10 Ways Men Can Look Effortlessly Stylish

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Looking stylish may sound like a profession all of its own, however it needn’t be so hard when you know how. Men, looking stylish can be fun and effortless when you know how.

You may wonder why a tailor is talking about looking stylish. Well, we do things differently here at Alexandra Wood and take our clients through the entire process of looking amazing- that means helping guide you to choosing the right cuts, colours and styles for you- then making them tailor made to you, to fit to perfection.

Therefore style is paramount to what we do and is key to your overall style success. So, without further ado- here are our 10 top tips to style success:

1.Know your body shape

I talk about this a lot. It’s one of the first things you must understand before buying even one piece of clothing. So many men buy the wrong style of clothing simply because it doesn’t suit their body shape.

2. Know your skin tone

To be able to identify what colours do and don’t work for you. So often men wear the wrong colours and even worse still- no colour at all, or choose the easy basics- blue, grey and white. We can do better than that! Having a colour analysis done can help to make you look fresher, healthier and more youthful to name a few yet impactful reasons.

3. Know your ‘style’ personality

Most of men’s poor purchasing decisions are based on buying the wrong clothes for their personality. If you’re not naturally gregarious and start wearing floral shirts and wacky shoes, you’ll look out of alignment with your natural personality, which quickly looks contrived which ultimately doesn’t look stylish. Knowing and staying true to your style personality stops you from buying odd pieces which you you’ll never wear.

4. Get organised

Looking effortlessly stylish comes down to being prepared. So, know where you spend your time, what’s upcoming and get organised. Again, bad decisions come from lack of preparation. The amount of last minute disasters I’ve come across is almost comedy gold, and where I love to come to someone’s rescue – it’s best to do things properly.

5. Now you know what suits you

It’s time to start building your dream wardrobe (I don’t mean literally, unless your carpentry skills are worth putting into action) Starting with the basics is key and where you can indeed buy the nice easy options of blue jeans, chinos, knitwear, overcoat, suit and sports jacket. But one of each of these is fine, because for the remainder you’ll be looking to add a little more colour, texture and interest to your style.

6. Always buy quality

If you get super hot, choose natural fabrics. Often men avoid buying natural fibres because it means they’ll have to visit the dry cleaners more frequently, but look after them well and this won’t be the case, and you will feel and look a million times more stylish than you would in anything synthetic.

7. Check the fit

Whatever you buy, make sure it fits really well. Tapered trousers and jeans always look more flattering than boxy or roomy trousers and there’s been much controversy over where trouser legs should finish thanks to Rishi Sunak; most of the time your trousers should hit your shoe and make an attempt at a half to full break. It makes your legs look sleeker and longer and if you’re reading this you’re probably a man not a boy, so no school trouser vibes please.

8. Choose Variety

We talked about style personality earlier. When you know which one you are (You can sign up to our style tips here to find out) Once you know which body shape, skin tone and style personality you are, you’ll buy the right clothes to suit you which makes looking stylish effortless and enjoyable. Like most things in life; if you know what you’re looking for, it’s so much easier and means you can get your style on auto pilot.

9. Mix and Match

Blend colours, textures and patterns (subtle ones) You can even wear the same colour and have this look successful. It shows more dimension which makes it look more effortlessly stylish.

10. Get experimental

Mix conventional clothing with the unconventional. What I mean by this is for example wear flannel trousers that are sleek and sharp and pair with a roll neck and fitted leather jacket. Or a pair of smart jeans, with a merino polo neck sweater and sleek overcoat. As the world has become more relaxed with style, play around and have some fun!


Alexandra Wood is known as Savile Row’s first female tailor. Renowned for dressing successful men to look more stylish for the lifestyle they lead, in a way that’s fun and enjoyable.  As seen in GQ, Forbes, Esquire, Tatler and Square Mile Alexandra knows intrinsically what will and won’t suit you and is passionate about helping you to become the master of your own style, in tailoring that fits and flatters.

Discover ways in which you can work with Alexandra Wood and her team to look effortlessly stylish here

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