How to dress like Jeff Goldblum

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Jeff Goldblum hasn’t always been seen as the most stylish man, yet since turning 68 he seems to have slickened up his look and successfully created a head turning look that would make most 30 year old men green with envy. I take a look at how he does it…

You may remember Jeff Goldblum from films such as The Fly and The Big Chill in the 80’s to the more recent Jurassic Park. Likely more known for his acting skills than his style, which was non apparent in the 80’s. His hair was wild and dark and he wore unflattering, loose-fitting clothing. In the fly, (ok, creepy fly like transformations aside) his style was more like that of an IT technician wearing ill-fitting, drab suits, which has now been replaced by a style god who wouldn’t look out of place on the catwalk.

So, a little more about Jeff. He’s 6ft 3 with an enviable build that works wonders in clothes. He has a broad chest, slim waist and long legs. Where this sounds enviable, men don’t always use their shape to their advantage, or know how to for that matter. For a man of 68 he seems to have reversed the effects of ageing with complete, mouth-watering success.

I look at his overall style to work out the key to Jeff’s style succes:

Starting from the top, his hair is sleek and well groomed. Ok, I know- he’s got a great head of hair for a man of his age, but this style really works for him and I believe for most men. His hair is short to the sides, which makes his face look fresher and his coiffured hairstyle makes him look both modern and elegant. He’s a man seemingly comfortable with his natural grey hair and I feel it really works in his favour. He also rocks a fresh face and a goatee or slight stubble very well.

From a slick, dark suit with a simple winning combination to something a little more out there; Jeff’s not afraid to mix things up and is also not afraid to experiment. Something I always encourage my customers to do (within their own limitations of course)

Jeff’s seen here wearing a Hawaiian shirt, his hair is sleek and he’s wearing chunky, black glasses which add a nice modern edge, bringing his look into the 21st century perfectly.

Colours that work best for Jeff:

He can been seen wearing colours of the rainbow and sometimes the rainbow itself, but I prefer him in the more understated looks myself. The darker, richer colours work well for the more formal looks. From charcoal, black to burgundy, they work well with his olive skin tone.

He also wears splashes of colour very well too. The well fitted Hawaiian shirts really cut quite a dash and are always worn with plainer bottoms such as jeans or chinos.


Each piece Jeff wears is perfectly cut and tailored to his shape. If he wears a bomber jacket, that’s the only time he can be seen to be wearing something a little ‘boxier’. However, it’s always worn with a piece of clothing that is tapered and fitted without being skinny.


Jeff cleverly (or his stylist does) mixes both patterns and fabrics with complete confidence. From denim paired with leather, to a cream roll neck worn with a slick, camel overcoat, his style it seems can do no wrong. He’s also been seen to be wearing a pair of Zebra patterned slim fit trouser which incredibly he rocks. Why? Because he has got the confidence to pull it off.

  • If he wears a short sleeve shirt, he rolls the sleeves up to give it edge.
  • If he wears chinos, he rolls those up slightly too and wears with a a pair of pumps that make the look sleeker than wearing with a chunky shoe.
  • When Jeff wears a suit, he keeps it clean and simple, mainly choosing plain charcoal, a white shirt and a black tie. As Jeff’s colouring is dark and his skin tone olive, he can pull this look off successfully, where someone paler may look more washed out.
  • Jeff mainly wears something quirky on top or bottom, rarely does he do both at the same time. If he does, he goes for it fully; head to toe, with darker glasses, cool hat and chunky black shoes. So, you could say it’s a case of all or nothing with Jeff.

Want to dress as cool as Jeff? Here are some of his iconic pieces of clothing with suggestions from our own, online collection:

1- Chunky glasses

2- The Hawaiian shirt

3- Denim shirt or jacket

4- Short sleeve polo tops

5- Charcoal suit

6- Black, Chelsea boots

7- Camel overcoat

8- Suede bomber jacket

9- Pair of plain Oxfords

10- Quirky shoe options

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