The five winter essentials for your wardrobe

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Whether you love it or hate it winter is upon us. But, fear not because it is time for a mood boost and a bit of winter gratitude, here at Alexandra Wood we can make you the most stylish tailored man this winter.

Winter style is all about blending function and form. You have to stay warm and you have to stay dry but you also want to look good and feel confident.

With that in mind let’s go through a few staples that you need in your wardrobe to get through winter in comfort and style.

Grey flannel suit

It is really important to have a suit which matches the season and if you’re only going to have just one, we recommend that it is a bespoke grey flannel suit. Flannel is one of the best and most classic winter fabrics that helps keep you warm and looks sleek at the same time. Grey is a colour that is super versatile; so you can pair it with a wide variety of shirt and tie combinations. However, the best part about a grey flannel suit is that not only are you getting a full suit, but you are also getting a great standalone bespoke jacket and pair of trousers, expanding the options that you have in your wardrobe exponentially.

Cashmere sweater

Just like flannel cashmere is a great fabric for the winter season, it’s very soft and warm. A cashmere sweater is an item that is instantly going to upgrade your winter style. In terms of fits and styles of your cashmere sweaters, it depends on the look you’re going for.

A crew neck is a great causal or more laid-back option, you can wear it by itself or easily layer it over a button up shirt for a very simple and classic look.

You could also go for a roll neck, for something a little more elegant and sophisticated.

With a cashmere sweater you are getting style, sophistication and a touch of luxury which is why it is one of our winter essentials.

Dinner or Smoking Jacket

Around the festive season and new year, it’s always a great time to dress up more formally. Typically, when wearing formal wear, we tend to be advised to keep it simple and sleek. However, during winter occasions, it’s always nice to have a little more fun and be a little more festive.

There are two ways that we like to do that and the first is with colour. Burgundy is a great colour for a dinner jacket, it is perfect for this season and you could definitely wear it to other formal occasions throughout the year.

The second is to choose a velvet fabric and opt for a slightly more eccentric smoking jacket style, creating a double-breasted style and adding detail around the button closures, on the sleeves and on the edge of the lapel, to bring out your own personal style and personality.

Casual coat

There is no way that we can talk about winter essentials and not include a well tailored coat. This is the basic necessity when it comes to the end of the year. Obviously, you want one in a thick warm fabric and the best style to be able to dress casually as well as wearing to office on those business casual days. Our pick for the best casual yet very stylish winter coat is the venerable peacoat which is one of the many designs we’re able to create in both made to measure and bespoke.

The most classic version of this is a navy a peacoat which is extremely versatile, but if you’re interested in something classic that is a little more different, you can go for a brown toned peacoat.


A tailored overcoat is absolutely the first item  you should grab when wearing a suit.

Overcoats are the epitome of sophistication. This longer-lined top protection has a tendency to smarten any outfit thanks to its clean lines and classic design. It is a timeless, fashionable, and infinitely versatile part of your wardrobe.

Rest assured, wearing this coat will complete your look for the day. It’s up to you if that’s a three-piece suit or a pair of jeans and your favourite knitwear.

Create your Alexandra Wood winter wardrobe

Here at Alexandra Wood we take into account your lifestyle and personality to create the perfect made to measure wardrobe for you to be both stylish and comfortable this winter.

We take the timeless and add our own twist and is why our clients choose us to design something truly unique and bespoke. From a classic dinner jacket to an overcoat with a little more personality- we’ve got you covered.

At Alexandra Wood we offer a range of different winter essentials to design the perfect wardrobe for you, for every occasion. To develop your iconic wardrobe and to be the best dressed for this winter and every season to come, book an appointment in with us in Savile Row or at our headquarters in Much Hadham, Hertfordshire to find the perfect style and fit for you.

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