More than a tailor: How we transform your image at Alexandra Wood

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There’s more to tailoring than a suit that simply fits and it’s really quite exciting!

You’d be forgiven for thinking of just suits when it comes to tailoring. However, there’s so much more that tailoring has to offer. We personally offer a blend of both made to measure and bespoke tailoring; and design and tailor a wide range of clothing from a tailored suit, all the way through to a bespoke, leather jacket made from the finest lamb skin. 

After having designed thousands of sharp business suits for professional men, we realised that we wanted to offer more. Times have changed and our clients were wanting more help and guidance with their entire image. We love a challenge, and so created an entire range of stylish, tailored designs.

The importance of tailoring

So why does anyone need tailored clothes anyway? Wearing effortlessly stylish tailoring that is cut to perfection and that displays you at your finest is powerful, enjoyable and some say – addictive. The perfect cut and use of luxury fabrics, balanced with an exceptional eye for design has the ability to elevate your social status, success, confidence and attractiveness plus it’s an investment in yourself.

At Alexandra Wood we work with our clients by intuitively visualising how much greater they can look. By assessing their lifestyle and personality, we’re able to design a unique, yet highly practical wardrobe that makes men look and feel incredible.

Your image should reflect your standing in life and allow you to feel the best version of you, in a way that feels like second nature.

There are a number of ways men can buy clothes; including using a stylist, a personal shopper, a designer – a stylist platform even, but many times I’ve heard these go disastrously wrong. Plus with shopping, you’ll always be restricted to what designs are currently available and how they might fit, if at all. That’s why we created a new way that makes it easier for professional men to look great,  which was to take care of it all; from style guidance, design, tailoring and styling anything from one piece to an entire bespoke collection whilst making it fun, easy and transformative. 

Here’s how we work:


We work with colour in a way that moves away from conventions. From your classic and faithful navy to something you may never have chosen for yourself before. 

Colour has the ability to make you look more youthful, exude power and attractiveness to name a few powerful points.

For this reason, colour is one of the main elements of how we work, and plays a huge role in how we design. We can visualise which colours will work best for you so that you can confidently wear those that work effectively for you.

Combining textures 

Texture is key to creating an impactful image. One dimensional clothing can quickly become dull. Learning how to mix textures can really elevate your image to another level and make it far more enjoyable. We work by contrasting a clever mix of fabrics, tones and textures to create a luxurious and slick image you can feel confident and proud in.


All is lost if the cut of your tailoring is not immaculate. Clean lines and sharp edges are what you will find with our designs. Flattering waist lines, lengths and minimal design allowing you, the wearer to shine.


Classic and elegant, with a modern twist. 

Style should be effortless and with that there needs to be subtlety. Being brash or fashionable for the sake of it looks unclassy and contrived. Refined pieces with a little twist (like a margarita with its zest of lime to give it a little kick) – Can you tell it’s our fave! It’s the marriage of the cut, style, fabric and you that come together to create a stunning vision. 

Luxury, durable fabrics 

The fabrics we design with, play a huge role in your clothing. Practicality vs Interesting, innovative blends that simply can’t be found from any high street or even luxury brand. We research the latest fabrics to ensure you’re always receiving the best. Did you know that most of the peg designs have been made from fabrics that are either 50 or 100% made from synthetic fibres yet cost an absolute arm and a leg! Your designs come with both an Alexandra Wood label and the fabric suppliers label of authentication.


Our vision for you will differ from someone with a different personality, lifestyle and colouring. There’s no one size fits all. You’re unique and each one of our designs allows you to dress in a way that feels completely exclusive. We see you in a way you’ve never seen yourself and I’m excited for you!

The process 

It’s as easy as 1-2-3. If you think of how many hours, not to mention money you’ve spent on clothes that don’t fit or look as they could, you’ll realise how simple it can be:

  1. We will ask you a few questions to get to know you and to understand where you spend most of your time so that we can create you something truly special. Measurements will be taken and your creations will begin. 
  2. 10-12 weeks later your designs will be made and tweaked to perfection.
  3. Your creations can then be sent directly to you for ease, so that you can enjoy wearing them straight away. 

Every change is updated and kept on file so that as the seasons change, we can make suggestions as to what would suit you and simply make them as per your request and send them to you. 

Alexandra Wood has designed & tailored hundreds of professional men’s images to success. Taking timeless classics and giving them a modern twist; to reveal men at their finest. Featured in GQ, Esquire, Tatler,  Forbes, she understands exactly what it takes to get her clients’ image to the next level.

To book a friendly relaxed call to discuss your new image, contact us here.

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