5 ways to wear knitwear this season

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As the weather becomes increasingly chillier, now is the time to invest in your knitwear. We show you how to wear your new sweaters with success.

Knitwear is so easy to wear, as there’s no ironing and no fuss. During these peculiar times, we’re finding a lot of men switching to the sweater/shirt combo over wearing a suit or even a shirt. Firstly, you can’t see the un-ironed shirt underneath (Hoorah!) and you can still look fabulously well put together. A better ‘Zoom’ solution than looking a little out of place wearing a sports jacket in your sitting room or home office.

Our exceptionally luxurious knitwear collection is crafted from the best merino wool there is to offer, is shaped to flatter and is made here in the UK. There’s a huge benefit to investing in your knitwear. Have you ever noticed that if you’ve bought a jumper with a mix of cotton/wool and viscose for example that it loses it’s shape after a couple of washes, which can be pretty disappointing. We specifically chose merino wool for the collection as it’s resilient to being misshapen, its breathable as it moderates and works with your core body temperature. It is also renowned for its exceptional, natural properties including softness, breathability, durability, and natural elasticity. It’s these unique benefits that inspired us to create a range of highly practical, yet head turning crew neck sweaters.

How men can wear knitwear

  1. Always tuck the ribbed area of a sweater underneath, it’s far more flattering, particularly if you have a bit of a belly. Pulling it straight down only over emphasises this area.
  2. Knitwear can be easily worn with a fitted plain shirt for a smarter, layered look. This adds more of a frame to your look, particularly when on a zoom meeting.
  3. For laid back smart/casual and a great ‘going out’ look choose a textured sports jacket to wear over the top and add a pocket square for a bit of fun.
  4. Experiment with your knitwear. Most men tend to steer towards the classic, crew neck but there are plenty of alternative options that work for a variety of occassions.
  5. Choose a variety of colours and try something new to navy. Softer colours may work better on your skin tone than darker ones, so give it a go.

How to care for your knitwear

All natural fabrics need additional care but it will be worth it in the long run.

  1. Always fold and place in drawer, never hang them as this can misshapen them on the shoulder line.
  1. Moth alarms are a great idea for your clothing in general. Forget cedar wood, lavender, and sprays. This works perfectly. Simply search ‘moth alarm’ on Amazon and they’ll show up. These will keep moths at bay forever. Moths tend to do the most harm before they hatch, so this means you can be confident that your knitwear will stay looking fabulous for years to come.
  1. Keep them in a drawer that has enough space. Natural fabrics need room to breathe, so to keep them in the best condition this will be key.

Why merino wool is the best choice for knitwear


What makes merino wool unique is its breathability. Unlike synthetics, merino’s natural fibre reacts to changes in body temperature and is able to release warmth to prevent overheating and it can cool you down when the weather is hot.


As a result of its fine fibre, merino wool is very flexible yet able to retain its original shape. It is therefore very durable and easy to wear.


Merino wool sweaters are built to last thanks to the fact that it’s extremely durable. For example, just one fibre can be bent a thousand times without breaking. Our ‘New Yorker’ knitwear range feels a little crisper and cotton like which makes it perfectly durable.

Feedback has included some great reviews from our online purchasers:

‘’This is a beautiful piece from Alexandra. An all-rounder which I have worn in a mixture of climates and absolutely love it. I have it both in the navy and the light grey which, between them, give me daily/weekly versatility. Breathable, luxury merino to add to my collection. Will be buying more of these for sure. Thanks, Alexandra, for this top-drawer addition to my wardrobe!! Love it!’’ Alpesh Chauhan, Conductor

‘’Can I first of all thank you for the wonderful sweaters. They are BEAUTIFUL.’’ Edward

5 pieces of knitwear to have in your wardrobe:

Polo tops

Our merino wool polo tops are a little smarter than those you may be used to. Merino wool works to moderate you core body temperature and therefore leaves you feeling comfortable all day long.

Quarter Zips

A quarter zip sweater is an ideal casual option. It can be worn alone or with a sports jacket.

Tip: If you’re wearing it zipped up, it can be worn on it’s own. With the zip down wear with a plain, fitted white T-shirt for the perfect layered, Autumn look.

Moss stich chunky merino sweater

A different offering than the other options listed but perfect for a stylish look to wear for a lunch out with friends or family while still looking well put together. Our range has been designed with a flattering cut that works well on all body shapes. No more shapeless sweaters here.

Roll neck

You wont be any more James Bond than in one of our roll necks. Super soft and wearable, it is the easiest way to look stylish in an instant. They can be worn with a casual, leather jacket, sports jacket or coat; either way this roll neck looks great.

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