How to Look Sharp in Tailoring for Summer Events

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Tailoring is the cornerstone of a polished wardrobe, especially for key events where appearance matters. Knowing what to wear and how to style your outfit for specific occasions ensures you not only fit in but also stand out for all the right reasons. This guide will help you navigate the sartorial expectations for events such as Ascot, Wimbledon, Henley, general events, parties, and summer weddings.


Understanding Tailoring and Its Importance

Tailoring transforms clothing into pieces that fit your body perfectly, enhancing your appearance and boosting your confidence. It involves adjusting off-the-rack clothing or creating custom-made pieces that complement your physique. For special events, well-tailored outfits are essential as they reflect your attention to detail and respect for the occasion.


How to Look Sharp in Tailoring for Ascot

The Significance of Ascot

Ascot, particularly Royal Ascot, is synonymous with elegance and tradition. It’s an event where strict dress codes are enforced, making it crucial to understand the guidelines to avoid any faux pas.

Essential Pieces for Ascot

-Morning Suit: Traditional for the Royal Enclosure, including a tailcoat, waistcoat, and striped trousers.

-Top Hat: A must for the Royal Enclosure.

– Tie or Cravat: Adds a touch of formality and style.

– Dress Shoes: Polished black Oxfords are ideal.

Styling Tips for Ascot

– Stick to neutral colours for a classic look.

– Ensure your hat and shoes are immaculate.

– Coordinate your waistcoat and tie for a cohesive outfit.


How to Look Sharp in Tailoring for Wimbledon

The Spirit of Wimbledon

Wimbledon exudes a blend of sporty and sophisticated vibes. While the dress code is more relaxed than Ascot, maintaining a polished appearance is still important.

Essential Pieces for Wimbledon

– Blazer: Light-coloured blazers are perfect for the summer event. Lightweight wools, soft linen and cotton work well.

– Chinos or Tailored Trousers: Offer comfort and style.

– Polo Shirt or Dress Shirt: Choose breathable fabrics like cotton or linen.

– Smart leather lace up shoes or smart loafers: If you’re not in the members area, your look can be more relaxed.

-Colours should be subtle and understated in keeping with the classic British environment. 

Styling Tips for Wimbledon

– Opt for light colours and breathable fabrics to stay cool.

– Add subtle accessories like a pocket square or sunglasses.

– Avoid overly casual items like jeans or t-shirts.

-Take sun cream oh and an umbrella!


How to Look Sharp in Tailoring for Henley

The Essence of Henley

Henley Royal Regatta combines tradition with a relaxed riverside atmosphere. The dress code is more flexible, yet leaning towards smart-casual.

Essential Pieces for Henley

– Blazer: A classic boating blazer with club or regatta colours is ideal.

– Chinos or Light Trousers: Complement the blazer without overpowering it.

– Shirt and Tie: Preferably in lighter shades of pastel colours.

– Boat Shoes or Loafers: Perfect for the nautical theme.

Styling Tips for Henley

– Embrace bold colours and patterns in your blazer.

– Keep accessories minimal but tasteful.

– Ensure your shoes are suitable for walking on grass and docks.


How to Look Sharp in Tailoring for Events

General Event Dressing

Different events have varied dress codes, from business casual to formal. Understanding the event’s nature is key to choosing the right tailored outfit.

Essential Pieces for Events

– Suit or Blazer: Depending on the formality, choose either a full suit or a smart blazer.

– Dress Shirt: Crisp and well-fitted.

– Tie or Bow Tie: Adds a formal touch.

– Dress Shoes: Polished and appropriate for the event’s level of formality.

Styling Tips for Events

– Research the event’s dress code beforehand.

– Opt for classic colours like navy, grey, or black for versatility.

– Ensure all pieces are well-fitted and ironed.


How to Look Sharp in Tailoring for Parties

Party Vibes

Parties offer more freedom in sartorial choices, allowing for a blend of formal and trendy pieces. The key is to balance style with comfort.

Essential Pieces for Parties

– Smart Casual Blazer: Adds a layer of sophistication.

– Tailored Trousers or Jeans: Depending on the party’s formality.

– Stylish Shirt or T-Shirt: Can be paired with a blazer for a smart look.

– Casual Dress Shoes or Sneakers: Ensure they match the outfit’s overall tone.

Styling Tips for Parties

– Experiment with patterns and textures.

– Accessorise with belts, watches, and pocket squares.

– Prioritise comfort without compromising on style.


How to Look Sharp in Tailoring for Summer Weddings

Summer Wedding Elegance

Summer weddings call for light, breathable fabrics and elegant tailoring to withstand the heat while looking sharp.

Essential Pieces for Summer Weddings

– Lightweight Suit: Linen or cotton suits in light colours like beige, light grey, or pastel shades.

– Dress Shirt: Breathable fabrics in complementary colour.

– Tie and or Pocket Square:Adds a touch of formality and a splash of colour. 

– Dress Shoes: Lighter shades of brown or mink.

Styling Tips for Summer Weddings

– Choose lighter colours to reflect the season.

– Opt for no-show socks or breathable socks to stay cool.

– Consider a vest or suspenders for a vintage touch.


Final Thoughts

Tailoring is an art that can elevate your style and ensure you make a lasting impression at any event. Whether attending Ascot, Wimbledon, Henley, general events, parties, or summer weddings, understanding the dress code and choosing the right tailored pieces will help you avoid any fashion faux pas. Embrace the guidelines provided in this guide to navigate your way through various occasions with confidence and style.

At Alexandra Wood we design bespoke tailoring to make you look your best for all occasions, offering you guidance along with a fun experience that ultimately leaves you looking sharp, confident and more attractive.


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A morning suit with a tailcoat, waistcoat, striped trousers, and a top hat is required for the Royal Enclosure. Ensure your outfit is impeccably tailored and polished.

While sneakers are allowed, they should be clean and stylish. Pair them with tailored trousers or chinos and a blazer for a smart-casual look. If you’re attending the members area this is an absolute no no.

A classic boating blazer, chinos or light trousers, a shirt and tie, and boat shoes or loafers are ideal for Henley Royal Regatta.

Research the event’s dress code. A suit or blazer, dress shirt, tie or bow tie, and polished dress shoes are typically safe choices for formal events.

Balance style with comfort. A smart casual blazer, tailored trousers or jeans, a stylish shirt or t-shirt, and casual dress shoes or sneakers are good options.

Choose lightweight fabrics like linen or cotton, opt for light colours, and consider breathable accessories like no-show socks or suspenders.

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