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If you have an intense dislike of shopping, never know what suits you or quite frankly don’t have the time to shop; We’ve got you covered. Our new, exclusive bespoke tailoring collection means that your clothes will be tailored to your exact specification. Discover our full, bespoke tailoring collection like no other.

Gone are the days when suits were the only bespoke tailoring option available; we have extended our tailoring range to offer you all you could possibly need in your stylish wardrobe from the comfort of your own home or from one of our showrooms, either in Savile Row or Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire.

We discover which colours, styles and designs would suit you best and create you anything from your own bespoke travel suit to an exquisitely designed bespoke leather jacket from the finest lamb nappa.

We personally design and create your own distinguished tailoring collection from one piece to an entire wardrobe of incredible, unique designs, using the finest fabrics and textures. We keep our eyes on the trends, but most importantly; you.

(Each piece will be either made to measure or completely bespoke depending on the item selected) Here is our new collection in full:


Alexandra Wood style review

A discovery into your own world of style. Alexandra will help you discover your own head turning style by showing you the best colours, styles, and shapes to make the most of you. An hour session that allows you to save valuable time and money in the long term. Greeted by a champagne reception, we start the process by profiling you to gain a greater understanding of your personality and lifestyle. From this, we curate a personalised written report, detailing the colours, styles and designs that suit you and your lifestyle best.

Sessions start at £500 (1hr)

Bespoke tailoring

A bespoke suit is the epitome of tailoring and will leave you with your very own, unique suit that doesn’t compare to anything else you may have tried. Customers mostly describe the feeling as weightless, delicate and the most comfortable item of clothing they own.

Bespoke in the strictest sense means a suit made from scratch, using paper patterns specifically cut for you. No modified blocks are involved at all. We not only cut you an incredible suit, we design your exclusive suit with the exact colour, fabric, cut and style to enhance you in ways you may not have thought possible. Made here in the UK.

Our prices range from £3,750 for a two-piece suit and £4,500 for a three piece suit.

Bespoke leather jacket

We create bespoke, modernised designs of the biker jacket which are hand-crafted from the finest leathers available, with a cut to ensure the most superior of fits. From an incredibly soft lamb nappa leather to something a little weightier, we design your jacket based upon your personal preferences. Your leather jacket will be made and finished completely by hand with immaculate detailing.

Bespoke biker jackets range between £3,000 – £4,000

Bespoke bomber jacket

James Dean eat your heart out. We create your iconic, shaped bomber jacket like no other. Using all the detailing of this beautiful design to create you your own unique, modernised version that flatters. From clever cottons to interesting fabric blends and lined with a super soft cotton for comfort, we ensure that even your casual look is ahead in the style stakes. Our bomber jacket will be completely hand made from start to finish with detailing and fit that will set you apart.

Bomber jackets range between £500-£800 depending on fabric chosen.

Bespoke Classic Blazers

The blazer offers a more formal design than a sports jacket, often seen made in a striped college fabric or made with a plain, heavier classic navy cloth with brass buttons. We design you your sleek new design with a modernised design, killer cut with exquisite detailing.

Blazers start from £695

Bespoke car coats

Originally created in the early 1900s, car coats were designed to protect drivers and passengers from the elements when riding in open-top vehicles. These early styles were often long and made from heavy fabrics like tweed or fur. In summer, lighter fabrics like cotton and linen were adopted to protect clothing from the dirt and dust on the road. Our car coats have been driven into the modern world, offering a stylish lift. A classic that will leave you firmly in the driver’s seat in the fashion elite, choosing unconventional fabrics and constructions to leave you wearing a never before seen piece that will be sure to turn heads.

Prices start from £1,200-£1,600

Bespoke Covert coats

The covert from the ‘French couvert’ has similar characteristics to the overcoat but is more distinguishable by its fly button cover, textured and specific cloth and contrasting collar in either a velvet or suede. The design is cut closer than an overcoat to offer shape with a lightweight feeling that makes you look and feel comfortable. We create your bespoke tailored covert coat with you in mind, be selecting alternative fabrics and colourways to give this iconic piece your own modern lift.

