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The first time you see an untied bow tie, you may wonder how it becomes the perfect bow you see tucked among the crisp white collar of a dinner shirt.

Unlike tying a standard tie which you were probably taught to do before the age of 10 if you wore one to school, tying a bow tie may not be something you’ve ever really learnt how to do.

With many smart and perfectly good quality pre-tied bow ties out there, is a self-tie just an extra hassle when you’re getting ready for your black-tie event?
We’ll let you answer that… however, we believe there’s something nice about a self-tie bow tie. You can appreciate the fabric and quality that little bit more and if you’ve been into our Bishop’s Stortford store, you may have seen some of our stunning, handmade satin bow ties which truly are special.

If you’re still reading, we’ll assume you like the idea of a self-tie bow tie, so we’ll get into it and let you know how to tie a bow tie!

1. Put your untied bow tie around your neck holding both ends. Make the right side shorter than the left side at this point.
2. Then take the left side so the longer side, over the right side.
3. Loop the left side under the neck and take hold of the right side.
4. Next, take the right side and fold it towards the right to create the bow shape.
5. Then bring the left side which you’ve loop through, down and through the centre of your new bow shape you’ve just created.
6. With the left side, fold it backwards and pinch the fold.
7. Push the folded end through the loop you created when the left side came over the bow.
8. You will now have a fully formed bow and all that’s left to do is adjust the bow, tighten it and make sure it’s even on both sides.

For reference, this sketch from may help!

So next time you’re off to a fancy event and it comes to your bow tie, you now have the option to go for a self-tie!

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