5 of the best suits for business

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A business suit should look sharp, professional and timeless. If you regularly wear a suit, you’ll want to feel confident that you’re sending the right signals and wearing tailored clothes that make people stand up and notice. We take a look at the most important elements of a business suit and explain that how, if done correctly it can successfully elevate your style and status.

The importance of fit

The shoulder line on your tailored suit is one of the key elements to your suiting success. 1cm too wide and you run the risk of looking like an extra from Miami Vice. 1cm too narrow and your shoulders will look too small and the overall effect of a genuinely great suit is then lost.A sharp right angle should be aspired to, with a firm shoulder to give your upper body structure and shape.

The half back of the jacket also plays a major role with the shoulder seam and how the pitch of your sleeve ultimately sits so the two go hand in hand and need paying attention to. Your shoulder line is deemed THE most important part of your suit as the eye line naturally directs towards your shoulders, as it is the nearest point to your face. When done correctly, it can make you look a million dollars.

Another important element of your suit (Shoulders aside) is to have a clearly defined waistline. Why? Because it stops you from looking ‘boxy’ with no shape. Our secret, seam shaping is just one of the defining elements of an Alexandra Wood suit that will leave you looking your finest. We believe in the power of cut and clever seam design.

Your jacket length is critical to your suit success.  A jacket that is too short can make you look heavier than you are. Opting for a jacket that disguises the top of your legs makes you look slimmer by taking the focus away from the heaviest part of your legs (around the hip/thigh area).

So, where should a jacket come to? Some tailors will ask you to place your hands by your side and cup the jacket with your hands, giving an indication of where your jacket should come to balance your proportions perfectly. However, in our view this is no good if you have particularly long or short arms. So, in short (or not) we say your jacket should skim the bottom of your bottom. This creates a great shape whilst enhancing your waistline. Another example of an Alexandra Wood ‘how to turn heads’ secret.

Quality always prevails

The fabric of your suit plays an important role in both its longevity and how it makes you look and feel. Our ready to wear suit range has been created with a pure, luxury 120z wool which has been test rubbed 64,000 to ensure it meets our high standards and yours. Investing in quality suits means that you won’t need to make any regular shopping trip and can feel confident that you’ll have a suit collection that really lasts.

Our ready to wear, business suit range have been made with the same quality, details and care you’d expect from on of our made to measure suit designs and will quickly become your ideal business companion/s.

Design by profession

Depending on the type of business you’re in, you’ll find that certain colours work best. Here is our short guide:

  • Navy, a rich dark navy is ideal for all round business use. Navy blue has been proven to be one of the most trusted suit colours. A colour of trust and loyalty, so is a great choice for most sectors.
  • Petrol, a soft blue that is a little less formal and more friendly. Petrol blue is a flattering colour for most skin tones and looks great with number of shirt/tie combinations.
  • Charcoal – A classic, timeless colour that is considered one of the most professional. This is the most formal colour in the business suit offering but again works well with a number of accessory combinations.
  • Alternative City offers a great alternative choice to a classic navy, with a subtle yet effective puppy tooth design.

Ideal if you work within a creative environment or like to show off a little more personality with your clothing.

  • Bright Spark, a vibrant, warm blue is ideal for creative types and is a fun way to spice up your working wardrobe. This look lends itself well to the shirt being left slightly unbuttoned and worn with no tie.

You can discover our made to measure suits here or upgrade to bespoke suits. 

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