How to make a stylish impact with colour

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Let’s talk about the current Swift car advert.

You may be wondering why I’m talking about a swift car advert. You don’t want a Swift car and likely have no interest in one either. A DB11 is far more exiting to you right?! (It is to me!) However, there is a reason for my observation.

You see- the main guy in the recent Swift advert is seen wearing rather drab colours; he looks like the glum person who always gets it wrong – along with zero confidence. He looks down trodden and quite frankly – fed up.

Fast forward to the end of the ad and you can see him wearing colours that make his eyes glisten and stand out; along with a distinct change in his demeanour.

He’s wearing a burnt orange jacket and a warm teal T-shirt (my personal faves) and suddenly looks like a man in charge. Confident, strident and decisive.

This is the power of menswear. No tone, no colour or texture can go unlooked. Your clothes can really make your look. After all, it’s your personal brand. 

His skin tone was ignited by colour, as was the car he chose to drive off in. The car of his dreams. (Yes, a Swift- Not the DB11 ha ha!)

Choose the right colours for you and all can change in an instant. You ready?

Here’s our new range of super sharp suits that are utterly unique and have been designed in these winning colours.

P.S: Here’s the swift ad video if you fancy taking a look.

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