A Guide to Savile Row Tailoring: Everything You Need to Know

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Have you become tired of poor-fitting, ready-to-wear clothing and have decided to invest in tailoring that fits immaculately and makes you feel sharp, confident and effortlessly stylish? Then Savile Row is the first and only place to look. Here we discuss why Savile Row has become the Mecca for tailoring and all you need to know about this iconic tailoring destination.

From Dege & Skinner to the effervescent Edward Sexton who is sadly no longer – Savile Row has an eclectic mix of house styles, clientele and experiences; so it’s crucial to do your research. 

If you want a classic, military-styled suit which would withstand a nuclear explosion, then a classic tailor such as Dege & Skinner would be your go to destination. If you’re looking for a more modernised, welcoming, non-judgmental approach, then that’s when clients choose Alexandra Wood. We’re notoriously well known for our welcoming, engaging style whilst tuning to the individual to make every man look ‘more’. Ending the wastage of time and money spent on poor tailoring, and creating a holistic approach that captures your essence and lifestyle through the power of tailoring.

The historic street in Mayfair, London, has been synonymous with bespoke tailoring for centuries, attracting discerning clients seeking the pinnacle of craftsmanship and style. Notorious for welcoming the upper echelons of society, Savile Row may be more welcoming than you think, but you have to delve in a little. 

Read more to discover the fascinating world of Savile Row tailoring, what makes it exceptional and why investing in a bespoke tailored suit from this iconic destination is a wise investment – when made right.

So, how did such a small destination get such a name? A row is a number of objects in a straight line which is just what Savile Row is. Sitting just behind Regents Street it could easily be bypassed but once you know- you know. 

The story of Savile Row dates back to the late 1700s when tailors began setting up shop in this fashionable London neighbourhood. Over the years, the street (Row) became renowned for its bespoke tailoring, attracting clients from the highest levels of society. Savile Row tailors have crafted garments for iconic figures such as Winston Churchill, Cary Grant, and more recently, Daniel Craig’s James Bond.

Not a red carpet worthy celebrity, prince or politician? No problem. There’s something for everyone, where there used to only be something for a certain someone.

What sets Savile Row apart?

What sets Savile Row apart from any other tailoring around the world is its emphasis on bespoke tailoring in its purest form and that means hand made from scratch, from your own personalised cardboard pattern through to the finished garment that is your own unique and exquisite blueprint. Each garment is meticulously crafted by hand, tailored to the individual’s unique measurements and preferences. This personalisation ensures a superior fit and comfort that cannot be replicated by mass-produced clothing.

You’ll find that each house has its own methods, house cuts and clientele and this is where it’s best to discover what suits you (literally) The practice of tailoring takes years, nearly as long as a medical student takes to graduate. It’s a skill that takes precision, love and dedication (and a lot of patience).

The low down of bespoke tailoring:

  • Handmade from a paper pattern through to fabric and the final piece, it’s a labour of love that takes well over 80 hours of creation.
  • Your first fitting will come ‘basted’ which means lots of loose stitching that holds the suit together for your first fitting. This allows for the tailor to unpick, recut where necessary and put back together.
  • Bespoke allows for every cm to be accurately fit like no other method can.
  • A bespoke suit is made with natural horse hair canvassing vs man-made canvassing used on made-to-measure to allow for a far superior look and feel. Clients explain it as that it feels ‘weightless’.

How To Choose Your Savile Row Tailor

With a vast selection of styles of tailors on Savile Row, finding the right one is crucial. Here’s where to start:

  • Would you prefer a traditional or modern style of Savile Row suit
  • Savile Row tailoring houses are known for their distinct “house styles.” Do they favour straighter cuts or more waisted silhouettes? Are their designs single, double, or triple-buttoned? What about fabric choices—classic pinstripes and wools or a blend of timeless and innovative materials? 
  • Additionally, consider whether they offer a broader range of tailoring beyond suits if you’re looking for more of an expansive wardrobe
  • Experience: Every tailor should be an experience but the actual experience. Are you looking for a fun enjoyable experience or something more formal? The tone and vibe of a tailors website should give you a good indication of what you’re to expect.
  • Do you want guidance or do you know what you want and simply wish for a tailor to follow your design and make it for you?
  • When you have thought about these then take a look around their websites, make calls / online appointments to see how you feel. Ultimately a relationship between a man and his Savile Row tailor is a long lasting one built on trust and understanding, so top of our list would be to like them and how they work.

We find that most of our clients value guidance as much as the expert tailoring they take home, so you may wish to investigate how much you’ll be guided if you’re a man with no clue as to what does and doesn’t suit you.

