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You may be looking to Savile Row to try the very best that tailoring has to offer. You may have worked with other tailors yet have not been overjoyed by the outcome or experience. We offer a fresh, modern approach to Savile Row tailoring.

If you’re looking for a warm, welcoming approach to Savile Row tailoring, yet with all of the expertise and quality you’d expect; that’s where Alexandra Wood comes in. We guide you to style success, by designing you tailoring that is truly unique to you and your lifestyle.

You’ve decided that you’d to invest in bespoke tailoring, yet you don’t know what style will suit you, or which colour or design will make you look your best.

After all, it’s an investment, so you don’t want to go by your own judgement which hasn’t worked too well in the past, or worse still – you don’t want to be ill advised.

As much as creating you a tailored suit that fits beautifully, we also want you to look amazing. From cut to colour – From style to design, – we take it all into consideration when it comes to designing tailoring for you.


A Fun Savile Row Experience 

When searching for a new tailor; traditional, serious and stuffy are not your key criteria. You’re looking for Savile Row tailoring that is enjoyable and welcoming, and where you will see a noticeable and welcomed difference. 

Bespoke tailoring is the epitome of tailoring, which is hand cut to fit you like in a way that no other form of tailoring can. The accuracy of fit makes it both an extraordinary piece to wear whilst also feeling more comfortable than you can imagine. 

The fit aside, you’ll also want to feel confident that you look good, like really good! A bespoke suit is an investment so you want to make sure you’re going to really love both the process and the outcome.

“Thank you to your talents. I try and wear my new bespoke suit at every opportunity!” Simon Perry, BDM 

Respect for Savile Row traditions

We love traditions, yet at the same time we identified that a new style of Savile Row was being cried out for. These are a few key aspects we stand for here at Alexandra Wood: 

A female eye for the stylish guy 

We work with timeless classics, while injecting a fresh vision, bringing a unique elegance to your tailoring. We stylishly guide you ensuring that you look like the individual you are. We transform even the most understated of men.

A Flattering cut

Over the years Alexandra has created an exclusive seam shape design that makes every client look slimmer, sharper and more attractive. The secrets are not shared but are obvious to each client who sees the difference. 

Rapport and experience 

Our relationship with our clients is at the heart of the brand. Connection, openness and warmth come first. There’s no doubt about it, looking incredible changes the way you think, enhances your confidence and exudes attractiveness.

Non-stuffy Savile Row

Alexandra Wood Bespoke has been built on the foundation that luxury should be more relaxed and fun, heavily contesting the outdated traditions of Savile Row, paving the way for a fresher, more open version of tailoring.


“I can only speak in superlatives. The whole experience is completely bespoke, she takes the time to understand you. I wouldn’t go to any other tailor – she is (pun intended) absolutely a cut above!” Luka Krsljanin, barrister

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