The Alexandra Wood Bespoke tailoring service is our most exclusive offer. Each garment is uniquely styled, designed and finished. Our Bespoke tailoring represents the best in craft and, ultimately, the best of you. Stores in Savile Row and Bishops Stortford.


A bespoke suit is completely hand cut from start to finish, beginning its life as a paper pattern, which is then cut to your chosen fabric and takes over 80 hours of the finest tailoring skills to create. It is the height of artisan ship in tailoring. It’s an item of luxury that is crafted exclusively for you. You only see the fabric and the lining, but this complex, handmade structure moulds to your body and feels what can only be described as weightless.

Alexandra Wood Bespoke tailoring allows for a far superior fit than with any other method. This is your own blueprint and multiple fittings ensure that your suit is finely tuned until it fits you to perfection.

An Alexandra Wood bespoke suit is a marriage of the finest tailoring with the design secrets that will have you turning heads. Although sometimes confused with made to measure, it very much lives in its own world, leaving you with a suit that makes you look and feel your best.

Composed of the finest luxury fabrics, an Alexandra Wood Bespoke suit is entirely handmade, allowing for a superior, weightless fit that shapes perfectly to your body.


Your imagination and our supply of sketch paper are the only limits here!

  1. Prices for our bespoke, handcrafted suits start from £3,750 for a two-piece suit.
  2. We offer flexible appointments at our Savile Row and Bishop’s Stortford stores.
  3. We also offer personal appointments to your office by request (London only).
  4. Choose from thousands of fabrics from a host of high-end suppliers, such as Holland & Sherry, Dormeuil and more.
  5. Multiple fittings will be arranged to ensure the best possible fit.
  6. Crafted in the UK, the entire process takes between 12-16 weeks. As they say, perfection takes time.
  7. Alterations are complimentary for one month after your collection date to ensure you’re completely happy with your new item. 

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