Review Tailors’ Websites

Exploring tailors’ websites provides valuable insight into their approach and aesthetics. Are they traditional or do they have a sense of freshness and modernity? Pay attention to their tone, which should give you a sense of how they interact with clients and showcase their work.

Reach Out to Multiple Tailors

Contacting several tailors allows you to explore your options and discern what sets each apart. Opt for a tailor who exudes passion and friendliness—essential for enjoying the bespoke process and making an informed choice. A simple phone or zoom call will suffice. Also ask if the person you’re talking to will also be the person looking after you. Alexandra looks after her clients with the support of our expert team.

Schedule a Consultation

Once you’ve identified a tailor that resonates with you, book an appointment in advance, especially if you have a specific event in mind. During this consultation, you’ll discuss your style preferences, fit, and fabric choices. This meeting is crucial for building a relationship with your tailor and ensuring a personalised experience.

Choosing Fabric

When choosing fabric, consider your suit’s purpose and the climate you’ll be in. Opt for high-quality materials that offer comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal tailored to your needs. Ideally you’ll be guided. There are a lot of fabric options out there and the experts should be guiding and tuning to what will suit you and also be practical.

Discuss Your Style

Your suit should reflect your personality and flatter your body shape. If you’re unsure about the best style for you, seek guidance from your tailor. At Alexandra Wood, we prioritise understanding your preferences, personality, and lifestyle to curate pieces you’ll adore. It’s one part to know that you want tailoring that fits and quite another to understand what will suit you. 

Consider the Fit

Fit is paramount. Your suit should fit impeccably, allowing you to move with ease. Our focus is on creating a flattering cut that combines comfort with effortless style. We’ve developed our unique seam design to ensure each client looks sleek, sharp, and naturally stylish—tailored to your specific preferences and comfort. Some tailors offer a roomier, ‘boxier’ cut and some a sleeker look, so be mindful of your preferences.

The Alexandra Wood Combo

At Alexandra Wood, we specialise in designing, tailoring, and styling Savile Row designs from a bespoke tailored suit to an entire collection of tailoring made exclusively for you. While some men come to us with clear preferences, many rely on our expertise to pinpoint styles that best suit their skin tone, personality, and lifestyle. Once we’ve nailed this killer combination alongside exceptional tailoring, everything in your wardrobe will exude incredible, effortless style.

Savile Row Suits 

A bespoke Savile Row suit is indeed an investment and represents the pinnacle of tailoring craftsmanship. Let’s delve into the cost and why a tailor-made suit from Savile Row is unparalleled.

Understanding Bespoke Tailoring

The term “bespoke” refers to a suit tailored precisely to the client’s  specifications. On Savile Row, bespoke suits are crafted by skilled tailors, with patterns created uniquely for each client. The meticulous process involves over 80 hours of handwork and multiple fittings to ensure a perfect fit.

Why Choose Savile Row for Bespoke Tailoring?

The reasons are clear: quality, experience, and style. Savile Row tailors are synonymous with unparalleled craftsmanship and timeless elegance. It is the ‘go to’ destination across the world for the best of British tailoring.

The Cost of a Savile Row Suit

Handcrafted bespoke Savile Row suits can exceed £10,000 depending on fabric choices. At Alexandra Wood, our bespoke suits begin at £6,000, which includes comprehensive style and design guidance throughout the process. This investment ensures not just a suit but a transformational experience that enhances your appearance beyond expectations. And the world is your oyster if you want a pinstripe suit that is laced in gold. Nervous about whether it will fit, suit or both? We offer a 100% guarantee, so if something is not quite right, we’ll re-make it for you. 

What are the benefits of bespoke tailoring?

  • Bespoke tailoring offers numerous benefits, including a perfect fit that enhances your confidence, reduces waste, and is a more savvy investment long term. They say a bespoke suit lasts a lifetime (If looked after)
  • It provides a unique and personalised experience, allowing your clothes to be tailored to your specific style and needs.
  • This approach not only ensures that your tailored clothes fit you flawlessly but also reflects your personal style, making each piece a true investment in your wardrobe.

The Value of a Bespoke Suit

Investing in a bespoke suit isn’t merely about acquiring another piece of clothing—it’s about benefiting from years of tailoring expertise. You’re paying for meticulous craftsmanship, superior fabrics, and countless hours of hand-sewing and finishing. Consider the dedication and skill required, akin to the value you provide through your own work.

Why Invest in Bespoke Tailoring?

