How to start a stylish tailored wardrobe

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You notice that some men can make looking effortlessly stylish so easy, yet it’s not something you’ve ever personally mastered.

Place aside the fact that nothing you like fits well and therefore you end up buying sporadic pieces that don’t fit and don’t work together – Which in turn ends up being a total waste of both time and money.

There’s a statistic that says most wardrobes are left 80% unworn for these very reasons.

Addressing your own style can be daunting. Questions arise such as, what if I mess it up, what if I spends hundreds or thousands and I still don’t look like Jeff Goldblum (who by the way in my books is right up there when it comes to truly stepping into their own style, well into their 60’s may I add!)

The fact is, is that you may just have to go all in with someone you can trust to make you look good, in a way that is authentic to you. 

This means not copying looks from magazines, mannequins or other people. (GQ is decidedly more edgy these days and doesn’t always help the professional man wishing to look stylish, whilst also remaining- well, professional!)

There’s more at stake when you’re a professional man. Your clothes do and should matter. They should be cut to flatter and made from high quality fabrics.

Beautifully tailored clothes in timeless classics with subtle twists are a great start to your sartorial investment. Start safe with some element of your own personality and slowly venture forward is always my advice.

The key areas to focus on are:

  1. Cut. Does the cut of your clothing suit and flatter you? If it’s not making you look taller or slimmer it may literally be cutting you short.
  1. Fabric. Are your clothes made from the highest quality fabric that not only look and feel amazing, but also last?
  1. Suit you. It’s common to buy a couple of pieces in hope that when you get home they’ll match well with a million other pieces you own, only to find out they don’t. 
  1. Get smart. Buy less, invest more and get help!

The best items to start with are:

  1. Tailored, plain white and grey marl T-Shirts (No logos!)
  2. Tailored knitwear in merino wool (They allow your skin to breathe and also look and feel great!)
  3. Slim cut, plain jeans with a hint of stretch (this makes them fit and feel more comfortably)
  4. A couple of sharply tailored made to measure or bespoke suits
  5. A range of smart and casual tailored shirts 
  6. 3-4 made to measure or bespoke sports jackets made from tweed, pure wool, cottons and linen blends for an all round stylish selection 

We work to create you tailoring that flatters; from one piece to an entire collection of bespoke and measure designs that you won’t find elsewhere.

Alexandra Wood has designed & tailored hundreds of professional men’s images to success. Taking timeless classics and giving them a modern twist; to reveal men at their finest. Featured in GQ, Esquire, Tatler,  Forbes, she understands exactly what it takes to get her clients’ image to the next level.

To book a friendly relaxed call to discuss your new image, contact us here

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