American Made: Tom Cruises Shirts

Films are great for style inspiration. Films like The Gentleman, The Talented Mr Ripley and of course – Bond! We discuss how Cruise manages to look hot whilst still looking cool…


Last week I  watched American Made with Tom Cruise (Very good if you’ve not seen it yet)

He wore some really cool short sleeved shirts in subtle yet interesting colours and made from linen.

So that even when he was piling his millions into the back garden and navigating drug bandits, he still looked cool. 

Here are the ones I rated. 

Linen has been the fabric of the Summer. Gone are the days of linen which made you look like a crumpled heap.

With a clever blend of cotton and linen, they make for a versatile, cool summer shirt.

When we are inspired by designs like this, we find the fabrics and create a modern version for you.  All of these fabrics, we have available.

We may even help you look like Cruise too 😉