For discerning individuals, a bespoke suit is essential—a symbol of excellence. It’s chosen for significant life moments, whether an event, wedding, or professional achievement, where confidence and impeccable style are paramount.

As Tony Parsons of GQ attests, an Alexandra Wood suit is “akin to Iron Man’s armour”, an empowering tool that enhances performance and confidence.

Investing in a bespoke suit is an unparalleled opportunity to own something uniquely you—a garment that flatters and embodies your style like no other. It’s an investment in confidence, enduring style, and unparalleled comfort that will serve you for years to come.

Style of Your Bespoke Suit

It’s wise when investing in a suit, particularly if it’s your first to choose a classic, beautifully cut suit made from a luxurious yet durable fabric. Some people like to choose lots of details to set their suit apart but we advise to keep it simple as it looks far more impactful.

Our style suggestion for a first bespoke suit is:

  • Single breasted two buttons (A one button jacket should only be on a trend driven jacket or a dinner suit and a three buttoned jacket can look old fashioned and make the body appear more boxy)
  • Choose a classic lapel width of the 3 ¼” as it will remain timeless. Too slim or too wide can both date very quickly.
  • Side vents (This looks more elegant and sits better)
  • Real open cuffs (which should be a given with any bespoke suit)
  • Select a classic navy or alternate shade of blue. 
  • Always opt for a flattering, slim cut. This needn’t mean tight, but should be shaped.

Choosing The Right Fabric For Your Savile Row Suit

  • When selecting fabric for bespoke suits, consider the climate and your lifestyle. Wool is versatile, offering warmth in winter and breathability in summer. For a lighter option, linen is ideal for hot weather but wrinkles easily although we have plenty of alternate solutions you may never have previously considered. 
  • Cotton suits are comfortable and less formal. For a unique touch, silk blends add a luxurious feel and subtle sheen. Reflect on these factors to ensure your bespoke suit meets both your style and practical needs. 

Completely overwhelmed? This is where your tailor should use their knowledge to select a few, suitable options for you. Curating a smaller selection of fabrics for you to choose from makes the decision making process far less daunting.

In short, here are the main attributes your fabric should have: 

  • Maintain its shape and stays crease-free.
  • Allows the skin to breathe.
  • That’s durable and long-lasting.
  • A high twist wool can be exceptionally durable whilst looking effortlessly stylish.

Choosing The Right Colour For your Savile Row Suit

Choosing the right colour and design for your business suit is crucial, tailored to match your profession. Our curated colour palette offers classic and elegant selections suitable for various professional settings.

Depending on your industry, certain colours are more fitting. Here’s a concise guide:


A deep, rich navy is versatile for everyday business wear. Navy blue is universally trusted and widely favoured in legal and financial sectors. From our point of view, a bespoke navy suit is always a great place to start your collection.


A softer blue with a friendly demeanour, petrol blue complements most skin tones and pairs well with various shirt and tie combinations. Ideal for less formal professions that allow a touch of personality.


Timeless and professional, charcoal exudes a classic appeal. It’s the epitome of formality and pairs seamlessly with different accessories, perfect for legal and financial roles.


An excellent choice for those seeking a textured weave, herringbone features a subtle self-stripe design, ideal for professional environments and versatile with shirt and tie combinations.

Vibrant Blue:

A warm, lively blue suited for creative individuals looking to add flair to their work wardrobe. This vibrant hue transitions well beyond the office, suitable for various occasions. Pair with an unbuttoned shirt for a relaxed yet stylish look, omitting the tie.


Sometimes our clients want to be bolder and are unsure of what might suit them. This is where we particularly shine, as one shade to another can make a huge difference. There’s a lot of incredible factors .. bamboo

The Alexandra Wood Perspective

Are you seeking the pinnacle of tailoring excellence on Savile Row? Have past experiences left you underwhelmed? Allow us to introduce you to a fresh, modern approach at Alexandra Wood.

If you’re in search of Savile Row tailoring that combines warmth and expertise, look no further. Alexandra Wood tailors bespoke garments that not only fit impeccably but also reflect your unique style and lifestyle, From boardroom and beyond.

Investing in bespoke tailoring can be daunting when you’re unsure of what style suits you best. At Alexandra Wood, we take the guesswork out of the equation. Our goal is to ensure that your tailored piece not only fits flawlessly but also enhances your overall appearance.

But it’s not just about looking great, it’s about feeling great too. From the cut to the colour, every detail is meticulously crafted to ensure you look and feel your absolute best.

