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Bespoke Tailoring


Bespoke Tailoring


Alexandra Wood Bespoke is our most exclusive, luxurious offering, where each garment is made ground-up for every client, stitches and all. It’s available via our Wardrobe Consultancy service from the comfort of your own home, or simply make an appointment at our Savile Row or Bishop’s Stortford showrooms.


“Sophisticated, stylish & professional!”

Alexandra Wood Bespoke

A fully bespoke suit is the epitome of tailoring – representing the best of the craft and, ultimately, the best of you. So perfectly fitted, our customers say it feels like they’re wearing nothing at all. A second skin, more complimentary than you could ever believe.

Bespoke in the strictest sense means a suit made from scratch, using paper patterns specifically cut for you, with no modifiable blocks involved whatsoever. It’s certainly no different at Alexandra Wood, the only difference being our signature sensitivity to what lies beyond your physical build. Personality in other words, as well as skin tone and lifestyle.

Your imagination and our supply of sketch paper are the only limits here!

What’s involved?
You can expect to have a ‘basted’ fitting. This is where the garment is half-made by our UK workshops, allowing you to then make a variety of different modifications, fine-tune your suit to perfection.

Over 80 hours of work go into every one of our pieces, created by our own Savile Row-trained tailors.

We will never blind you with science, and are bold enough to tell you (respectfully!) whether we feel something won’t suit you, offering alternative suggestions. Ultimately of course, it’s always your choice, but at Alexandra Wood, what gets us out of bed in the morning is the prospect of making every man ‘more’.

Bespoke is your very own blueprint.

I’m ready, let’s book!

Prices for our bespoke, handcrafted suits start from £3,750 for a two-piece suit.

Our bespoke suits take between 12-16 weeks. You will have more fittings than with made to measure but as they say; perfection takes time.

All of our bespoke suits are made in the UK.

We offer thousands of fabrics from a host of high-end suppliers, such as Holland & Sherry, Dormeuil and more.

We offer flexible appointments in Savile Row and Bishops Stortford and also offer personal appointments to your office by request (London only).


“If there was a box for 6 stars, i’d tick it!”

Neil Cockrell, IBM

Full Wardrobe Consultancy


Having dressed hundreds of men, many of whom are well known and in high profile positions, Alexandra is serious about making every man look and feel better than they thought possible.

If you’ve lost your way with your sense of style or you’re feeling stuck in a rut, this is where we really shine. We can take your wardrobe into our own hands, bringing you fresh new suggestions that will ensure your outfits always say the right things about you.

We pride ourselves in caring about quality over quantity, and in the highest levels of craftsmanship. We can, therefore, create anything from a small capsule collection to a wardrobe that caters for every occasion, from a weekend summer barbeque to a Royal garden party. If it’s time to invest in you and your wardrobe, let’s start the process:


Frequently Asked Questions …

What is a Wardrobe Consultation?

A wardrobe consultation is for those wishing to have a complete wearable wardrobe, where everything works together, for all occasions, whether it be for work or play.

A selection of items that you can mix and match together saving you time and effort in the future.

If you want to overhaul your wardrobe but you have minimal time, can’t stand shopping, nothing ever seems to fit properly and you just want help and guidance from start to finish then a wardrobe consultation could be perfect for you.

So How Does It Work?

1.Getting to know you
We ask you a number of curated questions so that we can get to know you, where you spend most of your time and what kind of clothes you’ll need.

2.More than suits
We don’t just look at business, suits, shirts and ties. We take a look at every day of your working and social life and create clothes that you can wear everyday. From sports jackets, to jeans, we’ve quite literally got it covered.

3.What we look at
Your body shape, height and configurations. There’s a reason why clothes don’t fit you off the peg, so we use our extensive knowledge to create a fit that you’ll feel comfortable in.
We also take into consideration your skin colour, eye and hair colour- this is important to be able to make and create you everything that would suit you and only you.

4.How long does the initial process take?
We need 1-2 hours to really get to know you and what you like. This is important and will make your painful shopping trips a thing of the past. Once we have this information we can create you anything, anytime.

What Prompted The Wardrobe Consultation Service?

More and more of our customers are wanting a little more assistance with what they’re wearing. Whether for business, the weekend or a special occasion. We understand what it can be like when you have pieces in your wardrobe that you love but you don’t necessarily know how to put them with other pieces in your wardrobe.

If you’ve had a wardrobe consultation, your new wardrobe will be tailored to your lifestyle with the aim to make life easier. You will be able to simply open your wardrobe and it’ll all be there waiting for you. wardrobe consultation is for those wishing to have a complete wearable wardrobe, where everything works together, for all occasions, whether it be for work or play.

How long does it take to enhance my wardrobe?

Once we’ve decided on how many items and what pieces you’ll want in your new wardrobe, it will take 6-8 weeks. You will then have an initial fitting and we can amend anything further if necessary. This is the same process as made to measure suits so you will be familiar with this if you’ve had one before.

You may want to order seasonally, in which case we would look to create a list for you which you can go ahead with at any time in the year, or you can go ahead with everything, knowing that you’ll have all you need, when you need it.


Our Showrooms

Please note that in our Savile Row showroom, we design exclusively for the client. We don’t hold any suits to try on or ready-made garments. Our showroom as a lovely environment to discuss styles and look through fabrics.

In our Bishop’s Stortford store we hold our current, ready to wear ranges. We also take appointments for made to measure here.
If you wish to know more about this process, please do let us know any questions you may have. We’d be more than happy to help.

Bishops Stortford

Bishop’s Stortford

This is our very first store created in Hertfordshire. A tailor for 400 years it’s been claimed as the oldest men’s tailors in England. Steeped in history, with a modern twist, you’ll find super friendly staff open to teaching you all you need to know about tailoring. We house all of our ready to wear ranges and offer everything here that tailoring can offer.

  • Bespoke tailoring
  • Made to measure tailoring
  • Ready to wear
  • Accessories

10 High Street
Bishop’s Stortford
CM23 2LT
Tel: 020 3369 8969

(Walk-ins welcome, appointments advised on Saturdays to avoid disappointment).


Savile Row

Savile Row

This is for our customers who want to be designed and created for. We have thousands of fabrics and work from scratch, to create you something unique and special. We are hidden from the mainstream of Savile row to offer your privacy and calm. Think modern Savile Row tailoring. Non stuffy, fun and educational.

  • Bespoke tailoring
  • Made to measure tailoring

Savile Row
Tel: 020 3369 8969

(Please note that we don’t hold any ready to wear ranges here to view)
By appointment only.


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