Wedding Suit Trends For Men

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Men’s wedding suit trends change year on year and we want to ensure you’re looking your finest and have all of the choices ready at your fingertips. From formal to more laid back, we walk you through your choices so step this way…

Our wedding suit predictions

There’s no doubt about it, 2020 has been a terrible year for pretty much everyone, so we know that you’ll absolutely want to be dressing to the absolute nines and enjoying every minute of it!

From sleek black dinner suits that give Bond a run for his money to the more ellobarate, no bars will be held here.

Dinner suits for weddings

These are always elegant and always sharp. If you’re having either a romantic wedding (Although we hope all of your weddings are romantic) set in the evening, with candles and rich colours then a dinner suit can look exceptional.

For a monochramatic wedding (Black and white) we always suggest opting for a black dinner suit. However, if you’re having an afternoon wedding then a midnight blue is perfectly acceptable.

It used to be that dinner suits were only worn for late afternoon/evening weddings – hence the use of ‘dinner suit’. However, rules have relaxed and we’ve made dinner suits for hundreds of weddings set in the afternoon.

Dinner suits don’t all have to be black or even midnight blue, which Tom Ford made famous. Why not choose a deep burgundy or emerald green or switch your dinner jacket for a smoking jacket instead?

The three piece wedding suit

Nothing is more elegant than a three piece wedding suit. The added bonus is that a three piece suit looks more formal, so if you get too hot and want to still look smart when sitting down or dancing the night away, you’ll still very much be the groom by wearing your waistcoat.

We love a classic prince of Wales check which is another James Bond favourite as its so suave and elegant and lends itself really well to most styles of weddings.

Keen to talk more about your wedding suit requirements and how we can help you to create your dream suit contact here for a complimentary discovery consultation.

If you’re wondering when is a good time to start the process then early as possible is always advisable so that you can relax and enjoy the entire process. Your suit takes 6-8 weeks to make and complete, however, we do advise starting with your first appointment at least 3 months before your wedding day.


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