Are Men’s Tailored Suits Worth It? 5 Key Benefits

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Though we’re all likely to be familiar with the concept of men’s tailored suits, we may be wondering if they’re worth it, as we know that tailored suits tend to come with a higher price point than your average three-piece suit. This is not without good reason. 

At Alexandra Wood, we know that tailored suits are always worth the investment. With a world of benefits to choose from, this handy article will guide you through five key benefits to men’s tailored suits and why a made-to-measure suit might need to be the next addition to your luxury wardrobe.

Tailored Suits Provide a Better Fit

Let’s start with the basics. The whole concept of tailored suits comes down to the fit. As a tailored suit is made-to-measure, you can expect it to fit like a glove. With your exact measurements, wearing your tailored suit will bring comfort like never before and bring out the best in you. 

The fit of your suit is crucial to your look, so a poorly fitting suit will definitely have a poor impact on how you look. If you want the perfect luxury fitting suit, go tailor-made. 

Tailored Suits Are High-Quality

Tailored suits are made using only high quality luxury fabrics and craftsmanship, and have an added layer of comfort and durability. Better quality materials equal better quality results. Say goodbye to frayed seams and split hems. If you opt for a tailored suit, you are opting for luxury-grade quality. Never feel the uncomfortable tug of a suit that’s too tight again. Treat yourself to the best quality possible!

Tailored Suits Show off Who You Are

Complete customisation is a key feature of tailored suits and allows you to really show off your personality. From fabrics to stitching to pocket squares, you will work closely with your tailor to create the perfect unique and stylish look for you. 

While high-street stores tend to carry numerous lines of suits that all look the same, this monotonous look might not be for everyone. If this isn’t for you and you would prefer your attire to communicate individuality and an eye for luxury style, tailored suits could be right for you. 

Tailored Suits Are a Cost-Effective Investment

Due to less frequent need to spend on things like fixes, rips and tears and replacements, tailored suits are especially crafted to last. The money you save in the long term by opting for a higher quality, durable and luxurious suit makes the initial cost of a tailored suit more than worth it! Plus, first impressions are everything in the business world, and if your first impression boasts a luxury suit like this, potential clients and employers are sure to know you mean business. You never know what doors could open just by being confident enough to take that first step.

Tailored Suits Look Better

The phrase, “You get what you pay for”, springs to mind when it comes to suits. When you pay for a bespoke tailored suit, the difference is visible. With luxurious fabrics and precise stitching made to suit your exact personality and body shape, you’ll look (and feel) better than ever, sporting one of these bespoke suits. It’s as simple as that. 

Work Closely with Industry Experts to Create Your Own Bespoke Look with Made to Measure Tailoring Services at Alexandra Wood!

At Alexandra Wood, tailoring sublime and unique creations is second nature to us. We will find the perfect cut, shape, colour and fabric to suit your needs, and with our made-to-measure process, you will never be left disappointed. Go for luxury. Contact us today to make your first appointment.

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