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Savile Row tailoring is synonymous with high-quality bespoke tailoring and a long line of tailoring history. Here at Alexandra Wood we’re known for adding a lighter touch to your Savile Row experience, which means more fun, welcoming and modern. We help you to navigate your way to the best Savile Row tailor for you. 

Where did Savile Row begin?  

Located in the heart of London, Savile Row has been a destination for bespoke tailoring for over 200 years. It is a street that is steeped in history and tradition, and its tailors are known for their unparalleled expertise in creating custom-made suits, shirts, and other clothing for men. 

The history of Savile Row dates back to the 18th century when the street was developed as part of the Burlington Estate. It was not until the early 19th century that tailors began to set up shops on Savile Row. These tailors were originally known as “bespoke” tailors, as they would create a suit specifically tailored to a client’s measurements and requirements.  

This approach to tailoring was a marked departure from the ready to wear approach that was common at the time. Over the years, Savile Row tailors have developed a reputation for creating some of the finest suits in the world, using only the highest quality fabrics and employ traditional tailoring techniques to create garments that are both elegant and durable.  

Finding the perfect tailor who is tailored to you (pardon the pun) can be daunting, especially when each Savile Row tailor has their own unique style and approach to tailoring. Some may specialise in traditional British styles, while others may incorporate more modern design elements into their suits. As a result, finding a tailor who can produce the specific style or design that you want may be difficult. So, how can you get the most out of your Savile Row tailoring experience?  

Modern or Traditional?  

It’s a great place to start knowing whether you prefer a more traditional tailoring service and more of a traditional style of Savile Row suit.  

Savile Row tailoring houses tend to have their own ‘house style! Are their suits cut straighter, or with a more waisted silhouette, a 1,2 or 3 button design and what fabrics do they tend to use? Classic pinstripes and wools, or a blend of classics met with more innovative modern fabrics. Do they only make suits or offer a fuller range of tailoring? Also known as house styles, most tailors will have them. So look out for the shapes and styles you’re naturally drawn to.  

These are just some considerations to have in mind when wishing to book the best Savile row tailor for your next suit.  

At Alexandra Wood we design, tailor and style Savile Row tailoring exclusively for our clients. While some men know just what they want when it comes to a Savile Row suit, many don’t. We fine tune to you, to quickly work out what will and won’t suit you, based on your skin tone, personality and lifestyle. Once you’ve got this killer combination paired with excellent tailoring; everything you own will start to look more incredible.  

Look At Different Tailors’ Websites  

Websites offer a great example and tone of how an individual tailor or company works. Is it traditional? Or is it fresh and modern and that’s more you? What is the tone of the website? You should be able to gauge how they work and what their natural style is and how they work with clients as well as which clients they work with.  

Call Several Tailors  

By reaching out to multiple tailors, men can get a sense of what options are available and what differentiates one tailor from another. Having a tailor who is passionate and friendly is a key element to enjoying the process and enables you to make a judgement on which tailor is best for you. Taking the time to research and compare tailors can ultimately result in finding the right fit for your specific needs and preferences, whether that be for a one-time occasion or for a long-term relationship with a tailor.  

Schedule a Consultation  

Once you have found a tailor that you like, it’s time to book your appointment. Be sure to check timings, we find that sometimes our clients leave it too late. Most tailors require booking a couple of months in advance at least of an event. If it’s just for fun with no time limit- no problem.  

During your appointment, you’ll discuss your preferences, style, and fit. You’ll also have the opportunity to get to know the tailor you’ll build a relationship with which is essential to enjoying the process. You’ll go through the type of fabric, lining, and any other details that will make your suit unique. An appointment should only be made once you’re ready to commit to an order as most tailors work by private appointment only.  

Choose Your Fabric  

When choosing your fabric, it’s important to consider your needs and the purpose of your suit. Do you need a suit for work or for a special occasion? What kind of climate will you wear the suit in? Choose a high-quality fabric that will be comfortable, durable and look great. The tailor you chose should have great knowledge on what fabrics work best for each of these occasions.  

Traditional tailors May use traditional fabrics, so if you’re looking for tailoring that’s fresh and modern you’ll want to know that they are up to date with new innovations too.  

At Alexandra Wood we source unique, classic and innovative fabrics to meet a broad range of clients who are wishing for practicability met with effortless style.  

Discuss Your Style

The style of your suit should match your personality and compliment your body shape. If you’re unsure about what style would look best on you, ask your tailor for guidance and suggestions.  

At Alexandra Wood our main focus is to find out about your first and foremost. Once we understand your likes and dislikes, your personality and lifestyle, we work to design and guide you to pieces we know you’ll love.  

Consider the Fit  

The fit of your suit is one of the most critical elements. Your suit should fit well and be comfortable, allowing you to move freely. It’s important to consider all features of the suit, to ensure that it fits perfectly – Something your should run through with you.  

A flattering cut met with a comfortable design is the ideal choice. We have created our own personal flattering cut seam design to ensure every client looks sleeker, sharper and more effortlessly stylish.  

It takes an understanding of you to tune to how you’d like to look and feel and is something your tailor should always take into consideration.  

Take Care of Your Suit  

Once you’ve received your Savile Row suit, it’s essential to take good care of it. Follow your tailors care instructions carefully and store it appropriately. With proper care, your suit should last you a lifetime.  

A Savile Row bespoke suit is an investment in quality and style. By doing your research, having a consultation, and taking the time to select the perfect fabric, style, and fit, you’ll end up with a suit that looks and feels amazing.  

Most tailors on Savile Row create their clients designs based on what they have asked for however, here at Alexandra Wood we work a little differently. We want to maintain the traditions and heritage of Savile Row by providing classic cuts and high quality but we also want our clients to come to an environment that is fun and enjoyable. We create what you want but guide you along the way to ensure you are the most stylish and confident version of yourself.  

Alexandra Wood has been celebrated as the first Savile Row woman designing bespoke men’s tailoring, paving the way for a more fun and relatable Savile Row experience. You’ll find fresh, modern tailoring with a twist.  

Book a relaxed 15 minute call to see if we’re a good fit.  

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