Business Suits: What to Wear to Work

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We all want to look as smart as we can for work, that’s a given. But what really makes great business attire? Keep reading this handy guide to discover all about business suits and what you should be wearing to work. 

Why Is a Good Business Suit Important?

In the workplace, you should strive to appear as professional as possible. This doesn’t have to be at the expense of your comfort. A great business suit will provide you with the look of a true professional and the perfect fit and comfort level.

Remember that your work attire says a lot about you and your attitude to work. Do you want to appear professional to your employer and colleagues? Is your role client-facing? If so, a good business suit is a must. The modern professional should be smartly dressed when meeting with clients (or anyone outside of the company!) They are a representative of their company and should look and act professionally at all times.

It’s important to remember standard professional etiquette when donning a high-quality business suit, as the suit alone cannot speak for your work ethic. The blend of professional looks, language and actions are what makes a true business professional.

How Many Business Suits Should I Own?

We recommend at least three, so you can give each suit a couple of days rest in between wearing. This is best practice if you want to make the most out of your suit’s longevity. Ideally, as a modern professional (especially in the corporate world), you should aim for four great business suits

What Colour Business Suit Should I Wear?

When it comes to choosing your business suit, there are many colour options you can go for. Though there are no hard rules on suit colour meanings, there are connotations that can be important to note as a young professional. Here are our top suit colours:

  • Navy is ideal for all-round business use. Navy blue has been seen as a colour representing trust and loyalty, making this an excellent choice for any sector! Navy blue also tends to be a favourite among those working in the legal and financial sectors.
  • Petrol Blue is a soft blue with a more friendly and less formal overall feel. As petrol blue works with most skin tones, this colour can work with many shirt and tie combinations. This suit would be particularly suitable for those who want to show a little more personality in their work attire.
  • Charcoal is a timeless colour, widely thought to be one of the most professional. Choosing a classic colour like charcoal allows you to create a formal and stylish dynamic in your attire, especially as it combines easily with practically any coloured accessories! 
  • Alternative City offers a great twist to a classic navy suit with a subtle but stylish puppy tooth design. Great for someone that wants to show a bit more creativity in their attire!
  • Bright Spark is a vibrant, warm blue that is ideal for creative professionals. You can easily pair this colour with complementary shades to create an exciting look ready to set you apart from your colleagues or competition.

At Alexandra Wood, we know what makes a great business suit. As experts in the tailoring industry and a unique, creative and stunning portfolio of work, contact us today to make your first appointment and get ready to create the business suits of your dreams!

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