What Men Should Wear Over 50 To Look More Stylish

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Men over 50 can and still do look incredible. Look at Brad Pitt and George Clooney as examples. Ok, so they may have some genetics helping them somewhat, but you can lend yourself a helping hand by wearing the right clothes and looking more stylish in order to look fresher and more attractive. One thing to master is your style. Here at Alexandra Wood, we guide you through what’s required to have you looking just as smooth now that you’ve hit the big 5-0.

Fit & Flatter

Firstly – and most importantly – the key to dressing in your 50s is to make sure your clothes are cut and fit to flatter. Tailored clothing does wonders for an older waistline in particular, where it’s possible to achieve an illusion of slenderness.

It’s important that your wardrobe consists of items that don’t just look good, but that also make you feel good – therefore the right fit is key. Go for well cut tailored pieces that have shape and define your waistline, no matter your body shape. We at Alexandra Wood have our secret seam shaping design that has every man walking that little bit taller. Without an amazing cut, all other efforts are lost.

Wear more colour

When it comes to wearing colour in your 50’s we recommend opting for colour blocking in similar shades for ease and adding more colour based on your skin tone to flatter. It’s easy to stay safe with navy, grey and white however when you’re in your 50’s, your skin can look a little more sallow, therefore colour can warm up your skin tone and help to make you look fresher and younger.

Invest in separates

Invest in separates in complementary shades, to make pairing items together effortless. The colours you wear are dependent on your skin tone, however opting for camels, greys and deep navy and green tones are always core colours for any man’s wardrobe – just make sure the shade is right for you!

Your 50’s are an excuse to buy the wardrobe items you’ve always wanted, but never been able to justify – so it’s a great time to invest in those statement pieces. These items can vary for a perfectly fitting sports jacket in either classic wool or crisp linen – to a cashmere pullover, or bespoke two-piece that fits impeccably. With that said, a well fitted Savile Row suit that flatters a more mature body shape is a must.If in doubt, go for a trim, two-button jacket with wider lapels and well-tailored, flat-fronted trousers.

Accessorise in style

A tried and tested way to keep your wardrobe relevant and fresh is by choosing the right accessories for your personal look and lifestyle.

Keep obvious designer brands to a minimum and instead invest in subtle accessories that will get you recognised for all the right reasons. We’d suggest a quality leather or suede belt in classic chocolate; or be a bit more daring with a cobalt blue shade to add interest and liven up your usual look. Merino wool scarves, silk pocket squares and a great pair of shoes are always great pieces to give a little more thought when selecting, as they can make or break your look.

With that in mind, have you ever heard the saying ‘you can always judge a man by his footwear’ – well we have, and we couldn’t agree more! When it comes to footwear, keep it simple, smart and of course comfortable.

Choose from a fresh pair of trainers – be that classic white or navy and for formal business shoes choose derbies as they’ll finish off your look with a nod of class. Add a pair of classic Chelsea boots to upgrade a casual look for the colder months.

Invest in quality

● When it comes to the essentials, such as knitwear, shirts, jeans and chino style trousers. Always go for quality over quantity. Select at least 3 knitwear styles in merino wool, such as a buttoned down polo, roll neck or quarter zip sweater, as these key styles will be great versatile pieces that you’ll constantly rotate within your wardrobe throughout the seasons.

● Classic tapered shirts are a must in white, pale blues, navy or pink. When it comes to jeans, keep the cut clean and simple – opt for a slim/ straight fit in a dark indigo shade for maximum style kudos. When selecting the perfect smart casual chino, go for colours that flatter such as deep navy, camel or khaki – they’ll cover all casual style combinations.

With all that said, we hope you can now simply identify whether your wardrobe consists of all the key items you need and also want. When it comes to dressing in your 50’s, the golden rule is to find your style, and have it set you up to represent your best self with great fun, flair and fit!

At Alexandra Wood we help you to master your own style in a way that’s fun and enjoyable. We’ve worked with hundreds of men to help them feel more empowered by looking and feeling more stylish.

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