8 ways to look younger over 50

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As a man looking younger when over the age of 50 sounds compelling right? It’s easier than you might think too. In a world where most men’s go to colour is navy, there are so many more exciting elements you can add to the mix when it comes to looking a younger version of yourself… 

1- Colour is your friend

Where men can sometimes fear looking over the top, colour is actually the best thing you can do to lift an ageing skin tone. Avoid black at all costs and if in doubt, choose softer, warmer colours such as greens, burnt orange and fawns. Every skin tone and personality looks better in some colours over others but this is where experimentation helps. Menswear styles are getting more exciting, so there’s really no excuse.

2- Mix and match styles

Wearing stripes with a textured jacket adds depth and keeps things looking fresh and less one dimensional. Choose up to four textures and play about for a more fun look.

3- Great accessories

 If you’re not yet ready to go full pelt then start with accessories such as silk pocket squares and scarves. They’re ideal for adding a splash of colour. The colour nearer your face is what counts. As a general rule start brighter at the top and get darker towards the bottom.

4- Look after your skin

Wear moisturiser with a factor 50 every day. This really does make the difference. Dry skin looks older.

5- Drink plenty of water

Our brains are like sponges and without water can dry up, this also applies to our skin. So this has multiple benefits.

6- Quality fabrics

When choosing clothes choose the best fabrics and avoid anything such as viscose, polyester etc which can cheapen your look. Look suave and sophisticated with beautiful fabrics and remember to mix textures for full affect.

7- Fit

Menswear that fits really well is so important. If your jacket sleeves are too long it can make you look like a child in his Dad’s suit. The fit of your clothes really can make or break your outfit.

8- Wear what makes you feel good

If you’re walking around confidently, this makes all the difference. Think posture; stand tall and feel proud. You’ll look fresh as a daisy in an instant!

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