4 ways men can wear cord

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When you think of cord, you may instantly visualise a history teacher and think stuffy and old fashioned with elbow patches, but fear not; cord is back and is more versatile than you might have first thought. We discuss…

We talk you through the 4 successful ways to wear cord, as we always say here at Alexandra Wood; there really is a way to wear everything, it’s just how you make it your own. We offer you a few ideas on how to wear anything corduroy…

First things first. What is cord?

Cord is a super smooth and soft cotton, with inverted vertical lines. Some are chunky in appearance and some, more subtle (i.e: baby or needle cord)

It’s not the kind of fabric you’d wear to work but is a great suit for those wanting to show off a bit more personality with their clothing. Plus, used as separates, cord really works a treat!

Which cord type to choose?

Baby, needle, thick; there are a plethora of choices. From soft and weightless to the chunky and super rigid, so it’s well worth thinking about what you want the end result to be. (Naturally, you have us to educate you) but you’ll likely know if you want something very relaxed or more formal which is a good starting point.

What colour cord to choose

The classic cord choices are navy, green and mustard. However, as fabrics have developed, colours have come along way. Soft powder blues and sage greens can look incredible and work particularly well in the lighter weight offerings.

How can you wear cord?

You can wear as a full suit option:

Ac ‘cord’ ing to us (Pardon the pun, we couldn’t resist!) a cord suit is incredibly versatile. You can wear the entire suit if you fancy really going for it, worn with either an open, necked shirt with a contrasting texture or fabric or classic with a tie and pocket square for a more dressed up version.

Worn as separates: The jacket

Wear the suit jacket on its own with a chambray or cord shirt for more texture and a pair of smart jeans. Even worn with a crisp, white fitted T-shirt can look really laid-back cool.

Worn as separates: The trousers

Wear the suit trousers alone, with a simple white T-shirt, smart brown shoes such as a pair of oxfords or pair of suede or leather Chelsea boots (we advise a chocolate tone). Your cord trousers even pair nicely with knitwear and a really great coat added, for perfect, seasonal layering.

Cord shirts 

Don’t want to go the whole way with a full cord suit? Then a cord shirt is a really are a great option. They are super soft to the touch and are perfect for Autumn and add an extra texture to your look.

For a perfect Autumnal weekend away, wear with a tweed sports jacket and smart jeans or twill trousers and you’ve got yourself a versatile, Autumn look.

What’s your verdict? Would you wear cord or maybe something more classic suits you?

If you’d like to discuss having your own cord suit made especially for you contact us here

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