Redefining Tailoring: What Makes Alexandra Wood Different

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While tailoring often calls to mind clothing that fits like no other with a set of precise measurements and patterns, our approach at Alexandra Wood goes beyond the tape measure. We’re not just tailors; we’re your image consultants, style guides, and most importantly, we tune to you to make you look more stylish, confident and attractive. Let’s dive into how we’re changing the face of tailoring.

A Consultation, Not Just Measurements

Most tailors start and end with numbers: waist size, leg length, shoulder width. While these are undeniably crucial, we begin with a conversation. What’s your personal style? What’s the occasion? What image do you hope to project? By understanding the individual, we can craft not just a suit, but a statement. We then blend this with our expert knowledge of what makes the most of your shape. We believe tailoring has the power to create a flattering silhouette that no other piece of clothing has the ability to achieve and that every angle and proportion should be utilised to its fullest. If you’ve ever heard of the golden ratios, which in simple terms is the dimensions of the face that people subconsciously find attractive. We apply our own set of golden rules to our tailoring in order to achieve a result which means you look and feel as good as you should. If the dimensions of your tailoring are incorrect, then all else is lost.

Guidance and Fine-Tuning to Your Unique Style

Every individual has a unique sartorial fingerprint, and often, it lies dormant or unexplored. Unlike traditional tailors who might steer clients towards conventional styles, we encourage exploration. From classic to contemporary, subtle to audacious, we guide you in discovering or refining your personal style. Fear not as it’s not unusual for our clients to start safe (in fact we recommend it) and then build up to more adventurous pieces that fit within their style, personality and lifestyle.  We recommend timeless classics and some trend driven pieces but like most trends they’re often recirculated from the most popular pieces that pop back into significance regularly. We most importantly choose what’s right for you so that you look and feel great and also comfortable which is a huge factor.

Seeing Beyond the Fabric

For many, a trip to the tailor is a functional task. However, with us, it’s an expansive experience. We provide insights into colour coordination, accessories, and even grooming tips. It’s not just about the clothing; it’s about the entire package. An ensemble, when paired with the right accessories and confidence, can elevate your image immensely. Our clients are all initially both slightly nervous but also curious. Discovering someone else’s view of your style can be really eye opening and enjoyable.

Revealing Untapped Potential

Many of our clients come in with a simple goal – perhaps a suit for an event or a beautifully tailored shirt for work. But through our consultations, they often leave with a renewed sense of their own potential. Suddenly, the realm of fashion and style becomes an open book, waiting to be read and experimented with. 

No Thanks to Trends

Trends can be a useful guide but you are the best guide. Simply picking your fave looks from the catwalk and wearing them rarely pulls off. Be inspired but never led, or just ask us- we keep our eye on men’s style on a daily basis but won’t incorporate all of them into our suggestions for clients. Why? Because a lot of them will just make you look plain odd. They’re designed for impact, red carpets and celeb style not for day to day effortless style.

Final Thoughts

Traditional tailoring focuses on fit, but at Alexandra Wood, we believe in fitting not just the body, but the person. We don’t just craft tailored pieces; we shape confidence, project personalities, and redefine images. So, the next time you think of tailoring, ask yourself: Do you just want a new tailored piece, or do you want an experience that offers a deeper dive into your personal style? If it’s the latter, you know where to find us. Join our mailing list to discover more about how we work and Savile Row Tailoring with a modern twist.

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