Prices start at £950-£1,250

Bespoke cravats 

Cravats were created for decorative purposes and originated in the 17th century named ‘croats’ as a psychological protection of the neck from battle. Today, they’re used as a fashion accessory to add flair to your impeccable style. We create unique, bespoke designs for you from pure silk and will leave you turning heads everywhere you go.

One cravat design starts from £495 (Including sketches, 5 options and colourways with print and production included.)

Each creation from our exclusive collection allows you to personalise with your own initials or unique detailing.

Bespoke casual suits

Your peers won’t have anything like the casual suits we create for you in their wardrobe. Unstructured, light and not forgetting elegant; our fine, lightweight suits are much to be admired with a colour palette that will be selected to ignite your skin tone, using fabrics such as seersucker, cottons and clever, linen blends you’ll feel as light as a feather. A casual but sharp look that will leave you looking suit-ably delicious.

Two piece suits start from £1,100

Bespoke dinner suits

You will need a sleek, tailored dinner suit for many occasions throughout your life. We ensure that yours is cut to perfection, leaving Bond reeling with envy. We help you to choose between a light, mid or heavy weight or two to suit all purposes and guide you to all the accessories needed to complete your look.

Our prices start from £1,100 for a two-piece dinner suit.

Exclusive gift vouchers

We welcome you to indulge your loved one to one of our exclusive and personalised gift experiences. Greeted by a champagne reception, we start the process by profiling each gift recipient to gain a greater understanding of their personality and lifestyle. From this, we curate a personalised written report, detailing the colours, styles and designs that suit them and their lives best. Once fully measured, an exquisite new piece will be ready for a first fitting within six weeks. In addition to this, a detailed report full of style tips is emailed after every session. The report is personalised based on look and shape and will help turn any wardrobe into a sartorial success.

Choose from multiples of £50 for your desired gift amount.

Bespoke Jeans

The single most iconic piece of clothing of the twentieth century and a true staple classic in the man’s wardrobe. Jeans were originally made by a tailor who was requested to make a sturdy pair of trousers that wouldn’t fall apart. We create you your own, modern jeans; lightweight and comfortable yet stylish and cut as you desire.  We have a wide range of fabrics for you to choose from, from the super lightweight to the sturdy, you’ll be advised accordingly.

Tailored jeans start from £350 – £495

Bespoke morning suits

Whether you’re attending Ascot, are getting married or are attending a wedding where morning wear is required, we ensure you’ll have the sharpest tailored suit in the room, with all eyes on you for all the right reasons. From a traditional look to something more modern, we will offer you plenty of options.

Morning suits start from £1,300

Bespoke Occasion wear

From birthdays to key events in your social calendar, we ensure you are the talking point of any event for all the right reasons. Whether you’re a regular at the Goodwood circuit or Royal Ascot, we ensure you’re suit-ably covered for each event. From the suit or outfit, itself through to handcrafted, silk cravats that will rival all.


Bespoke tailored overcoats

We design classic, single- or double-breasted overcoats that fit you like a glove. Originally worn to protect the wearer against the harsh Russian Winters (Formally called the Russian coat) we ensure your design is created for your modern lifestyle, using the highest quality and innovative fabrics along with an enviable cut.

Pure wool £1,2500

Wool/Cashmere mix £1,500

Pure cashmere £3,500

Bespoke Pea coat

The Pea coat is an iconic piece that was worn by Naval seamen and worn to weather harsh seas. This iconic coat is now seen as a stylish, go to man’s coat worn for a smart/casual or weekend look. Classically made and designed in a heavyweight navy, we as ever like to transform classic designs and make them truly yours by choosing innovative fabrics with texture and alternative colour ways.

