Alexandra Wood interviews Grey Fox on menswear and style

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Alexandra Wood meets Grey Fox and talk menswear…

Dear Grey Fox,

Naturally, we love both you and your style and I’m sure many are dying to ask you what your secret is to looking so dapper, what’s important to you and how your style has changed over the years.

Grey fox aka David Evans is an advocate of quality and style and for Men over the age of 40. We also had the recent pleasure of designing a made to measure, navy corduroy suit for him and also collaborated on our own Summer, ready to wear collection which I’m delighted to say has gone down a storm. Charming, charismatic and hilarious, it’s been a joy to work with him and as he has such seriously amazing style, that we wanted to ask him a few questions to inspire others. So without further ado, here we go…

What did you do before you became such a style aficionado?

Well, assuming I AM a style aficionado now – I was a lawyer for over 25 years and then retrained as a teacher. I’m now retired from both those professions and am effectively a full time blogger, although I’d point out that the blog is a hobby rather than a job. It will never be a living.

When did you start to get interested in style?

I used to try to dress smartly as a lawyer and I remember my mother was very interested in fashion, but the potential only really came to something when I decided I wanted to write a blog. I didn’t have any idea what to write about until I thought I’d look at the concerns older men have about buying clothes and knowing what to wear. I decided to write about a search for style for a few weeks until I’d found something more interesting to talk about. Those weeks have become years and I’m still blogging about my search for style.

What do you love about style and fashion so much?

After being a lawyer for so long (not very creative), I love the creativity that being a style blogger involves. I not only write, but take photos and for the blog and social media. Style also fulfils unresolved artistic skills which I was aware of but never did anything about before. Style is all about colour, proportion and texture, and also involves the skills of making and design. I enjoy talking about these things as a blogger. I also love style as it’s a great way of exploring and expressing your own personality – it’s not about vanity or the slavish following of fashion, it’s about respecting yourself and others by making an effort to look your best.

Dare I ask who are your favourite brands?

Well Alexandra Wood naturally. Apart from her, I don’t really have favourite brands. I know many men do and they can be very loyal customers. However, as a blogger I get around many brands so don’t really have the chance to settle on any particular favourites. Having said all that I’m now going to name a few that do edge ahead for me, but there are many others whose clothes I love to wear. For Savile Row pure bespoke, I like Dege & Skinner. I love New & Lingwood’s classic but slightly eccentric clothes. Johnstons of Elgin are a brand I’ve worked with a lot as they are a British company who do outstanding design and manufacture. Grenfell and Gloverall make good outerwear in the UK. Budd Shirtmakers make among the best bespoke shirts. I never rule out Marks & Spencer and John Lewis, if you pick carefully you can buy great clothes from their stores. For shoes (they have to be British-made), Loake, Cheaney, Edward Green and others. I like what Drake’s and Private White VC are doing but I don’t have the budget to try their clothes and I have little experience of wearing them.

AW- You’re too kind. I do love your other suggestions too, showing that you do just have great taste.

What are your top wardrobe must haves?

Good British-made shoes – brogues, a well-cut blazer is a must in every wardrobe as it’s so versatile, jeans, good chinos, good shirts (plain and striped), a classic coat and mac, a fedora and some good (not cheap) cashmere knitwear.

What’s a no no for you in style?

Wearing a tie with the top button undone – just take off your tie! Cheap pointed shoes with the toes curling up.

AW- Good grief, I’m with you there and I didn’t even know doing that with your tie was a thing!

Who’s style, apart from your own do you love the most?

I’m not sure I love my style yet. I do really admire Prince Charles’s style for several reasons. He buys the best but makes it last – we’ve all seen photos of his patched Savile Row suits and hand-made brogues. He also has a strong personal sense of how to wear clothes; he wears his double-breasted suits unbuttoned, usually a no-no, but he does it well. Finally he knows how to wear his clothes. It makes a huge difference if you can relax into your clothes and wear the best suits as if you’re wearing old jeans and a favourite jumper; he’s able to do that.

What country do you feel has got the best style?

I’d have to say Italy but when I discussed this with an Italian tailor he said all Italian wanted to dress like Englishmen. Well judging by most of the Englishmen I see slopping around our high streets in sports wear on Saturday afternoons, I’d say that was a bad misjudgement, but they see English style as tweeds and brogues and wearing your father’s handed-down Savile Row suit. It’s a nice idea but I think the Italians don’t need to copy English style; they do their own very well.

AW- They do indeed. I liken the AW style as a blend of Classic Brit with an Italian twist and sass, and people are currently in love with Italian tailoring.

What one item could you simply not live without?

I hate to say it, but as a blogger I love my mobile phone, not to make calls, but to take photos and access Instagram and various blogs. If you mean, which item of menswear, I’d have to say a good pair of shoes. Also Harry, my Labrador retriever.

Where can people find you? Apart from on a private jet ;-)?





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