Man of the month: Alexander Armstrong

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Alexander Armstrong is our Man of the Month this February.


What do we know about Alexander Armstrong?

Alexander Armstrong is 49, married and has four children. He’s an English actor, television and radio presenter and bass baritone singer. He is best known as one half of the comedy duo Armstrong and Miller and is now presenter of the popular TV show Pointless.

Alexander’s style

He’s a man of many talents that’s for sure, but how does he dress is what we’re all itching to know… Alexander’s style is very versatile. For casual wear he tends to lean towards layering (t-shirt, zip neck jumper and overcoat) in multiple shades of blue. For someone with a slim frame such as his, it’s a great way to add more depth to a look, not to mention, a great way to keep warm in the winter. Warm yet stylish and right up our street!

Alexander’s also not afraid to experiment with lighter colours and add patterns. He can wear dark or light colours very easily. He has a cool skin tone, which lends itself to a wide spectrum of soft, more muted colours.

Colour Palette

When it comes to formal dress, he is equally experimental by wearing shades of grey and blue. Some men shy away from paler greys, but they actually really suit a paler skin tone. He’s rarely seen with a tie and is more likely to wear his shirt open.

How would Alexandra dress Alexander?

In this case, we can report that Alexander has tried and tested some of our clothes. We had been requested to send several items to Alexander for a recent lifestyle shoot and it was reported back that he absolutely loved our best-selling, ready to wear jeans.

So, how would Alexandra dress the man himself?

“For me, I can see a very formal version of him, then there’s the more relaxed. Both of which I think could be great fun to work with. For the formal option, I would design Alexander a light, subtle check with a hint of interesting colour (Example cloth below) in a two piece suit paired with a relaxed, open neck pale blue shirt, with a little warmth to freshen up his skin tone.

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