Mens Guide to Savile Row Bespoke Business Suits

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We understand that you want to look confident, sharp and professional. Achieving a brilliant first impression is undeniably aligned with a stylish yet understated bespoke business suit, with a blend of timeless sprinkled with a modern edge. But how does one start with so many rules and should and should nots? Allow Alexandra Wood to guide you…

Our guide unveils the secrets to selecting the ultimate business suit that not only makes you look stylish and confident but also helps to elevate your status in the corporate world in a way that’s fun, non stuffy and allows you to reveal your own sense of style without overstepping the lines of professionalism. We blend the traditions of Savile Row tailoring and add a zesty, contemporary twist. At Alexandra Wood we have been lucky enough to have been quoted as the “Tailor of the 21st Century” by GQ and revered as a leading name by Esquire in 2020 yet the most important – our eye for what makes you look more incredible with just the right ingredients to help you always look the part- in the right way, for the right setting. 

So, what are the best colours for your tailored business suits?

Our expert advice leans towards investing in three fundamental shades: navy, charcoal, and a softer shade such as petrol blue. The world of business style has bid adieu to the days of pin stripes and checks, embracing the subtle elegance of herringbone patterns and interesting textures. 

When curating your tailored wardrobe, synchronise your suit selection with your existing ensemble of shirts and ties, creating a harmonious blend that echoes your personal style. White and blue shirts tend to keep the complexities of business attire nice and simple, then simply add subtly textured, spot and stripe ties if you are still rocking them.

For the ardent suit enthusiasts who grace their workplace attired in a suit daily, a selection of at least three impeccable bespoke business suits is essential. Adhering to a rotational regime not only prolongs the lifespan of your suits but also retains their intrinsic charm. We suggest wearing a suit for one day and resting for two and rotating accordingly. Also avoid frequent dry cleaning to maintain the fabric’s pristine condition and lustre. You can think of your suit as you would your overcoat and dry clean as infrequently. If it needs a freshen up you can request your dry cleaner do that rather than a full clean. This prevents over treating your suit and will ward off any hints of a shine which can age your suit/s prematurely. 

Wondering how to prevent your tailored suits from creasing? 

The secret lies in selecting the right fabric. A structured look calls for a fabric with substantial weight that mirrors your dedication at work. However, modern men can’t quite tolerate weighty suits at 14/15oz preferring lighter to mid weight options. 

While synthetic fabrics offer resistance to creases, they are not breathable so should be avoided at all costs and not to mention their detrimental effect on the planet!

At Alexandra Wood, we craft suits from pure, natural fabrics that are not only durable but also allow your skin to breathe, all while maintaining a crisp, sharp appearance. When selecting your next bespoke suit, opt for innovative fabrics like ‘Teclana’ which is a fusion of tiny man-made fibres blended with natural wool, so promises durability and crease resistance, keeping your suit pristine even after a long workday whilst not boiling in heat trapping polyester. 

A popular choice among aficionados is the ‘high twist wool’, renowned for its crease-resistance and breathability, making it an ideal selection for travel or summer suits. Despite its slightly rougher texture, its durability and ability to maintain a crisp appearance are unmatched. However, if luxury and soft draping are your preferences, we recommend indulging in a Super 120’s wool suit, a favourite in Savile Row collections, known for its durability coupled with an exquisite feel and appearance.

At Alexandra Wood, we craft not just suits, but a promise of unparalleled style and comfort. Let us assist you in creating a wardrobe that is a testimony to your taste and professional ethos. 

Stepping into a business setting with the right image not only elevates your style but also encapsulates an air of professionalism. After working with hundreds of busy, successful men Alexandra Wood knows exactly what it takes to ooze style, professionalism and confidence whilst feeling completely comfortable.

How To Choose The Perfect Fabric Weight for Your Business Suit

When you’re investing in a bespoke business suit, settling for the ideal fabric weight is pivotal. A mid-weight wool, ranging between 90z to 120z, emerges as the perfect choice. It maintains a delicate balance, ensuring you stay looking sharp and neat throughout the day without veering towards the casual summer suit fabric territory or a too heavy and stifling option. 

Tailoring the Perfect Trousers: To Opt for an Extra Pair or Not?