Experience a new kind of Savile Row tailor, one that’s enjoyable and welcoming. Our approach is far from traditional; it’s about creating an environment where you’ll notice a significant and delightful difference.

Bespoke tailoring is an art form that offers unparalleled comfort and elegance. Each piece is meticulously crafted to fit you like no other garment can.

Beyond the fit, our aim is to boost your confidence. After all, a bespoke suit is an investment, you deserve to love both the process and the end result.

At Alexandra Wood, we honour tradition while embracing a fresh perspective. Our approach is tailored specifically for the stylish individual, injecting timeless classics with a unique elegance.

We take pride in our flattering cuts, designed to make every client look slimmer, sharper, and undeniably attractive.

But what truly sets us apart is our rapport with our clients. We prioritise connection, openness, and warmth because feeling incredible changes the way you carry yourself.

Join us in redefining Savile Row luxury. At Alexandra Wood Bespoke, we’re all about making luxury more relaxed and fun, blending Savile Row traditions to create a more inviting and enjoyable tailoring experience.

Made To Measure VS Bespoke

There are a lot of blurry lines when it comes to men’s tailoring. Some class bespoke when it’s actually made to measure, which can suddenly make bespoke tailoring look extortionately expensive. However, you must be aware that they are completely different methods to one another. From the make, fit, feel and finish.

We look at the two side by side so that you can understand exactly what you’re choosing and receiving.

What is made-to-measure tailoring?

Made-to-measure tailoring represents an upgrade from off-the-peg suits, allowing you to personalise the fabric, lining, and design to your preferences.

  • This choice is particularly appealing for those who struggle to find ready-to-wear garments that fit properly or look as you desire whilst being placed at a more accessible price point. Entrusting your measurements and style preferences to an experienced tailor ensures that your garments fit you far better than standard off-the-peg options.
  • A made-to-measure suit starts with a computer-generated pattern based on a pre-existing block. The fabric is then assembled using a sewing machine with minimal hand finishing. This method allows you to achieve a better fit and select from a wide range of fabrics and designs. 
  • Made-to-measure suits typically take 6-8 weeks to complete, with an additional 1-2 weeks for any necessary adjustments.

What is bespoke tailoring?

  • Bespoke tailoring is the pinnacle of personalised tailoring, creating a suit that fits the individual perfectly. Each bespoke suit is meticulously crafted by hand, offering a sense of weightlessness and comfort that only bespoke tailoring can achieve. 
  • The process involves cutting the suit from scratch based on a unique paper pattern created exclusively for the client.

Differences between made-to-measure and bespoke:

Initial Appointment:

Both made-to-measure and bespoke appointments typically last around 1 hour. At Alexandra Wood, we guide our clients by offering design ideas tailored to enhance their appearance, taking into account lifestyle, skin tone, and personal style. Removing all of the overwhelming decision making for you.


Made-to-measure suits require approximately 16 measurements, including body measurements and configurations (e.g., posture, arm pitch). These are entered into a CAD machine to create a unique suit pattern. Bespoke suits involve taking measurements directly from the body, noting individual configurations such as a prominent chest or a low shoulder.

Made to measure tailoring has come along way from where it was, however, the structure, make and finish can not be compared to bespoke tailoring other than they’re both made for you. 

Bespoke in a simple term means a fabric that is set aside for someone. This is why the term can be used in ways in which it shouldn’t. 


Made-to-measure designs are limited by machine capabilities but offer a wide selection of realistic options. Bespoke tailoring allows for limitless design possibilities, accommodating unique requests like specific pleats or intricate details.

Pattern Cutting:

Made-to-measure patterns are created using computer-aided design and laser-cut for precision. Bespoke patterns start with a paper pattern tailored to the client’s measurements, serving as a blueprint for the suit.


  • Made-to-measure suits use a man-made canvas for structure which gives the suit jacket structure and shape.
  • While bespoke suits employ natural horsehair canvas, allowing the jacket to mould to the body for a personalised, weightless fit.

Finer Details:

  • Made-to-measure suits may feature shortcuts like plastic buttons or faux buttonholes. 
  • Bespoke suits include handcrafted details like hand-stitched lapels for a more refined appearance.


  • Made-to-measure suits have a structured appearance with neat seam lines, reflecting machine craftsmanship.
  • Bespoke suits are delicately handcrafted, flowing and moulding with the body for a unique, personalised fit.


Made-to-measure suits are typically delivered finished, with minor adjustments if needed. Bespoke suits involve multiple fittings with basted stitches (temporary white stitching) for precise adjustments during the creation process.

