How Biden won in bright blue

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Joe Biden’s suits aren’t your usual shade of sombre dark blue that is so frequently seen in Politics. Place him side by side with Trump and Trump looks somewhat dull where Biden looks fresh and perky.

Biden’s blue suits aren’t just any old blue either, it’s a vibrant blue that would leave most 70 year old men saying- ‘That’s a bit out there for a man my age!’ But he pulls it off really rather well!

I ask why… 

Confidence is key when choosing what to wear, particularly when you’re wishing to make a statement; or not. Biden’s manner is rather subtle, understated and calm, so this suit colour fairs better than it would if he was loud, brash and offensive. Then the colour suit interestingly would appear more crass.

This is why I talk about matching your colours not only to your skin tone but also to your personality. It really can make or break the message you’re trying to portray.

So what does a brighter blue say that navy doesn’t? 

Interestingly, bright blue is seen as more of a casual and playful colour. Where navy is the more serious contender of the two. Bright / Royal blue makes a statement, where navy remains understated.

The cut of his suits are sleek too and are paired with an equally ‘jazzy’ tie. Once more; when Biden is addressing the public on a less formal scale, he opts to go tieless and not just that, but he also undoes a couple of buttons for good measure (shock horror) Surely this is a man of confidence and at the age of 78 and chosen for presidency; it’s worked. A more intuitive, empathetic approach to dressing.

Interestingly, the shade of Biden’s suit works with his skin tone, it makes his eyes ‘pop’ which makes them appear more engaging and the shade is fresher and modern, perhaps alluding to the fact that he felt America needed some fresh new hope. Leaving Trump and his navy (almost black suit) look a little dated.

What the colour blue says about you

Blue says you’re loyal and confident. I said ‘says’… It also represents peace, confidence and success. It’s also a soothing colour that makes those around you feel comfortable and even releases calming chemicals in the body.

Blue is also known as a masculine colour, which explains why so many men opt for blues as their go to wardrobe colour of preference.

The darker the suit, the more it represents knowledge, power, integrity, stability and seriousness. Also, interestingly it is a preferred colour for corporate America.

Biden’s wife is equally glamorous and we know how us ladies can have an affect on how you guys dress and I know that a vibrant blue suit won’t win over a nation on its own, but hey, it’s a good start!


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