We design, tailor and create your bespoke suit to make the best of you. The Alexandra Wood Bespoke tailoring service is our most exclusive offer. Each garment is uniquely styled, designed and finished by our expert, Savile Row tailors. Our Bespoke tailoring represents the best in craft and, ultimately, the best of you. We can schedule your private appointment in our Savile Row or Bishops Stortford showroom where you will be well looked after.



A bespoke suit is completely hand cut from start to finish, beginning its life as a paper pattern, which is then cut to your chosen fabric and takes over 80 hours of the finest tailoring skills to create. It is the height of artisanship in tailoring. It’s an item of luxury that is crafted exclusively for you. You only see the fabric and the lining, but this complex, handmade structure moulds to your body and feels what can only be described as weightless.

Alexandra Wood Bespoke tailoring allows for a far superior fit than with any other method. This is your own blueprint and multiple fittings ensure that your suit is finely tuned until it fits you to perfection.

An Alexandra Wood bespoke suit is a marriage of the finest tailoring with the design secrets that will have you turning heads. Although sometimes confused with made to measure, it very much lives in its own world, leaving you with a suit that makes you look and feel your best.

Composed of the finest luxury fabrics, an Alexandra Wood Bespoke suit is entirely handmade, allowing for a superior, weightless fit that shapes perfectly to your body.

More about our fully bespoke Savile Row tailoring

Each of our bespoke suits are crafted to your precise measurements, made by hand and are the epitome of tailoring. A true experience to behold.

Your Bespoke suit Design

Our tailors and designers combine two vital skills together of tailoring and style; to create you a suit that not only fits you impeccably but that will also make you look your absolute best. We take into consideration your skin tone, body shape and personality to create you a bespoke suit that’s truly yours.

Fabric selections

There are no limitations when it comes to your choice of suit fabric. We source our fabrics from the finest suppliers from the UK & Italy. From classic to quirky, we look to find you the most exclusive fabrics and are always looking for new cloths and blends to offer you something truly unique.

Linings choices

From a plain or patterned silk lining to a personally printed lining, we have thousands to choose from to ensure your personal touch is prominent in your bespoke suit.

How your bespoke suit is made 

What makes your bespoke suit fit so beautifully is not only that it’s been cut exclusively for you, but how it’s constructed.

Our bespoke suits are made with a full, free floating canvas allowing the shape of your suit to mould to your body. There are three layers: the outer fabric, natural horse hair and a softer fusing which floats over the top of the horse hair to ensure it feels smooth. (Horse hair can be quite sharp, so this extra layer is required) the canvas is then lightly hand stitched to create a ‘floating canvas’ where ready to wear or made to measure suits are fused together with less expensive canvassing and a less expensive method of construction. Customers have likened the feeling of a bespoke suit to wearing nothing at all. So comfortable and light that it feels far superior to anything else you may have worn before.

How many fittings will I need for my bespoke suit?

How many fittings you need will depend on the number of changes required to ensure the perfect fit. Typically, a bespoke suit needs around 3-4 fittings to complete depending on your shape and complexity of design but can be more. This is an experience that takes time and should be enjoyed.

Upon each fitting, your measurements are updated accordingly; to both the suit and to your own, personalised pattern.

Where are your bespoke suits made?

Our Savile Row bespoke suits are made by our master tailor in London following the true traditions of Savile Row tailoring.

How much do your bespoke suits cost?

Prices start from £4,500 for a two piece and £5,000 for a three piece suit

How does the appearance look in comparison to a ready to wear suit?

A made to measure suit looks sharp and neat, that’s because it’s made by precision cutting and put together by a number of machinists.

A bespoke suit however is mainly made by hand and therefore has much more of a hand made look with softer, less sharper edges that allows the suit to fit to your body in a way that made to measure can’t.

How does a bespoke suit compare to made to measure suit?

A made to measure suit is laser cut by machine using overall a generic set of measurements that have been modified to fit the customer. Coding is then added to further modify the fit which has advanced in recent years. Made to measure is considered an upgrade to ready to wear, where as a bespoke suit is completely made by hand and sewing machine and is constructed in a completely different way that is far superior to a made to measure suit, giving it a lightness and delicacy one can only expect from a luxury suit.

Our personal guarantee

We don’t complete your suit until it’s 100% perfect. This is your suit, your experience, so we ensure you’re happy before signing off your suit.

What makes Alexandra Wood different?

Apart from knowing exactly how to make you look your absolute best and we’re not talking looking a smarter you but a distinctly improved version of you. We choose the ideal colour, shade, pattern and tone for you followed by a cut that will flatter you and only you and above all your experience will be fun and enjoyable. You’ll learn what really suits you in a way you’ve never known before. To us you’re also an individual who needs to be looked after, we ensure your experience is as impeccable as you’d expect; from start to finish.

Usually when I’m measured for a costume I’d rather I was under anaesthetic  but Alexandra makes the whole process fun and painless.” Rory Bremner, comedian

“Tailor of the 21st Century.” Tony Parsons, GQ

Furthermore, our limitations do not lie simply with bespoke tailored suits. We can make you anything from a bespoke leather jacket to a bespoke tie. We create truly unique pieces to match you, the wearer.

Voted one of Savile Row’s best tailors 2020 by Esquire magazine

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Your imagination and our supply of sketch paper are the only limits here!

  1. Prices for our bespoke, handcrafted suits start from £4,500 for a two-piece suit & £5,000 for a three piece suit.
  2. We offer private appointments at our Savile Row and Bishop’s Stortford showrooms.
  3. We also offer personal appointments to your home or office by request.
  4. Choose from thousands of fabrics from a host of high-end suppliers, such as Holland & Sherry, Dormeuil and more.
  5. Multiple fittings will be arranged to ensure the best possible fit.
  6. Crafted in the UK, the entire process takes between 12-16 weeks. As they say, perfection takes time.
  7. Alterations are complimentary on all bespoke suits to ensure you’re completely happy with your new item/s.