Why quality fabrics matter

Why I’m obsessed with quality fabrics

Whenever I go shopping with a friend (in what seems like a million years ago now)

They always say- “Why do you touch everything you weirdo! 😅”

I’ve always done it. Some say it’s a Gemini thing. I say it’s a visual thing. I want to see if it feels as good as it looks. I can actually tell a great fabric from a horrible one just by its touch.

I look at the fabric descriptions before I commit to buying too. If it says viscose, polyester or nylon- forget about it!

Why? Because I know it’ll trap heat so that I sweat more than Hussain Bolt doing a 100m sprint and because it’s usually scratchy. For want of a better word- it just feels cheap!

With this in mind, the list of things I look for when I’m purchasing our new fabrics are:

  1. Colour. Will it suit my customer. Is this something that will make them look fabulous?
  2. Texture. Is it smooth and soft or textured and interesting. These criteria’s must meet. If it’s dull and lacklustre, I’m not interested
  3. Quality. Pure cotton, blends of linen with silks, merino wools... Then I’m in. I love pure, natural fabrics that look and feel as good as they should

Rest assured that any time you buy one of my pieces you’ll be paying for exactly what you get and hopefully more. You can discover my collection here.

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