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He’s a man who oozes a whole new level of cool and wears purple better than a bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk. It seems he can do no wrong when it comes to style, so what makes him such a style icon? We discuss….

Why is Samuel L Jackson is our Man of the Month?

Incredible sideburns aside – in the oh so fabulous Pulp Fiction, with a glossy ‘fro’ and sleek black suit and crisp white shirt to boot; our Samuel has far more style under his Hermes belt than just that. Jackson gives no bleeps about wearing colour and wears it so effortlessly and confidently that even we dare dispute this level of colour. He is a man who can wear a cashmere beany, cream roll neck worn with a vibrant, purple velvet sports jacket. We know, it is hard to imagine yet he makes it look confusingly cool. Plus, he wears it with the pièce de resistance – The ultimate pair of glasses, which for some peculiar reason completes his image with spectacular success (But they must always be the right pair!).

WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT SAMUEL (We’re going with first name basis here) ?

Jackson began acting on the stage, including Home and A Soldier’s Play and appeared in several television films, making his feature film debut in the blaxploitation independent film Together for Days (1972).

What some may not know is that he studied Marine Biology before moving onto studying Architecture.  He later settled on drama after taking a public speaking class and appearing in a version of The Threepenny Opera. In the 70’s he developed addictions to cocaine and alcohol which scuppered him from appearing in two further plays. Jackson was also mentored by one other seriously cool dude – Morgan Freeman.

In the 80’s is what saw his career eventually shine after meeting Director Spike Lee. He was even a stand in for Bill on The Cosby show.

In the 90’s his substance abuse continued, venturing onto heroine and finally back to cocaine again, when his family stepped in for an intervention. Ironically, after leaving the clinic he got chosen for the role of a crack addict for the film ‘Jungle Fever’ which he states was cathartic. After this role, he had a stream of blockbuster films under his belt. Which then led him to the highly acclaimed film – Pulp Fiction, where he learned that the role had specifically written for him which he says made him feel ‘gobsmacked, arrogant and special’. He has continued to play several incredible roles which landed him a firm spot on The Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.


He’s a man who seems to defy age and who places a firm middle finger up to the conventions of what style should be. He wears clothes in a way that oozes class and style in a way that few men can. The rule book has been thrown out with the bath water and it’s safe to say that Jackson will be wearing whatever pleases him.

Plus, it is all done in a way that doesn’t scream tragic. As a man gets older, it can be tricky to get the balance of cut and colour exactly right, but his confidence makes it look all rather effortless.

Keep it tonal 

Interestingly, he also wears tone on tone, which in plain English are colours that are all the same colour but that are different tones. From 50 shades of grey to 50 shades of Purple!

Hats off to Samuel

Another tricky accessory to master, Jackson wears unconventional head wear. From a cream, cashmere beany to a Melton wool cap (Which we love!)

His accessories in general shouldn’t work but just do; a shirt worn with a suede buttoned jacket worn with a cap sounds beyond barking, yet it all creates a look most men would cut their arm off, to be able to recreate with such a level of confidence (Ok, that may be a little extreme but you get our point)


Samuel’s grooming is also effortless and minimal, you will find him either clean shaven or with a little stubble and who knows what’s going underneath the multitude of hats…

His daytime looks are even cool with a mix of hats and printed cotton sweatshirts. It is safe to say that he will be doing exactly as he pleases and when it comes to age – then it is literally nothing more than a number.


We must admit, we think he’s got his style on point and we’re placing our feet in dangerous territory, however, I would love to see him in an immaculately cut Prince of Wales three piece suit with a sharp, crisp white open neck shirt. We would keep his accessories simple for this more toned-down look. With large personalities, vibrant bold pieces are made to look easy. However, sometimes when a look is toned down and is so simple, yet perfectly formed, that the real person comes out.

For a casual look, I would play with some layering – Fitted T-shirts, unstructured sports jackets, tailored jeans, and chunky scarves all to create more dimension and drama that he loves so much. He would also look rather incredible in a double-breasted coat in a textured, herringbone wool – Worn with a Gatsby style hat. Paired up with a pair of Chelsea boots.

Not only is he a style icon but he oozes confidence, kindness and charisma which is why he’s our Man of the Month December 2020.

All we can say is hats off to Samuel for being such a powerhouse in the style stakes. We salute you. No need to remove your hat Sam!

Who do you want to see as Man of the Month January 2021? We’d love to know your thoughts…

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