Daniel Craig’s pink velvet smoking jacket: The verdict

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Love it, or hate it – There’s no denying that Daniel Craig’s pink velvet jacket was the fashion focus of the premier for No Time To Die last night. The spotlight is usually on the ladies, but not last night.

Is it velvet, is it suede, is it vintage?

The questions have all been asked, but what it really comes down to is – Did it look good?

Did you notice the jacket first? Probably. Did you love the jacket as a stand alone piece or did you think it genuinely bought out the best in him? They say a truly good suit or outfit should work in harmony with you. Not enter the room before you do.

No Time To Die is Craig’s final Bond film, so he probably decided to throw caution to the wind and put up a pretty finger to past conventions and thought –  If I’m going out, I’m going out with a bang (Well, a bright pink velvet number actually) Or his stylist simply said here you go – Wear this. Lets make them talk. And talk we have.

Enough about why he wore it, let’s get down to – Did it look good?

Most people will say – Alex makes pink suits, I’m sure she’ll love this. But sorry to disappoint. I don’t. Here are a few of my reasons why not.

1. It’s not the colour for the event I’m all for experimenting and looking your best with colours that suit a person and that sometimes goes against convention. However, a red carpet event deserves a sleek, classic look. Be it a black or midnight dinner suit, a navy smoking jacket, hey, even red! But this is a pink velvet jacket. It’s not a smoking jacket.

2. It’s not a black tie outfit What makes this a black tie outfit is the shirt, bow tie, trousers and shoes. Not the jacket. It has no satin lapels or satin covered buttons as a dinner suit/smoking jacket should (Thank goodness, as that really would have looked a car crash!)

3. It has to be the right velvet Velvet on a man that is stocky can be tricky unless it’s much lighter and has a softer drape that allows for it to contour around the body and to hug the places that flatter, and glide over the parts that don’t, otherwise it can look very boxy.

4. The cut is wrong Daniel Craig is stocky and muscly. Where that might be considered as a blessing to some, it can be tricky to dress, with the option usually being to err on the side of tighter. That’s why softer fabrics are a better choice overall. The double breasted style is too high. If it was a lower cut, it would certainly look better. The jacket is also short, which never helps when trying to create an illusion of shape and definition through the waist.

Here is a shot of the DC in his usual black tie attire for reference.

I know loads of you love it and I understand why. I mean, I encourage men daily to ‘spice things up’ but there’s a time and a place. I quite like the jacket on it’s own paired, with an open neck white shirt and a pair of (Smarter style of) jeans – I’m sure he would have actually rocked it. But for a ‘black tie’, red carpet event it’s going to be a firm no from me. 

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