Is Rishi Sunak the next leader of menswear?

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Opinions may be split on the new Prime Ministers ability as a politician, but it seems there is a widespread agreement on his sartorial elegance.  

About Rishi Sunak

Sunak has always been open about his sober lifestyle, which consists of an early morning Peloton workout followed by Greek yoghurt and blueberries. He led the country through the worst of the COVID-19 outbreak and aided workers through the recession. 

He’s also now famous for sporting his hoodies when he’s out and about, an item of clothing that is not usually associated with those holding high office and it doesn’t stop there. In contrast he’s also known for his sharp tailored suits, with a boyish fashionable edge – with trousers that are varying degrees of overly short. 


Here he is in number 10, presumably curating the next big plan for our economy, whilst donning a pair of sliders. A fashion statement you’d expect from sport stars perhaps or showbiz celebrities. 

Is the Prime Minister fast becoming an unlikely style icon? 

The British press has written extensively on Sunak’s clothing, which consists of premium cashmere sweaters and suits that are clearly fitted. There’s no denying that he is the best dressed leader we have ever had. 

Is this a man who just dresses casually or has he got an eye on making headlines and trying to look approachable?  

A bit of both really. He is clearly making headlines, as we don’t expect to see a politician in sliders and socks in number 10. He is most likely indulging over the casual look we enjoyed in lockdown. We’ve all got used to the comfort of our leisure wear now while we work.  Especially, with the new dress code of business casual, we feel it is acceptable to be more comfortable and the new PM is taking full advantage of that. Sunak truly shines in the smart-casual garb of a financial man.  With his rolled-up sleeves and low necklines. 

What is admirable is how his attire demonstrates his concern without hiding his true identity, in contrast to Boris’s farcical ensembles. His clothing has a lot of variety, which is great. This sums up the contemporary world that most people live. 

Alexandra Wood Style 

Here at Alexandra Wood we know a thing or two about dressing politicians to style success. One of which is Chuka Umunna, you can read all about it here in GQ. 

Sunak wears nothing outlandish, yet he has a great frame to work with – that always makes tailoring easier. His tailoring is nearly there and there’s something a little bit naughty about how he wears his clothes, which makes him look naturally stylish whether the proportions are incorrect or not. Here’s my low down on his current attire: 

  • A super fitted white shirt with rolled up sleeves and a back pack by his side sans briefcase works well to make Sunak look stylish. It’s a must have in every man’s professional attire.
  • Shorts with no socks and a boyish, Breton style T-Shirt that’s not an obvious choice. Fine for off duty and quite sweet to think that he’s willing to give things a go in his own time. Things may of course change now he’s PM.
  • A sharp, dark grey suit which is deadly serious yet worn with a fresher blue tie and a shorter jacket and ankle grazing trousers. He wears both navy and grey very well. Navy is a great colour to warm others to you, so will be likely that he will wear this colour more frequently, as grey tends to do the opposite.

Sunak has committed a few fashion wrong doings – sorry! I have to reject that ankle grazers elongate legs, they don’t. (A journalist said he rocks it, he doesn’t) Trousers with a half break elongate the leg. However, because he’s 5ft 6” and of a slim but shaped build he seems to be able to pull it off.
I’d also ditch his skinny lapels and skinny ties- they’re a little too Topshop in the 90s for me and look more boyish than professional, mature slick adult. 

Here’s what I’d add: Rich, dark colours work well for him however he could wear some more pops of colour such as teal, vibrant burgundy and emerald green. These would both suit his skin tone and add a little more personality. I’d also have him in a tailored overcoat or raincoat with his collar popped up with a contract pop of colour underneath. He can pull off a slightly trendier look without appearing too ‘try hard’. If he sticks to classic yet shaped cuts, then he can go a little edgier with accessories and overcoats without people thinking he cares more about his image than the people.

With regards to fit, a little more room around the waistline would go a long way. To have shape, doesn’t mean to be tight. Trousers to be elongated by a few miles and a classic width lapel, which if we want to go mathematical is 3.5” wide. Along with a classic width tie. Classic, timeless styles always go a long way in helping men look more professional as it doesn’t go against any rules. You can trust in it and it doesn’t throw you off guard and that’s the point of deadly serious business suits.

Rishi Sunak alongside other leaders 

Sunak takes on his new role not long after King Charles III took the throne, taking on the United Kingdom’s next top job as well as being the next menswear king. Charles, a long time supporter of Britain’s fashion heritage and Savile Row, is the figurehead for an earlier school of London luxury and coincidentally, was our man of the month in October. Read the full article here. 

As Prime Minister, in May 2023, Sunak will be able to attend the 49th G7 Summit in Japan. He will no doubt showcase his style alongside other well-dressed gentlemen such as, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French President Emmanuel Macron. 

Alexandra Wood has designed & tailored hundreds of professional men’s images to success. Taking timeless classics whilst adding a modern twist; to reveal men at their finest. Featured in GQ, Esquire, Tatler,  Forbes, she understands exactly what it takes to get her clients image to the next level. 

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