Alexandra Wood interviews style influencer Mathias Le Fevre

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We ask Mathias about his style, his favourite brands and how he found his own style…

Mathias Le Fevre is a style influencer from Denmark who has a keen eye for detail, style and tailoring. His clean, crisp style made him a perfect fit for our brand. I created three outfits for Mathias to showcase at this Summers London mens fashion week and Pitti Uomo. All incorporating fresh, earthy tones, with lightweight, crease free fabrics that are perfect for travel.

When did you start to get interested in style?
I started my corporate career at a really young age and while being surrounded by colleagues and partners much older than myself I used “dressing up” as a tool to be taken seriously. I then began reading about menswear, more specifically tailoring, and I just never stopped.

What led you to be a style/luxury influencer?
As I gained my passion for menswear, I also started to admired elegance and appreciate the finer things in life. It felt natural to me to share this desire on social media where I connected with likeminded enthusiasts. Along the way I found myself having created this small community that grew day by day.

What do you love about style and fashion so much?
To me style is a form of self-expression. Even though my passion is for the more sartorial look I do appreciate a wide verity of styles which is why I love attending the different fashion weeks around Europe. I find it fascinating to meet and acquaintance new characters.

Dare I ask who are your favourite brands?
Working in menswear I am lucky to get to try a lot of high quality brands. I have a few brands that I consider my favourites. Those being Alexandra Wood, Brunello Cuchinelli and Gieves & Hawkes for tailoring. For shirts I mix between ready to wear from Eton Shirts and bespoke shirts form Turnbull & Asser. I like my ties from the Italian Sera Fine Silk and I am a loyal user of the shoes from the Mallorca based Carmina Shoemaker.

What are your top wardrobe must haves?
My wardrobe essentials include a well fitted white shirt, a great wool tie, a classic cut suit in navy flannel, a chocolate brown pair of loafers, a classic wrist watch and of course a silver tiger head umbrella.

What’s a no no for you in style?
A big no no in style to me are skinny fitting suits. Suits were never meant to show off your biceps. I always value functionality and comfort over anything when going to the tailor.

Who’s style, apart from your own do you love the most?
I have always looked back in time to find classic style inspiration. I enjoy watching movies such as The Great Gatsby which displays the sartorial elegance and lavish lifestyle of the roaring 1920’s. Another movie that I like to watch for inspiration is The Talented Mr. Ripley which takes place in the idyllic landscape of sun-drenched Italy in the late 1950s. The rebellious trust-fund kid Dickie Greenleaf played by Jude Law is a living a careless free lifestyle, loves jazz and has an excellent sense of style.

What country do you feel has got the best style?
England and Italy are to me the two most dominating countries in the world when looking at menswear. To pick one country would be difficult as I like the understated attitude of the English gentleman as much as I like playing with bolder and more relaxed tailoring like the Italians. I think It is vital to know “when and where” and to make sure to always dress accordingly.

What one item could you simply not live without?
My passport.

Where can people find you? Apart from on a private jet
I love travelling to new places and explore different cultures, so I try to plan a minimum of 1 trip every month. Apart from that, I enjoy spending time at my home in London, going to Italy for work & pleasure and seeing my family in Denmark.

I am continuing to design for Mathias and excited to reveal the next few design creations. Stay tuned….

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