Production Time:

Made-to-measure suits take 6-8 weeks with additional time for fittings. Bespoke suits require 12-16 weeks due to the intricate handcrafted process and multiple fittings.


Both made-to-measure and bespoke suits benefit from minimal dry cleaning to preserve fabric quality. It’s advisable to rotate suits and allow them to breathe between wears.


Two-piece Made-to-measure suits start at £1,800, while a bespoke tailored suit starts at £6,000 for a two-piece suit at Alexandra Wood. We offer full guidance from fabric, cut and colour to make your suit not only fit immaculately (and flatter) we also advise on what will make you look more exceptional. Even if that’s a simple shade lighter than navy, the impact of small changes can be fundamental.

These are the main reasons most of our clients choose us. After looking after hundreds of high profile busy professional men:

Fit This is something you’d assume most tailors can do, however, factors such as house cut come into play and just like many industries, not everyone places quality

Eye for design Alexandra has an indisputable eye for making every man look more stylish than when they began. Leaning into their own authentic style, whilst taking it up a few notches. This includes a flattering cut, and luxurious yet durable fabrics (after all bespoke tailoring is an investment so you’ll want it to last)

Expertise and guidance Getting great press is incredible and we’re super honoured to have received so much of it, however, the proof is always in the pudding and we not only have many a loyal, long-term client- why because we’ve transformed their style

We offer honest, confident advice. You don’t know what suits you, but we do. 

Flattering cut Cut is everything. Well, along with fabric, details, design and the overall fit and feel. We design using our exclusive seam shaping design which would even leave James Bond swizzling in his Martini.

Honest advice: We don’t push bespoke tailoring unnecessarily and some items make up far better in made-to-measure.

A lot of our clients combine the two. 

Starting with a bespoke suit then moving on to our capsules and finally subscriptions. Our designs are also able to be ordered from our app. 

Who do we work with

  • Busy professionals who:
  • Don’t have the time …
  • Want tailoring that fits and flatters
  • Expert guidance and advice 

Are Savile Row suits worth it?

A bespoke Savile Row suit is an investment and is the highest level of tailoring there is. We discuss the cost of a bespoke suit and whether a tailor-made suit from Savile Row is worth the investment. The simple answer is yes. But to really grasp why that’s the case, it’s essential to understand a few things about both bespoke tailoring and Savile Row.

Is a bespoke Savile Row suit for you?

  • Time for fittings. It can take up to 5-6 including your first appointment so flexibility of time and being able to travel to Savile Row is crucial.
  • Open-mindedness. You won’t
  • Working relationship
  • Handcrafted look

Features of an AW suit

The importance of a tailor’s house fit is a big deciding factor. Here is how we cut your tailoring to ensure it fits and flatters. 

Pros and cons of bespoke tailoring 


  • It’s an investment that will fit you for years to come, regardless of whether you lose or gain weight.
  • Nothing else will quite fit like a bespoke suit
  • You’ll feel special as this is truly an experience as well as a suit you’ll feel proud to own


  • It’s expensive 
  • You’ll need to spend time attending appointments 

Our clients’ most frequently asked questions

Investing in a bespoke Savile Row suit is a big decision. One that requires research and thought. We’ve pulled together all of the objections and fears our clients have expressed to us over the years (17 to be exact)

  1. Is it really worth this much money?

In short, yes. But it is crucial that you get all of the elements correct. Which we’re aware can feel a little stressful in itself. You must have a quality fabric, but also one that’s practical for you, your needs and lifestyle. We have clients who are harder on their clothing so need a more robust, durable fabric whilst not compromising on the quality, whereas another may infrequently wear a suit and look after it like a treasured piece of China.

Understanding your needs is crucial and that knowledge comes with years of practice and also the curiosity and passion for making things better every time. There’s a vast range of fabrics now more than there ever was. From 7oz super 180s (completely impractical unless you’d like your suit to disintegrate) to technical fabrics which blend classic wools with cashmere or silk which will give it a luxe look with a subtle gleam. It’s pulling from these ideas and curating them so that they’re ideal for you.

The cut is key. Tailoring must flatter, otherwise it’s very much a wasted opportunity. Yes, you want your tailoring to fit, that’s the point after all.. but to make it flatter is quite another. Clever seam shaping, button positioning and fine details are what take a bespoke tailored suit from ok, nice and comfortable to amazing, flattering and game changing. 

  1. Will my bespoke suit – suit me?

If your tailor tunes to you correctly and asks you lots of good questions about yourself, your personality and lifestyle then there’ll be no doubt that it will. 

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