How to spot a really great suit

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We must admit, while we love smart casual wear, suits are still the most classic and chic outfit a man can wear. We talk you through what your suit needs to make a suitable impact.

As mostly women here at AW HQ, we can only imagine that wearing a suit to a man is like wearing a chic, fitted dress to a woman. In fact, we know through our clients how fantastic they feel at their final fitting when they walk away with their made to measure or bespoke suit. Something so special and just for them!

So what makes a really great suit? What are the eye-catching elements that make up an exceptional outfit? These are what we think makes up a really good suit.


Has an item of clothing ever caught your eye, though the style may be somewhat standard but you can tell there’s just something different about it? You can have near enough the same suit in a similar colour but what will make that one unique is the quality of the fabric.

From wool to a silk blend, a luxurious, quality fabric will make you feel really does make a world of difference.


You can’t beat an excellent fit. We’ve all been shopping and purchased something knowing the size isn’t completely perfect. We then tend to shove the item to the back of our wardrobe and never wear it again. This is because how something fits you is incredibly important. Even more so in terms of a suit which is why our made to measure and bespoke options ensure your suit is exactly as it should be.

Did you know that we take all your individual properties into account? Whether you have brilliant posture or one shoulder slightly lower than the other (don’t worry, we’re all a bit wonky!) meaning your suit will fit you and only you to perfection.


From the buttons on the arm to the width of the lapels, the finer details on a suit can really add to how it looks and feels. When you look a little closer, you’ll see that a suit is not just a suit!

We offer monogramming on our made to measure suits and shirts meaning if your outfit is for a special occasion or you just fancy some personalisation then this can be done.


We know not everyone’s a style guru but what you pair with your epic suit in terms of shirt, shoes, accessories either completes or destroys your look.

We’re always happy to advise in store if you’re unsure of what colours will go or what style shoe goes with your suit. Don’t let a bad pair of shoes or an ill fitting shirt spoil your otherwise sharp outfit!

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