Man Of The Month: His Majesty King Charles III

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On the 8th September, the nation was delivered the tragic news of the Queen’s passing and the announcement was made that Prince Charles, the monarch’s 73-year-old son, would now be made King. Dubbed the best dressed man in the world by Esquire in 2009 – We’ve made King Charles our October’s Man of the month. Would you give his style your Royal seal of approval? 

He will be the oldest man in history to ascend to the throne which has received great attention; however, his style is on equal par. He’s been given more style titles than his royal ones; having been named best dressed man in the world. The King is immaculately tailored on all occasions and isn’t afraid to experiment every once and a while and is what we love him all the more for, here at Alexandra Wood. 

Charles was and is a bit of a trendsetter. Here we talk you through some of his key looks…  

Keeping Savile Row traditions 

Throughout his reign as Prince of Wales, Charles has always set the standard for English fashion excellence. His dedication to the fine art of British craftsmanship is exactly what identifies him as a stalwart of sartorial elegance – with exceptionally tailored suits, sleek tailored shirts, traditional kilts, and the perfect rural-chic outerwear. And he, unlike nearly most of the world it seems, will not be giving up his tie anytime soon. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if he instructed that all Brits must go back to wearing one. A keen advocate of ‘The Row’, tailors have saluted the King for triggering an upsurge of bespoke suit orders. 

Whilst these iconic silhouettes have a timeless appeal, the King has frequently fought for fashion’s future. Charles worked endlessly as a patron and founder of ‘The Campaign for Wool’ to promote the use of wool as a highly sustainable fibre in the worlds of fashion and homewares. From partnerships with vintage brands to offering training to new artisans wishing to enter into the fabric industry, the new King Charles III has always strived for a modern, stylish, and sustainable Britain. 

Attention to detail is something people studying the King have frequently commented on. Josh O’Connor who played him in the ‘The Crown’ on Netflix, said: “Whenever he gets out of a car he checks his cufflinks, checks his pockets and then waves. It’s the same action every time.” It’s this pattern of continuity that characterises Charles’ unique personal flair. 

With his influence on not only the UK but the world as a whole, the King Charles’ stylish looks over the years have and will continue to inspire the male fashion industry. So much so that, Savile Row tailors have predicted an increase in tailoring sales, with the new modern stylish King leading the country. With his succession to the throne, the fashion industry forecasts a “purple period” for Savile Row tailoring and a greater emphasis on enterprises’, sustainability and initiatives. 

Let’s look back to some of King Charles made to measure and bespoke tailored ensembles that have given him the contemporary reputation he has today. 

Tailored Trench Coat  

The versatility of the trench coat serves as the inspiration for many of Charles’s clothing selections. In 1987, when he went to visit flood victims in the north of England, he opted to wear a knee-length trench coat made by Burberry, which had a royal warrant at the time. This outerwear item, that is eminently representative of the UK, has been generating a lot of buzz in recent menswear seasons and is one of the many tailored designs we can design for our clients. 

Double Breasted Blue Suit  

The traditional double-breasted wool and cashmere jacket with soft shoulders is another essential component of the royal costume. This navy jacket made of a lighter weight wool is the ideal item to face all circumstances, all events, and all seasons! (Note that he tucks his jacket pocket flaps inside) Charles’ 6×2 double breasted jacket (meaning 6 buttons overall, 2 done up) is the ultimate traditional style. At Alexandra Wood it is one of our favourites yet must always be worn with buttons done up. It is THE item to buy if you want an investment that will last you for years to come and that you will never get tired of looking at or using. Some question whether you have to be waif like to carry it off but this style has suited (pardon the pun) Charles through all of his ages and sizes. Make like King Charles and wear it in the manner of a traditional gentleman by accessorising it with the appropriate items i.e tie and pocket square – just ensure, like Charles, that they don’t match. Other quirks here include showing a decent amount of shirt cuff, a full cut away Windsor collared shirt and two flower holes. 

Blue Tailored Safari Jacket


The safari jacket, although an unlikely ‘Royal’ piece of clothing was a staple in the royal wardrobe from the 1970s until the 1990s and has appeared on the catwalk in recent seasons and is definitely becoming an essential of an iconic wardrobe. Charles looks like he’s stepping off of a Bond film set here in his floaty light blue safari shirt like jacket which shows just what a style icon he is.  Since the safari jacket offered the essential element of comfort for any man’s wardrobe, it was often sported by notable people throughout the 20th century.  

Charles confidently combines different tones and materials. It seems like he can’t go wrong with any outfit, from a velvet jacket to a beige suit topped off with a sleek overcoat.  

He will always dress conservatively, in well-tailored clothes. What he wears and how he wears it, however, will progressively reflect the meticulous but whimsical nature of the King as he continues to take on the role, he has waited a lifetime to obtain. It will be part of his legacy, wherever he may lead us.   

How would we dress King Charles III? 

At Alexandra Wood, we design, tailor and style for some of the most influential leaders in Law, Finance and beyond, which means we’re well versed to talk about the key pieces required to achieve an immaculate, sharp wardrobe that not only reflects your professionalism, but also your own wonderful quirks and preferences too.  

So, without further ado, here’s how Alexandra would dress King Charles.  

AW: First things firstCharles has great posture, which certainly helps when it comes to looking stylish. Although supremely traditional, I feel he wears quirkier styles well. There is, however, a line – He is King after all and not a style icon… I would like to see him in a softer blue version of a Prince of Wales check suit in a single-breasted style with peak lapels which would give him a more playful edge. I also think fine roll necks and sleek flannel trousers worn with a flat

teringly cut cashmere blazer would look sharp. He suits clean lines and is what I love most when it comes to creating effortlessly stylish tailoring for men. 

Are you ready to undergo a wardrobe renewal that is both subtle and remarkable? To schedule  a call or to book an appointment step this stylish way.  


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