Your business suit trousers are undeniably subjected to more wear and tear compared to the jacket. While having a versatile range of suits does negate the necessity for extra trousers, having an additional pair can be a saving grace, especially if you are someone who tends to be harder on your trousers. 

We tend to say that if you find it’s your trousers that wear out faster than your jacket (which is highly likely) then it may well be worth investing in an additional pair. You may wish to reserve the second pair until they’re required, or wear in equal measure so that your jacket and trousers match perfectly long term. 

How To Travel Smart Travelling with Your Business Suit

The way you travel with your business suit can make a significant difference in its appearance at your destination. For a wrinkle-free experience, turn your jacket inside out and follow a specific folding technique that maintains the suit’s pristine condition. And fret not, a quick hotel pressing service can be your ally in case of minor creases.

There are of course fabrics that make your life easier when it comes to a quick style turnaround when you reach your destination but folding and a quick steam can help you look sharp quickly. It’s better to pack light and sensibly than to ram half of your wardrobe into your travel bag and crush all of your clothes.

Crafting a Bespoke Business Suit: The Cut and Fit Essentials

A bespoke business suit is your canvas to portray understated professionalism. The fit should be impeccable, accentuating your physique without being overtly slim or trendy. At Alexandra Wood, we vouch for a classic two-button suit with a conventional width lapel complemented by two side vents. The objective is to craft a suit that aligns perfectly with your body contours, epitomising elegance and subtlety. 

Tailoring is the most effective form of clothing to showcase yourself in the way you wish. It can go either way when the details aren’t paid proper attention to.

Shoulder Lines and Jacket Length: The Pillars of an Excellent Business Suit 

The success of a business suit largely hinges on the finesse of the shoulder lines and the jacket length. Alexandra Wood emphasises a precise shoulder line that grants a structured look to your upper body, complemented with a well thought out  jacket length that enhances your waistline, promising a flattering, harmonious silhouette. Never have a jacket that shows any part of your bottom nor should it be much longer than your bottom. There really is a fine line that helps you to either exude professional style or look like you’ve ordered a suit for your son online and have mistakenly worn it for your business meeting.

Suit Colour and Design Selection Based on Your Profession 

A critical aspect of your business suit is its colour. We offer a curated range of colour selections that are both classic and elegant, catering to various professional environments. Whether it’s the trust-evoking navy for legal and financial sectors or the vibrant blue that resonates well with creative domains, we have got you covered. 

Depending on the type of business you’re in, you’ll find that certain colours work best. Here is our short guide:

  1. Navy:

    A rich dark navy is ideal for all round business use. Navy blue has been proven to be one of the most trusted suit colours so is a great choice for most sectors. This is usually chosen by those who work in legal and financial sectors.

  2. Petrol:

    A soft blue that is a little less formal and tad more friendly. Petrol blue is a flattering colour for most skin tones and looks great with several shirt and tie combinations. This suit would lend itself well to those who are in less formal jobs and who can allow their personalities to shine through a little.

  3. Charcoal:

    A classic, timeless colour that is considered one of the most professional. This is the most formal colour in the business suit offering but again works well with a number of accessory combinations. Again, it’s ideal for those working in the legal and financial sectors.

  4. Herringbone

    A great alternative to a plain weave, with a subtle yet effective self stripe design, this is an ideal choice if you work in a professional environment and can be worn easily with a number of different shirt/tie combinations.

  5. Vibrant blue

    A vibrant, warm blue that is ideal for creative types and is a fun way to spice up your working wardrobe. It can successfully be worn for more occasions such as weddings or christenings. This look lends itself well to the shirt worn slightly unbuttoned and without a tie.

The Foundation of Your Bespoke Suit: Construction Essentials 

At Alexandra Wood we believe that the internal elements of your suit are equally vital, offering a shape that is sharp, elegant, and defined by using a natural horse hair that moulds to your natural body shape and ultimately helps you feel more comfortable overall. This is something that a made to measure suit can’t achieve. Our suits employ a high-quality canvas that ensures not just an excellent fit but also promises unhindered movement, setting you apart in the corporate world with a suit that speaks volumes about your style and sophistication.

