9 Signs Your Tailoring is the Perfect Fit, According to Alexandra Wood

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In the sartorial world, achieving the perfect fit is akin to striking gold. It elevates your style, showcases your personality, and ensures you feel at your best. But how can you truly discern if your tailoring hits all the right notes? Alexandra Wood, renowned for blending contemporary charisma with timeless tailoring techniques, shares the top 10 signs that your tailoring is just perfect. 

  1. Personalised Comfort and Ease

A well-tailored outfit should encapsulate both comfort and style, allowing you to move with ease and confidence. Alexandra Wood emphasises that perfect tailoring should never compromise on comfort. Whilst it should always have shape, it should never feel restrictive.

  1. Seamless Shoulder Alignment

One of the golden rules in tailoring is achieving the perfect shoulder fit. The seam should lie flat and the shoulder pads should end with your shoulders. There should be no sign of an overhang, nor should it be too snug. You’re looking for the perfect right angle. 

  1. The Ideal Sleeve Length

Your sleeves should end right at the wrist bone, giving a peek of your shirt cuff – a timeless style tip from Alexandra Wood herself. Suit sleeves in particular are often far too long and any sign of an inaccurate measure can be detrimental to the rest of your suit.

  1. Snug, But Not Tight

Perfect tailoring means your clothes hug your body without being too tight. Alexandra Wood suggests that you should be able to easily button your jacket without it straining. Looking like you may have borrowed someone else’s suit is definitely not a good look.

  1. Flawless Collar Fit

A well-fitted collar should sit snug against your neck without gaps or wrinkles, offering a polished and sophisticated look. Often tailored suits lift at the back of the neck. This shouldn’t happen. 

  1. Flat-Lying Lapels

Lapels are a tell-tale sign of quality tailoring. According to Alexandra Wood, they should lie flat against your chest without any buckling. If you have a large chest you may find that this happens on all of your suits. With bespoke tailoring, your suit  should sit and fit to absolute perfection.

  1. The Right Hem Length

In bespoke tailoring, the hem length is vital. Alexandra Wood advises that trousers should rest lightly on the top of your shoes, showcasing a clean, modern line. This helps to make your legs look leaner, longer and overall it looks far classier.

  1. Harmonious Colour Coordination

A truly well-tailored outfit includes thoughtful colour coordination. Alexandra Wood believes in adding a splash of modern creativity to classic canvases with delightful colour plays. Subtle over brash with the colour palette and a variety of interesting textured combinations all help to make you look more effortlessly stylish. No man wants to look like he’s tried too hard – ever!

  1. Personalised Style Flair

Lastly, Alexandra Wood points out that your tailored clothing should resonate with your personal style, offering a unique flair that’s authentically you. Ever seen a man wearing a bright blue suit because it’s ‘in’ yet he looks seriously uncomfortable. Yep, not a good look. We make sure we’re helping to allow you to enjoy your own style.

The AW Conclusion

Spotting these signs in your tailoring is a testament to quality, expertise, and style alignment – the hallmark of Alexandra Wood’s craftsmanship. Ready to step into the world of perfect tailoring? Let Alexandra Wood be your trusted guide in carving out a sartorial journey that mirrors perfection at every curve and seam. Book your call with us today. 

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