The Perfect Trousers To Look Hot And Stay Cool This Summer

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Summer can be a challenging season for men when it comes to dressing in style. The warm weather can limit the options for clothing, making it hard to layer and create a cohesive outfit. Some may struggle with finding the right balance between staying cool and comfortable, while still dressing appropriately for various occasions.

However, with the right guidance and tailor your summer wardrobe can become your most stylish part of the year. By understanding your body shape, skin tone and lifestyle we can create you the perfect bespoke wardrobe to make you look hot and stay cool throughout the warmer months.

The hot weather allows for more versatile clothing options, including lightweight fabrics and brighter colours. You can experiment with different styles, such as bold prints and patterns, without feeling too overdressed. Summer events such as weddings and outdoor parties provide opportunities for men to showcase their authentic style.

Summer is the perfect time to switch out your heavy denim for some lighter, more breathable trousers.

Here are three must-have summer trousers for men

Lightweight Jeans

Jeans are a staple in any man’s wardrobe, but heavy denim can be too hot for summer. Opt for a pair of lightweight jeans made from a breathable fabric like cotton or linen. They’ll keep you cool and comfortable without sacrificing your style.


Chinos are a versatile option for any summer occasion. Dress them up with a button-down shirt for a fancy dinner or dress them down with a t-shirt for a casual day out. Look for a pair in a light colour like khaki or beige to really embrace the summer style.

Tailored Linen Trousers

Linen is the ultimate summer fabric. It’s lightweight, breathable, and looks great in a variety of styles. For a more formal summer look, try a pair of tailored linen trousers in a neutral colour like white or beige. They’ll keep you looking sharp and feeling cool all season long.

Start Looking More Amazing This Summer

How much have you spent on clothes that don’t suit you? Bought clothes home to find they don’t match with anything else, don’t fit and even worse – you’re not sure you even like them! 

It’s a real pain, as you’d love to look like Beckham, Jeff Goldblum or Ryan Reynolds, it just seems like an unrealistic goal. 

Only it’s not, it’s just like anything- you need an expert to guide you. We tune in to help you in a way that doesn’t feel like you’d prefer a trip to the dentist. 

Alexandra Wood enables you to become the master of your style and understand exactly what it takes to look fresher, more attractive and effortlessly stylish.

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