8 reasons to choose bespoke tailoring

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Are you debating whether to go to the next level and choose a bespoke suit? Here Alexandra explains exactly what makes bespoke tailoring a cut above the rest.

  1. Hand cut from start to finish. Your bespoke suit is cut exclusively to your body shape and idiosyncrasies. It’s your personal blueprint and every change that is made to your suit is then transferred onto your original paper pattern, so that you are able to simply order time and time again with minimal time and effort required.
  2. A bespoke suit moulds to your body shape, is smooth and elegant and ultimately feels like no other. It fits and curves into each part of your body in a way no other method of suit construction can.
  3. Feels lighter than air. With the chest construction made from a natural fibre (horsehair) it lightly curves over your chest and is much more weightless than the man made fibres that are used in made to measure suits.
  4. It is and looks hand made mainly because it is. A made to measure suit will have sharper edges due to the fact that it has been made by a machine. Where a suit made by hand will show all of the beautiful steps that made your bespoke suit. Soft, elegant and fit to perfection.
  5. Designed to your lifestyle and natural style. Each bespoke item is designed to make the most of you using the correct colour, shade, design and style to make you look more incredible than you knew possible. Alexandra works with you to guide you to looking your finest in a way that’s fun, effortless and enjoyable.
  6. Fine details. You can add in quirks along the way, choose different stitching, natural buttons, the list is endless and makes your bespoke suit even more special with its finer touches.
  7. It has a great story. How your bespoke suit was made is a journey from start to finish. You see a suit being made in all of its glory from start to finish and are very much a part of the entire process.
  8. Perfection does take time so expect to be a little more patient with more fittings required than in made to measure where the process is much more straight forward.

Our bespoke tailoring is not limited to suits. At Alexandra Wood we can design you an entire wardrobe of exclusively designed clothing that is cut, made and tailored to fit you to perfection. From a sharp, bespoke suit to a bespoke leather jacket, we’ve got you covered.

Alexandra Wood exclusively designs, tailors and styles mens images to success and has been featured in GQ, Esquire, Forbes, CEO to name a few. Alexandra creates a fresh, sharp and modern vision of you in a way that is fun, enjoyable and effortless. Find out more about Alexandra Wood here. 

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