Unveiling the Craftsmanship Behind Alexandra Wood Bespoke Business Suits

When you step into the world of Alexandra Wood, you step into a realm of unparalleled sophistication and craftsmanship along with an experience that’s fun and informative. From the precise stitching to the exquisite fabrics, every detail is meticulously handled to provide you with a bespoke suit that stands as a beacon of quality and style. Let’s delve into the idiosyncrasies that will make your suit a cut above the rest.

Delicate Details 

A simple 1mm stitch around the edge of your lapels  showcase the hand-finished craftsmanship that goes into your suit. Subtle yet impactful, it’s the subtle details that go further than contrasting buttonholes and bold pinstripes. Natural horn buttons also add a stylish finish, elevating the perception of your custom suit. 

A Cut Above: Tailoring Your Success

Exclusive Seam Design- A distinctive cut that offers the flattering silhouette is a vital element in defining your style. Our suits are crafted to embrace your frame subtly yet distinctly, offering comfort and confidence that distinguishes it from common ‘off the peg’ suits. The shoulders, waistline and jacket length all are essential areas to get just right in order to create a harmonious appearance that impresses yet doesn’t destract. 

The Alexandra Wood Promise: Where Quality Meets Serious Style

Luxurious fabrics are essential for a bespoke suit, in order for them to fit, feel and look incredible. However, contrary to what some may think, choosing an overly luxurious fabric can make your suit too delicate and the point in investing in a bespoke suit is for it to last, to be something you can depend on that looks good all day long. 

Comfort Meets Style: A New Era of Bespoke Suits

Optimal Fabric Choices – Our fabric selections are smooth, lightweight, and a joy to wear, a departure from the restrictive, heavy fabrics of yesteryears. Experience comfort and adaptability, ideal for contemporary lifestyles and the common tendency to feel too warm in a suit.

Bespoke Suit Designs: Crafting Your Perfect Ensemble

From the elegant and timeless lapel design to the functional yet stylish vents and cuffs, our bespoke suit features are carefully chosen to provide a balanced and classic appearance. Discover the intricate considerations that go into crafting each element of a suit, promising both style and convenience. Here are some of the details we look at to design our timeless business suits:

  • Lapels: We typically design our business suits with a single, notch lapel with a classic width of 3.125” This width is both elegant and timeless. However, we also take you, the individual, into account when creating your suit and choose the design which will help balance your look to perfection.
  • Vents: Side vents tends to look and sit better than a single vent and look more elegant. Single vents tend to look more casual and are a better choice for casual sports jackets.
  • Style: We tend to steer towards single breasted jackets with two buttons, where the top button is placed at the most flattering point of your waistline. Too high, your body can look ‘boxy’ and too low doesn’t make your suit look sharp enough. Double breasted can also be chosen depending on physique, occupation and your natural style.
  • Cuffs: All of our bespoke suits have real, open button cuffs which is a true sign that your bespoke suit has been made with Savile Row quality.
  • Waistband: We use metal side straps, as they allow you to adjust your trouser waist in or out depending on your current size and helps the front of the waistband to look clean and sharp. Our trouser waistband has been reinforced and is so comfortably sturdy that a belt isn’t required unless you wish to add one for style preference. They also come with a rubber shirt grip inside, helping to keep your shirt firmly in place, ensuring that your entire look is as sharp as it should be.
  • Trouser lining: We line our trousers from the top of the waistband to the front of the knee with a comfortable, non-static lining which makes your trousers both more comfortable and durable.
  • Reinforcements: We reinforce our trouser crotch for durability and comfort as we know that this can be one of the first areas men tend to find their trousers wear out.

Tailored to Your Needs: The Flexibility of Bespoke Suits

Adjustments and Alterations – Our bespoke suits are crafted with a generous seam allowance, offering the flexibility to adjust the size as needed, ensuring a perfect fit through life’s changes.

The Background of Alexandra Wood Bespoke Suits

Handcrafted in the UK Our suits are handcrafted by our Savile Row experts in the UK, with an unwavering commitment to quality, providing you with a unique and premium product worn by some of the UK’s high-profile individuals, including judges, politicians, and CEOs.

Our tailored suits are made by hand, from scratch and are finely tuned until you’re 100% happy. 

Maintaining Your Bespoke Suit: Expert Tips for Aftercare

Investing in a quality suit is a wise choice, promising comfort and durability. We guide you in caring for your suit to retain its quality and appeal, advising on the best practices for cleaning and maintaining your investment.

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