In the world of fashion, where trends rise and fall like waves, the latest buzzword on everyone’s lips is “stealth wealth.” Thanks to the hit show “Succession,” this term has made a stylish comeback, and it’s all about looking effortlessly rich without flaunting logos or flashy accessories. Let’s dive into this concept with a touch of humour and a dash of wit. Something we very much advocate here at Alexandra Wood. 

A Tailoring Masterclass

Picture this: the characters on “Succession” exude the epitome of stealth wealth. Their wardrobes are a masterclass in tastefully-tailored, understated elegance. We’re talking about the kind of minimalist style that would make Marie Kondo shed a tear of joy. From khakis that cost more than a small vacation to starched shirts that probably underwent a ritualistic ceremony before being worn, and let’s not forget the navy cashmere that’s softer than a baby’s giggle. Oh, and those logo less baseball hats? They’re the crown jewels of understatement.

Understated Is More

But let’s not take ourselves too seriously, shall we? Even in the realm of stealth wealth, a sprinkle of personality is as essential as that extra splash of truffle oil on your avocado toast.  Science teacher turned Tik Tok sensation ‘Shabazsays’ jokes, “I wear beige, cos I’m rich.” It’s like the secret password to the exclusive club of those who understand that less can indeed be more. Although, wear fully beige and your style will certainly lack any individual personality. Although stealth wealth stands for a discreet, muted colour palette, we at AW don’t believe that needs to mean beige, cream, black and navy. It can and should mean interesting textures, shades and tones to add a unique interest to your style.

So, what’s the deal with stealth wealth, you ask? Well, it’s not about being a walking blank canvas devoid of character. It’s about being creatively stylish, without being a billboard for designer labels. You see, the allure lies in the subtlety, the exquisite tailoring that whispers luxury rather than screaming it from the rooftops. Remember that time when an assistant on “Succession” strutted in with a Gucci bag big enough to fit a small country inside? Yeah, that was frowned upon. In a world where flashy logos are the stuff of cringe-worthy nightmares, that ostentatious bag was like a siren blaring in a library. In my comment for the Evening Standard, I mentioned that the bag was akin to arriving at a picnic with a golden throne. Sometimes, it’s better to sip your champagne from a crystal flute rather than a goblet the size of a small car.

Are Big Brands Tacky?

Now, let’s tackle the elephant in the room: Are big brands inherently tacky? Not necessarily. The art of stealth wealth lies in the delicate dance of style and subtlety. You don’t need a massive logo plastered across your chest unless you’re a plumber moonlighting as a human billboard for your own business. For the rest of us, flaunting our personal style sans the brand spectacle is the way to go. The brands might want the world to know where you shop, but hey, the world doesn’t need to know everything, right?

In a world where showing off seems to be the norm, embracing stealth wealth is like a breath of fresh air. It’s a nod to timeless elegance, a wink to sophistication, and a secret handshake among those who know that true style doesn’t scream; it whispers. So, the next time you’re eyeing that designer label, take a moment to ponder—do you want to shout your style from the rooftops or let it speak volumes in hushed tones? The choice, dear fashion connoisseur, is yours.

Here’s my succinct guide to mastering the art of stealth wealth:

  1. Ditch The Logos. Keep logos at bay. Instead of being a walking advertisement, let your style speak for itself.
  1. Brand Mixing: Blend different brands seamlessly. This demonstrates your ability to curate a wardrobe based on your unique taste, rather than relying on a single label.
  1. Choose Tonal Colours: Embrace tonal dressing. Monochromatic or harmonious colour palettes exude elegance and confidence.
  1. Tailoring Matters: Opt for well-fitted clothing. Tailoring elevates your look, ensuring your clothes hug your frame perfectly.
  1. Quality Fabrics: Invest in quality fabrics that not only feel luxurious but also stand the test of time. It’s about the touch and durability.
  1. Timeless Classics: Choose pieces that stand strong through seasons. Classic items like a well-cut blazer or a perfectly fitted pair of jeans are your allies.

By following my simple guidelines, you’ll effortlessly embody the essence of stealth wealth – a style that’s refined, subtle, and speaks volumes without uttering a single word. Would you like expert style guidance? 


Discover how to look effortlessly stylish in tailoring that’s designed and cut to flatter, all with a fun, transformative experience.

“Voted one of the best Savile Row Tailors 2021 “While respectful of Savile Row, Alexandra Wood prides itself on its open-mindedness.”

”Her bespoke pieces have been worn by politicians, actors and film directors. This success has been hard won and thanks to 13 years experience.”

”Her bespoke pieces have been worn by politicians, actors and film directors. This success has been hard won and thanks to 13 years experience.”

”After starting her career in womenswear, Alexandra quickly found she had a hidden talent for mens tailoring.”

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