How to care for your luxury clothing

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Investing in quality clothing is a great decision as it means you’ll be wearing something that you truly enjoy wearing, that’s comfortable and will ultimately last.

However, they do need taking care of and that can be the downside but do it properly and you will have treasures that last for years to come. We walk you through what will be needed to ensure the quality remains the same as when you first bought it.

Dry cleaning


We always advise to not over dry clean and sometimes a cool wash at home can be just as effective. Yes, it does mean that it will need you to iron. However, if they’re slightly damp this becomes a far easier job than if they were crisp dry.


Dry cleaners tend to use strong detergents and can strip the natural moisture out of your suit. Suits should be dry cleaned sparingly and spot cleaned where possible. We advise using a natural fabric freshener to lift any odors from under the arm areas.

Where possible, we advise using an ecofriendly dry cleaner who uses natural products that will help to keep your clothes looking as lustrous as when you first bought them.


The same principle applies as above. However, as a spot clean and a press is more likely what will be needed here, we advise either using a trouser press or a good old fashioned ironing board using a very smooth tea towel placed over your trousers, spray the iron so it dampens it slightly and simply press. Using a textured towel will leave an unsightly pattern on your trousers so do avoid this.


Overcoats only need dry cleaning after the end of each Autumn/Winter season. After having it dry cleaned, simply cover and store away ready for the following Autumn/Winter.


These monstrous little beasts can eat away at your beautiful clothing before you’ve even realised. They create most damage when they’re hatching. They feed off natural fabrics in order to be able to survive.

We have tried and tested absolutely everything and swear by moth alarms which omit a frequency that moths don’t like. These can be bought over on Amazon.



We recommend hanging your suits on a broad suit hanger, preferably wood as they keep your suits in the best shape.


Hang your shirts on a slimmer hanger and make sure you have enough space in between each in your wardrobe, or they become crushed and get wrinkled swiftly.


Knitwear should be kept folded and never hung. This keeps the fibers in place and stops any chance of them getting misshapen. Store away at the end of the Autumn/Winter season and keep the lighter ones out for when it gets chilly in Spring and even Summer.

Overall care

All being said and done, luxury clothing needs to be looked after to keep it looking its best for years to come. Good ventilation and putting them away over; throwing them over the bannisters or chair when done 😉

If you need any further advice, you know where we are.

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