Pure wool £1,100
Wool/Cashmere mix £1,500-£2,000

Exclusive, bespoke pocket squares

Our in-house accessories designer can create an entire collection of carefully, well thought out pocket square designs that suit you and your wardrobe. No one will ever have the same piece made, it will be uniquely yours. We have a range of over 200 silk options to choose from. Our designs are then skilfully printed onto your silk and finally; hand-made to perfection.

Prices start from £110

Tailored Polo shirts

Our made to measure polo shirt is the ultimate go to ‘smart’ T-shirt for men. We design your own exclusive polo shirt made from the finest 200g pure Supima cotton, using an innovative colour palette to ignite your skin tone and that will co-ordinate perfectly with the rest of your wardrobe. Your polo shirt will be made to measure and specifically tailored to your exact requirements. Our polo shirts have been created with our exclusive seam shaping design and immaculate cut to flatter your size and shape.


Bespoke Raincoat 

A raincoat should be one of your key classics. The Alexandra Wood raincoat isn’t only something to keep dry on a wet, rainy day it’s also a great way to look effortlessly stylish. Our range is made from the highest quality fabric Ventile, a natural 100% cotton, originally developed for Spitfire pilots, which is completely waterproof, breathable and regulates your body temperature. Sustainable, durable and super stylish. What is also notable is the cut of our raincoats. They’re not like any other shapeless style and are designed with our own, exclusive, seam shaping design that creates an illusion of slenderness. Designed with a head turning range of colour palettes.

Prices range from £950 – £1,200

Bespoke Shirts

Shirts are the core of any man’s wardrobe. We design your shirt collection exclusively for you, ensuring that your business, casual and occasion shirts complement your impeccable wardrobe. We source the finest fabrics available, to create you an enviable and lasting shirt collection.

Made to measure shirts start from £160 (Minimum order of 5)

Bespoke shooting attire

Made from the best woollen mills in England, we ensure your tailored shooting attire will always look smoking. We can design and create you your own Shooting jacket, Plus 2,3 and 4’s and tweed suits.

Price quoted upon the item required

Bespoke Shorts

Tailored shorts are a must have for holiday abroad. Cut to mid-thigh is the most flattering length. We design your shorts using the best cottons and blends there are.

Made to measure shorts start at £195-£245

Bespoke Smoking jacket

Traditionally worn when smoking to protect the wearer from smelling of smoke. Today it’s seen as a stylish garment which can be worn in place of the dinner jacket or worn with a smart pair of trousers and roll neck. We believe in encouraging our customers to making their own stylish twists to their pieces.

Prices start from £795


Made with a pure wool or cashmere blend, we can monogram your design or add your own, personalised silk design on reverse. Alternatively, we can design and create you your own personalised scarf made from pure, printed silk one side and lambswool on reverse. Your silk design will be hand crafted to your desired pattern.

Plain made to measure scarves £195 
Personally designed silk/lambswool scarves £395

Bespoke secret society wear

From The Masons to private societies. We ensure discretion is key with the beautifully fitting outfit that you require.


Bespoke Sports jacket

An essential to your smart/casual wardrobe and many, a sporting event. The sports jacket forms an essential part of every man’s wardrobe, whether you’re attending an informal meeting with a colleague, having lunch with clients or attending Wimbledon, your sports jacket will be the key to your style success.

We make recommendations based upon your lifestyle, designing exclusive creations for you and the occasions, making your daily choices quick and simple.

Prices start from £695

Bespoke tailored Trousers (Smart and casual)

A collection of impeccably tailored trousers is key to your style success. We offer suggestions based on your lifestyle. You may have more choice than you thought possible from flannel, cords, wool to twill. From chinos to jeans, we source practical and innovative fabrics that will leave you looking sensational wherever you go.

Made to measure trousers start at £395

Bespoke travel suits

Travel suits need to be practical as well as look fantastic. We select you the finest yet practical fabrics that will leave you as crisp, the other end of your flight as to how you started, offering you non crease, practical and stylish without compromising on quality.

