Made To Measure Formal Wear

You will no doubt receive invitations to attend a variety of events during the course of the year. Let Alexandra Wood design you an outstanding assortment of evening wear for you to choose from in preparation for your forthcoming social calendar. We guarantee that no style rules will be breached.

You can be confident that we will always have you covered in a manner that is both suitable and chic.

Dinner suit & shirt

A tailored dinner suit is an investment. Unlike our business suits that are subject to the rough and tumble of everyday life, a dinner suit is there to be worn only on the most formal of occasions and it is important that not only does it fit you perfectly, but that it stands the test of time. A fitted dinner jacket will make the stylish statement that you need it to. We help you side swerve any faux pas and help guide you to the best style choice; whether that be a midnight blue dinner suit or black.

Smoking jackets

Velvet jackets

A made to measure velvet jacket is the perfect choice for at home dinner parties or to wear for a sophisticated evening meal. Wear like Prince William with a roll neck or keep it simple with an open necked shirt. We will always guide you to choose the best style for you.

Choose from a cotton or silk velvet depending on the level of luxury you wish to opt for. From plain to outlandish, we’ve got you covered.

Morning coat

Among the most chic of men’s formalwear is the morning coat. For ceremonial daytime special occasions, males traditionally wear morning dress. With this item being such a special piece of a mans wardrobe is it essential that it fits perfectly. Which is exactly why here at Alexandra Wood we take time and care into our made to measure morning coats.

Evening Trousers

Some trousers feel like their instantly yours; they feel comfortable and they just look great. Then, sometimes quite the opposite can happen. The secret is made to measure to measure trousers. Alexandra Wood can make your dream trousers that will fit like a glove. From sleek, dinner suit trousers to a plain black design to wear with a tailored smoking or velvet jacket, we create you a design that works for you and your occasion.


The waistcoat is a fine item. While it’s true that a well-fitting suit will make any man look like the most stylish version of himself, the waistcoat adds an element of handsomeness that you just can’t get any other way. Choose from a classic plain design or have a little more fun depending on your natural personality style.

Appointments are available in Savile Row, our headquarters in Much Hadham, Hertfordshire or at your office. Contact us via WhatsApp here