather annoying around the neck, in which case choose crew necks. I understand that v-neck sweaters allow a short collar to open nicely on the neck, but I’m simply not a fan. I find them a little preppy and less sophisticated.
  6. Accessories. For the less brave or the more outlandish, accessories make looking stylish more enjoyable and what’s more, a simple suit or sports jacket/trouser combination can be transformed with a mere accessory change. Add a textured scarf with your jeans, knitwear and sports jacket or a splash of colour with a pocket square and you’ve added more dimension and colour to your look.
  7. Shoes. Controversially I can’t stand brogues. I think they look clunky and all eyes are diverted to your feet rather than a steady flow of appreciation up and down. Less fuss the better in my book! This is why I always recommend a sleek pair of streamline oxfords with a lighter tread and sleek front. Ie not too square, nor too narrow.

Alexandra Wood exclusively designs, tailors and styles mens images to success and has been featured in GQ, Esquire, Forbes, CEO to name a few. She intuitively creates a stylish vision for her customers that they could have only ever once dreamed of, in a way that is fun, enjoyable and effortless.

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