Prices start from £1,100 for a two-piece suit

Bespoke silk ties

We create unique and exquisite ties that are exclusive to you and created by our in-house designer. Our ties can be made from the fabric of your choice, whether it be silk, wool, linen, or a blend, in the weight of your choice. Your ties will be created in the exact style, width, and length of your choice. From one to a collection, the choice is yours.

Ties selected from our range handmade £250
Ties designed from start to finish in print of your choice start at £325

Tailored trench coats

A lighter choice of design for when the Winter season hasn’t quite set in. We work from classic designs and offer you interesting alternative design elements that will truly set you apart come rain or shine. A classic that can be worn effortlessly, both smart and casual. We offer a wide selection of fabrics for you to choose from, from colourful cottons to innovative waxed cottons you’ll look a cut above the rest.

Prices start from £1,100

Bespoke tailored T-shirts

T-shirts are notoriously shapeless. Our T-shirts are cut with pure, super soft cottons that are both comfortable and stylish. An ideal complement to layering your Autumnal look or wearing under shirts to have them lasting longer, every man needs his perfect T-shirt. We have found that most T-shirts can be boxy and ultimately shapeless. We understand the need for a beautifully fitting T-shirt that fits perfectly, using the finest of cottons to ensure you look and feel incredible. Choose from our wide range of colours that have been sourced from some of the best fabric houses.

Made to measure T-shirts start at £120

Bespoke Tailored suit

A tailored suit is undeniably the most classic staple in a man’s wardrobe. Times are changing and we are moving along right with them by designing suits that will have you ahead in the style stakes. A well-tailored bespoke suit from Alexandra Wood is designed with a cut, colour and style that works to reveal the finest version of you.

A made to measure suit is cut exclusively for you and is cut around our Alexandra Wood block, which has a number of hidden secrets which will leave you turning heads no matter what the occasion; from business, weddings to travel to a more casual look.

Two piece suits range from £1,100
Three piece suits range from £1,400

Ulster coat

Heavier by nature and longer in length than a classic overcoat, typically coming to your mid-thigh, this is an impactful coat design that will leave you turning heads.

Prices start from £950

The complete offering from Alexandra Wood. We help you to select the pieces from our clothing collection that will work exclusively for you and your lifestyle. Wear designs that no one else has access to and have heads turning no matter the occasion.


Bespoke Wedding suits

Congratulations! you’re getting married. At Alexandra Wood we help to create you your dream, made to measure wedding suit, eaving you to wow your new bride and guests. From traditional weddings to romantic weddings abroad, we help you discover what will make you look your finest.

Two piece suits range from £1,200

Three piece suits range from £1,500

White tie

White tie, also called full evening dress or a dress suit, is the most formal in traditional evening western dress codes. For men, it consists of a black dress coat with tails worn over a white shirt, Piqué waistcoat and the eponymous white bow tie worn around a standing wingtip collar. We ensure your design is making you look your immaculate best.

Prices start at £1,250 


If you would like something made that is not on our list, please do send us a message as it is likely we can fulfil your needs.

X-tra special delivery
We can request our wardrobe preparation experts to place your items in the correct order of usage in your wardrobe with the correct folding or hanging methods using natural wooden hangers. We will ask if you require this service upon nearing completion.

Your after care
As we’re passionate about you and your clothes looking incredible we look after you after your clothing has been hand delivered; from fine tuning to future alterations, our experts are here to ensure your clothing meets your expectations.

We will provide you with a full care kit that helps and advises you on how best to care for each of your items.

If you ever need something made for future events, whether it’s firmly in the diary or is suddenly sprung upon you, we can create your new design within two weeks and sometimes 48 hours (Additional costs do apply)

To find out  more about any of our made to measure items of clothing or to book a consutlation simply contact us.

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